Is Clickmagick The Best Click Tracking Tool Today?

If you're an internet marketer, traffic is the lifeline of your online business. The goal here is to send your marketing funnels or affiliate links some traffic so you can see some conversions - leads & ultimately sales.

You can't just send them traffic and not track anything or it will start costing you money. Tracking your ad campaigns is of utmost importance here. If you use a click tracker, you will definitely be able to tell what's working in your ad and what isn't. This way, you can scale the best ads and kill the ones that are not performing.

For tracking your links, there are a lot of tools around, but this review is focused around Clickmagick, which is also misspelled as clickmagic or clickmagik or click magic sometimes. It is among one of the most popular tracking software available today. Covering every single feature of CM in this review will be a little tricky but we will try our best to share what you should absolutely know.

ClickMagick Review

Clickmagick is a link tracking web-based application that will help in tracking and optimizing your marketing campaigns. It will help you determine the conversion rate of your ongoing ad campaigns which is crucial if you're running paid traffic to your offers. It can be very basic and very advanced at the same time. For beginners, create tracking links and sending them some traffic is a breeze.

However, if you're an advanced marketer, it will definitely make for a great addition to your arsenal (more on that later). Clickmagick is cloud-based which is a big advantage here as your data will be easily accessible no matter where you are and is totally device & location independent.

It deserves a place in your marketing toolkit if you're into buying traffic. Not only will it track the conversion rate, count total & unique clicks, but also measure the traffic quality.

Following is a quick glance at some of the features of clickmagic and how it fares against other click tracking services on the market.



other trackers

Link Cloaking



24/7 Link Up-time Monitoring



Bot Filtering



Traffic Quality Analysis



Tracking With Custom Domains



Advanced Geo-targeting & Mobile Optimization



Conversion Tracking (actions, engagement, sales)



A/B Split Testing



Multiple Mode Link Rotators



Multiple Pop Ups For Links



Countdown Timers



Re-targeting Pixels



Real Time Stats (with multiple time zones)



Google Analytics Compatibility



Quick Link Redirects



Public Statistics (for anyone to view)



Data Import/Export



Public Statistics (for anyone to view)



The Best Link Tracker Today?

Clickmagick is among the very best tracking software in the market today. Very few click trackers (free or paid) catch up to click magic when it comes down to the features. Free trackers come with very limited features and some paid trackers cost a fortune, and some come with a steep monthly fee. Here, it comes across as a one-stop solution to all your problems.

Here are some of the features which you can't live without. Once you get used to these features, you simply can't go back to using other tracking tools.

A/B Split Testing

Also known as bucket testing, using it, you can compare two variations of a web page and select the one which outperforms the other. It's also surprisingly easy to implement. Just create a tracking link -> click on the gear icon -> click on split testing.

You can enter multiple URLs in the split tests tab and define the percentage of traffic each URL would get. Once set up, traffic will be automatically distributed accordingly and you will also get an email notification once the split test results are in and there's a 95% confidence score one URL is doing better than another.

Help & Support

Clickmagick does include a lot of features, but it also is easy to use at the same time and you'll find value in this tool regardless of your online marketing experience. It also helps how they have a 'help' button next to the options, this will speed up the learning curve big time. Check out the guide here.

The team's support is one of the best that we have found in the recent times. helpful FAQs, video tutorials, and support tickets will only help you in the long run. Every time, our queries were answered within a few hours through email tickets.

They don't have phone call support yet, that's the only department where there's room for some improvement. It might be added later on, and this review will be updated to keep up with the latest developments.

Tracking Links

Clickmagick is widely used by traffic exchange companies, because tracking details about the clicks, visitors' IP addresses, and overall traffic quality is of utmost importance here.

With tracking links, your goal is to monitor your visitors' activity throughout the funnel, and collect relevant data. Just open the 'Links' tab, click on create new link.

The following box will be populated when you click on it. Just enter the link name, and enter your primary URL. That's pretty much all you need to do. However, if you're a relatively advanced marketer, you can enter something in the tracking link field (will be automatically generated if you leave it blank). We can also set a backup/blocked URL - this is where the traffic will go in case the link is down or the traffic is blocked for some reason.

Under the advanced tab, you can also set geo-targeting. For instance, just select United States in the included countries tab, and that link will only receive clicks from people living in the States. Every other click will go to your backup URL.

Pixel embed option can come in handy if you're sending the visitor to a page you can't control but would still like to collect some data.

The public stats link (of a click magick tracking link) keeps track of the visitors' information like the country, IP address, device (mobile/desktop), operating system, just to name a few. It also tracks unique clicks (UC) and total clicks (TC) differently so you would know if a visitor clicked on the link twice.

  • Track an Entire Sales Funnel - all the way from capturing the visitors' email to tracking upsells/downsells deep down the funnel.
  • Cloak all your links - get rid of the not so pleasing naked URLs
  • Track your metrics with precision - Cost per click, cost per action, cost per sale
  • Password protect a link if needed (to prevent unauthorized access)
  • Set a different link for mobile/desktop users

Multiple-Mode Rotators

Link rotators are handy in case you want to have one master URL and want to test between different affiliate offer links at a time. If not, it can be handy if you sell solo ads traffic and are serving multiple customers at the same time. 

Here, you would add all the customers links, and use clickmagick's spillover rotator mode. The traffic will be evenly distributed between the links and the links can be activated/paused on demand. You can also specify backup URLs so you get the most out of the visitors and give them what they want.

There are four rotator modes to select from:

  • Fulfillment
  • Sequential
  • Spillover
  • Random

You can specify the way in which the traffic should be distributed between the links. With fulfillment, it will fulfill the first link before moving on to the next. With sequential, traffic will move sequentially from one link to another.

Spillover is similar in which the traffic will spill over to the next link but you can specify a backup URL where the traffic will go if the visitor has gone through all the links in the spillover rotator.

Random mode will randomly distribute the traffic between the links in the rotator. You can also use the randomize option which can be useful if you want to shuffle the links randomly (after 15 minutes for example) so the traffic is evenly distributed between the links. It can be useful if you sell traffic.

Under the rotator link options, there are a lot of settings which you can use - control the Tier1/T1 traffic percentage this link would get, starting/ending time with a scheduler, mobile traffic % - the list goes on and on.

There's also a 'blank referrers' option which can come in handy if you want to blank the referrer of the outgoing clicks so one wouldn't know where this click came from. Can be useful if you are looking to mask your funnel domain for privacy reasons.

Organic Tracking

Clickmagick has a way with which you can track your visitors' activity on your website(s) - the ones who find your web properties through Google and interact. Just embed their organic tracking pixel and you're all set.

One thing worth noting though - you can only track data on pages using http. Https is a secure protocol and doesn't allow data sharing since they don't pass the referrer's information. For instance, if the traffic came from YouTube, the referrer will say 'none' because YT won't pass any data.

Tracking Data on Third-Party Websites

Not many tools are able to track data on pages the user (you) can't control because it involves use of tracking codes and scripts. If you can't paste your tracking code in there, you simply can't track.

This is where clickmagick shines. You can also track sales in your sales funnel with precision. As soon as the visitor has purchased a product and has visited your thank you page (has clickmagick sales pixel embedded), you will see you made a sale!

With external websites, they will instead redirect the visitor to a blank page which contains your pixel and in a jiffy, will be redirected to the third party website. Smart!

Measuring The Traffic's Quality

The visitors you will get from Tier1, Tier2 and Tier3 countries will help determine the traffic's overall quality which is calculated automatically. In general, you will want higher T1 traffic (traffic only from United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand).

Ideally, your quality score should be greater than 60. Sending low quality traffic to offer won't bring you sales and clickmagick makes sure the traffic you're receiving doesn't fall short on quality.

It is one of te features you can use to determine whether you're receiving real human clicks or bot traffic (like the cheap traffic which some sell on Fiverr).

Inbuilt Marketing Tools

Clickmagick comes feature-packed with goodies like countdown timers, popups and top/bottom promo bars. They create scarcity, which ultimately help improve your product's conversion rate.

They are all easy to add. You will be given a code which you'll have to embed on your desired page(s) to see the tools in action, you can do so within minutes without the need to hire a developer.

Magick bars are among one of the best features that you get in clickmagik. Also knows as the ribbon feature, with it you can show a promotional bar to your website visitors on top/bottom of the screen. You can also include a call to action/CTA button which will boost your conversion rate.

Link Uptime Monitor

No one likes to send traffic to dead links or to links that aren't working anymore for some reason. What if you're asleep @ 3 AM and suddenly your web host goes down? Clickmagick monitors all the links from time to time and will notify you if a link is down for more than 10 minutes.

This feature can be a life-saver as it can potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Making sure your links are working is very important in digital marketing.

For the time being, the traffic will be redirected to the backup URL of the links which are down (can also set a master backup URL from the settings tab if any of your links go down).

World Class Bot Filter

Blocking bad clicks is just as important, you only want real human visitors who are potential customers and not some random traffic - spider clicks, fake IP addresses, and your own clicks/user clicks.

If you purchase traffic, you would want to make sure it's only quality traffic that you receive.

You can set the bot filter settings manually for each tracking link.rotator link or can define a global rule. To do so, go to clickmagick's global settings, where you will find a lot of options, go to the blocking tab. You can chose to either block all the 'bad' clicks or filter them - we recommend you block them all as they won't do you any good.

Tracking Data With Precision Using Sub IDs

Using subids, you can append a string to any of your tracking links which can help you determine where this click came from. It can be very handy if you're using multiple traffic sources and want to analyse the results closely.

If you have two traffic sources - google ads and facebook ads for eg, can use the subids 'gads' and 'fbads' to know how this visitor came from. Very handy in optimizing your advertising campaigns so you can know which subid is bringing you better results.

With most trackers you need to individual links for different traffic sources which can be very troublesome at times. Here you would just create one link and append a small subid code to the link. Here's an example:

Same Link With Different Sub IDs

This way, you can tell which visitor came from where using the same exact link. The code at the end (abc/pqr/xyz) will pass you the data.

Text/Email Notifications

You will not want to miss out on critical updates like a landing page performing below par or other unwanted scenarios like a link's downtime. Clickmagick will notify you in case an unforeseen event takes place. If there's a downtime, you automatically get notified. You can manually set a trigger on the following:

  • Action conversion rate (ACR) - your landing page's conversion rate. If 40 out 100 visitors give you their email address on your lead capture page, your conversion rate is 40%.
  • Engagement - determines how many visitors took a desired action (clicking on a button somewhere in your sales funnel).
  • Sales conversion rate (SCR) - the number of sales you're getting from every 100 visitors you get.
  • Earning Per Click (EPC) - the average dollar value you're making per visitor

Do You Need Clickmagick?

If you're an internet marketer, your will want to track your marketing efforts with precision and click magick does just that. 

With marketing, split testing is everything. You would test multiple funnels/websites/landing pages and the one which brings in the best ROI, that's the one you want to scale hard. It will be impossible to find which one's the best without you tracking the data with accuracy.

If you're running paid traffic, you will want to skip the guesswork and get results faster and measure your campaign's performance all day long. It can save you a lot of headache if you're investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in paid advertising since you know which ad is working better so you can cut short on the bad ones ASAP.

Clickmagick Pricing

There are three plans to chose from - starter, standard and pro. You can select a plan that best fits your requirements and try the tool for 30 14-days risk-free (Update: As of ​right nowthe trial lasts 14 days, and not 30 days). You can still save 30% if you grab the yearly plans.

You can instead start with the monthly plan and later on upgrade to yearly to make the most out of your buck. This way you'll be able to test drive the tool yourself in the beginning and then upgrade later on.

Let's admit it, no tool or service is perfect. Clickmagick is no exception. Here's a quick glance at some of the pros and cons of this tracking software. Given how powerful this tracker can be at times, the pros far outweigh the cons.

Here's What We Liked:

  • Batch editor: you can edit links in batches, and save a lot of time. This option can be handy if you want to quickly edit - say 20 links at a time. Very helpful if you want to add a handful of links and delete some old affiliate links from a rotator.
  • Data Import/Export: You can simply import/export your data at any time. Just takes a few clicks and can save you a lot of headache. Useful if you're switching to a new tracking service and would like to import your existing data or just exporting to maintain data backups.
  • Google Analytics Compatibility: Keep track of your visitors' activity in your marketing campaigns with pinpoint accuracy. Helps if you get organic traffic straight from Google and want to better analyse your visitors' activity on your blog/marketing funnel.
  • IP Manager: Can filter or block IP addresses on demand. Can be useful if you don't want traffic from a few IP address(es). Also useful in blocking fraudulent bot traffic - best used if you're purchasing traffic from a traffic exchange website or from a solo ad provider.

What We Didn't Like:

  • Only 14-day trial: Clickmagick used to have a 30-day trial until before 2019. They recently changed this. That's not always a bad thing though - they claim they are improving the platform and for that they need to reduce the trial period.
  • Learning curve: There's a slight learning curve involved. However, once you get the hang of it, you simply can't go back to other click trackers. If you go through the training videos, should help you get up to speed in about an hour's time and you will feel comfortable with the tool.
  • No live chat/phone call option: There's no live chat/phone call option as of this writing but they do have a fantastic 24/7 ticket support - expect to get your ticket answered within hours, and not days. Every single time we raised a ticket for the issues we faced/questions we had, a support executive was assigned within hours.
  • Issues with custom domains: It's not a problem with clickmagick but more with your domain registrar. Sometimes with Godaddy/namecheap, there are DNS issues which may cause unwanted link downtimes. Also, you do need a cpanel to add CNAME records which not many hosts have. Custom domains sure look good but if you're sending the link to your email list, you're better off using clickmagick's generic clkmg tracking domain for tracking links and clkmr for rotators.

What Others Are Saying

These are testimonies from real users just like you, and this is hardly a guarantee of your future results. You don't lose anything because there's a FREE 14-day trial in which you can test drive the product without any limitations. You only pay once the trial period is over and you're satisfied with the product.

Final Thoughts

So, there we have it! If you're serious about internet marketing and want to take it to the next level, you definitely need clickmagick. It has everything you need to track every effort you put in your marketing campaigns. The fact that there's a 14 days risk-free trial - that alone adds a cherry on top.

It's cloud-based and that's our favorite part - won't let you down no matter where you are, what device you're on and what operating system you're using. Split testing is everything in this business and clickmagick comes across as a knight in shining armor here.

Best Web Hosting With Clickmagick

Looking for a cheap and reliable web hosting that works great with clickmagick? (You need cpanel if you're interested in using custom domains with clickmagic).

We highly recommend you check out Bluehost - we are using it since 2013 and it has never failed us. Also, it's dirt cheap with some plans costing only $3.95 a month!

Do let us know what you think of this clickmagick review in the comments section. Also, feel free to share it on social media with your friends and family, it's very much appreciated!

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Link Cloaking


Link Uptime


Customer Support



  • Best in class tracking link and rotators with dozens of advanced options. Easy to use and set up at the same time.
  • 100% uptime, we've never had downtimes issues with Clickmagick
  • Custom domain integration
  • Quality customer support - most tickets are answered and resolved within an hour
  • Magicbars and popups add to your marketing arsenal


  • A URL lock feature is something we would love to have in rotators, which again is a very specific feature. Most trackers don't have this, it may be added in the future.
  • As of Monday, September 16th 2019, FREE Trial is reduced to 14-days from 30-days