Is Power Lead System Any Good For Internet Marketers?

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If you're into affiliate marketing, the chances are you've heard of Power Lead System. It's a software platform very popular among beginner-level and intermediate-level internet marketers alike. So, what exactly is it?

PLS, as it is sometimes called is a suite of tools you can use to build an email list of people interested in a niche/topic. These people are your audience and the more you groom your relationship with them (by giving value), the more they like you and are likely to purchase products from you.

In this [updated] review, we will explore the things Power Lead System has to offer and also share with you whether it's a legitimate system or a scam. Without further ado, let's dive in.

What is Power Lead System?

PowerLeadSystem was launched in 2013 and claims to be an all-in-one platform for digital marketers. PLS comes with a handful of essential marketing tools which one will find handy. Some of the promotional tools include an email autoresponder, landing page builder and a website builder.

However, if you don't own an online business, these tools are of little use to you. The tools they have in the arsenal are limited and the amount of customization that can be carried out is limited as well.

The company claims to have an affiliate program which is more of an multi-level marketing program. Usually, with the affiliate programs, it's free to sign up and promote the product but this one is an exception. They ask you to pay to promote the system like a MLM would.

When you recruit people and get them to join the platform, you receive commissions from your downlines.

The Compensation Plans

PLS membership costs $30 per month, and an additional $24 per month if you want to join the affiliate program. Like mentioned before, it's more of an multi level marketing program.

To make back your monthly investment and potentially make money, you will have to recruit 3 people since the payouts are not that handsome.

Is PLS a Scam?

No, Power Lead System is not a scam but the company pushes the users too much into recruiting other people (so they make money).

The tools are decent but don't expect anything exceptional. There are a lot of better options available if you know where to look depending on your marketing needs. The training is mediocre at best and it hardly teaches things one should know to make some profits as an affiliate marketer.

Not to forget, there's a LOT of hype surrounding the PLS with people making exaggerated claims to entice people into joining the platform. It's just a misleading tactic to earn commissions because people love incentives and false claims. In general, if anything sounds too good to be true, it is.

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