Is Pruvit a Legit Biz Op or a Pyramid Scheme?

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Chances are you came across the Pruvit biz op and you're wondering if it's a legitimate system or a pyramid scheme. Can you really make money with it or will it only waste your time?

The program sports an MLM structure and relies heavily on recruiting people into the platform. Is it any good? In this review, we explore the system in detail and share things you need to know.

Pruvit Review - A Closer Look

Pruvit uses a multi-level marketing structure to run the business. People can sign up as independent distributors, promote the system as an affiliate and earn commissions on their referrals. They do all the selling and earn a fixed percentage on the sales they bring.

Since it's an MLM, to make money with the system, you will have to recruit people under you so they sign up, and promote the system. There are multiple level downline levels in MLMs like in the image above, if they put in the work and bring sales, this directly benefits you.

The Compensation Plan

You can make money promoting Pruvit products but the real money is in the recruiting side of things. You will sign up as a distributor and get people to join the business opportunity through you.

To increase your 'rank' within the system, recruitment is a must. If you don't recruit people, you simply cannot increase your rank and reputation in the company which means you get a fixed commission percentage which is often low. The better your rank is, the better your payouts will be.

Not a fan of MLMs? Thankfully, there is a way with which you can work from home and make a living without recruiting.

Is It a Scam?

Pruvit pushes people too much into recruiting others, that's how most pyramid schemes are. Most legitimate companies focus on creating products which people will absolutely love but this system is mostly about signing people up which isn't a good sign.

However, there isn't evidence about Pruvit being a scam. The business opportunity is not very promising but we didn't find any evidence of them scamming people. Even if you're good at recruiting, this isn't a business opportunity we can recommend because of a lack of confidence in them.

It's a fact most people struggle to make money online with MLMs because recruiting isn't for everyone. Only a few people make it, most find it hard to make $200 per month with multi level marketing systems let alone make a full time living from it.

If you're interested in working from the comfort of your home and want to make a living online, we highly recommend you check out our top recommendation. It utilizes the affiliate marketing business model.