Responsive Media Review – Yet Another Scam?

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If you’re not living under a rock, chances are you’ve already stumbled across Responsive Media banner advertisements. They claim to pay $500 all the way up to $5000 on a weekly basis for data entry.

Doesn’t that sound too good to be true?

Quite often, the things that look great from a distance aren’t half as good in reality. However, it will be unfair if we call it a scam right away, we must first take it for a spin and then share what we uncover.

What is Responsive Media?

The name doesn’t sound like something people would take seriously for a business. We did a search across the search engines but couldn’t find anything related to the company anywhere.

Just some web properties and ads. This was the only information we could extract from their Live Career profile:

We browsed through a number of forums only to find out the company makes big claims but they intentionally try to hide their web presence. That’s a big red flag in our book.

When we couldn’t extract much information, we tried applying for a handful of data entry jobs with a hope of making a few interesting discoveries.

The first few job listings said expired. The third one took us to this page. Not to our surprise, the page has no mention of Responsive Media and it would say make $15 per hour. Not remotely close to the original claim!

We entered an email anyway only to find out it takes us to a Malware page after we received a phishing email (in the spam folder!).

Most of the listings didn’t work and 2 of them worked but took us to random websites who have little to do with Responsive Media. On top, we couldn’t get past the malware page, that tells something.

Final Words

We could never get past the malware pages so we can’t really tell what waited for us on the flip side. It was quite unsafe though.

Definitely a dishonest scheme as we never found anything legitimate or even close to the original claim made by Responsive Media. However, we cannot call it a scam but it’s definitely a bit fishy. Something you would want to avoid. Better safe than sorry.

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