Technology Profits Confidential Review – Is It a Scam?

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A company named Agora Financial recently launched a website called Technology Profits Confidential ( It claims it can bring you a flood of cash from an undiscovered device which can be a game changer.

Can you make money with Technology Profits Confidential or is it a scam? In this review, we will explore the website and share the things you need to know.

Technology Profits Confidential Review

It's a newsletter written by an author named Ray Blanco. Before joining hands with Agora Financial, he was allegedly managing large assets at a private wealth management firm. He's supposedly an expert at technology management and you can bank with the latest trend that he has spotted.

Agora has gained quite some fame for the wrong reasons. They are known to launch hyped up products which don't do very well, at least not the majority of them. Big book of income, and Insurance Return Checks to name a few.

These websites share similar characteristics with Technology Profits Confidential and the sales pitch is nearly identical as well. So, is it legitimate or a scam? Keep reading to discover how it works.

How It Works?

You're not alone if you feel skeptical. The website makes a mockery of a news website which is very deceiving as you can see in the following image:

It's a far cry from being a news website. It sports a single page which is hosted on the company's private servers. The lone goal of this website is to sell you the newsletter subscription which is very apparent.

Try clicking on any of the links on this page, they will all redirect you to the current URL you're browsing. The information this web page contains is decent, but the marketing tactics used for promos are slightly unethical.

If the newsletter was that good and making money with it was a breeze, why is it not selling like hotcakes? That should tell you something! Nothing against the newsletter service, it should be good but it's not for everyone for sure. If you're a finance enthusiast, it may serve you well, else not.

It's promoted as a get-rich-quick scheme which we believe is unfair and not the right thing to do. If you get lucky and make a few bucks, that's one thing but if you lose it all in one go, that's one step closer to going broke.

With most investment schemes, you often need a large capital to begin with. Only then, you'd either make it big and make a fortune or lose a fortune. If don't have a good starting budget, these investment newsletters won't do you any justice. It's anything but a secret road to instant riches.

It doesn't help that we couldn't find any evidence of Ray's actual success stories from the past except for the claims Agora makes. The bunch of reasons we shared explains why the investment program doesn't have the best reviews @ PissedConsumer.

Is Technology Profits Confidential a Scam?

The product is based around false hype but you do get access to Agora Financial's monthly newsletter should you decide to sign up. It's far from being considered a scam, it's totally legitimate but not something we would recommend to our readers.

Simply put, you're paying for something and you're receiving a product in return. The website(s) selling the newsletter try to sell you the dream and you'll have anything but the correct expectations. You won't get any secret to the riches, it's simply a trading newsletter which you can use for trading.

With investment schemes, there often is a huge risk associated with your trades. If you're hoping for a $1,000 profit with your trading, you should be ready to take a $1,000 loss too. It's always suggested to put in what you can afford to lose and play on the safer side. This is to minimize your losses and improve your odds of success.

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That being said, trading is not for beginners. You shouldn't be trying your luck with trading unless you walk the walk. It can get very expensive real fast if you don't know what you're doing and that's the last thing you'll want.

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