Too Damn Easy Review – Legitimate or a Cash Gifting Scam?

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Can you make hundreds of thousands of dollars with a cash gifting scheme? That's what a program named Too Damn Easy claims. We stumbled across the product via a promotional e-mail and it immediately caught out attention. It is supposedly going strong for more than a decade.

In this Too Damn Easy review, we will see if there's any truth to this and if it's a legit program or a scam. Often, the business opportunities which promise the world fall short, we'll see if this one could hold its ground.

Doing some research often pays and can save you a lot of time. It can help you find legit systems which work and the ones which you should be wary of (scams). Let's get right into it.

Too Damn Easy Review - What Is It?

Started by a person (or a persona) named 'Q', Too Damn Easy is a cash gifting scheme which is often promoted as a business opportunity for making money online. After doing some initial research, we found out it was launched sometime in 1998 when cash gifting was very popular.

It may also be illegal in some countries (and legal in some). Before you get started with a cash gifting scheme, make sure you respect your countries' laws. When you purchase the program, you will get instant access to Mr. Q's selling material.

It includes marketing postcards, and his selling strategies with which he has been successful over the years. You can also choose to buy their marketing services to get more referrals and earn commissions.

How It Works?

Now that you know what the system is all about, you may be wondering how it works. There are different membership levels to choose from. You can receive gifts up to the level you're at with the program. It's identical to multi-level marketing programs like MOBE which was shut down in 2018. 

Eg. If you have a gold membership, you get commissions up to the gold level. If you got a sale for any level above that, you won't get the credit. You're only eligible to receive commissions for sales up to your own membership level. Truth be told, we're not a big fan of these 'pay to play' schemes.

It has characteristics of a pyramid scheme where it focuses heavily on referring people to get commissions. Also, it's not that easy to convince people to 'gift' cash to you.

It's worth mentioning there's a lot of hype revolving around the product. Sure, some people may be successful with the program but results are not typical. Success really depends on how adept you're as a salesperson and less on the program itself.

If it's that easy to rake in thousands of dollars with a relatively inexpensive product (for what it provides), why do you think people still have their 9-5 jobs?

Final Words

Cash gifting may actually be a thing at times but in most cases, it doesn't work. At least not as the program or some promoters claim - it's anything but a means to instant riches.  Add to it the fact that you need to upgrade to a premium membership just to be eligible to receive commissions on that level, we just can't recommend it to our readers.

It may not be a ponzi scheme but it sure has characteristics of one. Too Damn Easy has been in the market for more than a decade, there's definitely something which is helping them survive but if you're considering it as a road to instant riches, you may have to think again.

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