100K Blueprint 4.0 Review

Welcome to this in-depth 100K Blueprint 4.0 Review.

100K Blueprint 4.0 is a eCommerce-based masterclass that reveals the 4-step secret system the creator Dan DaSilva used to bank 6 figures with e-commerce.

This review covers everything you need to know about this program.

100K Blueprint 4.0 Review

100K Blueprint 4.0 Review

100K Blueprint 4.0 Review – An Overview

Vendor Name: Dan DaSilva

Product: 100k Blueprint 4.0

Recommended: Yes, but it’s not for everyone

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What Is 100K Blueprint 4.0

100k Blueprint 4.0 is an e-commerce training course that claims to get you up to speed as a drop-shipper. According to the program creator, Dan, you can follow his exact strategies to make 6 or even 7 figures in the ecom space.

The course is only offered with a drip feed strategy so the course members enter the program, complete module(s)/take action, and proceed sequentially.

You’ll receive content for up to 12 weeks, and can’t skim through the course content at a faster speed if you wish to.

100K Blueprint 4.0 Review

100K Blueprint 4.0 Review

How 100K Blueprint 4.0 Works

With the 100k Blueprint 4.0 training program, you’re supposed to follow a step-by-step blueprint without skipping the steps in between.

You’ll kick things off with a solid niche research to find the best products.

Once done, you’ll set up your brand new ecommerce store, and then drive visitors/get sales using some of Dan’s unique strategies. The course also includes modules on scaling.

Here’s an overview of the 12-week training program 100k Blueprint 4.0:

  • Week 1 – Covers the basics of the e-commerce business model
  • Week 2 – Ways to profit quickly from the store
  • Week 3 – Covers drop shipping with Facebook
  • Week 4 – All about social media influencers and networking
  • Week 5 – Using funnels in your business for best results
  • Week 6 – Automating things to six figures a month
  • Week 7 – Building a team
  • Week 8 – Finding new business opportunities
  • Week 9 – Email marketing for boosting your sales
  • Week 10 – Finding new/evergreen products
  • Week 11 – Covers various subscription models, sales strategies and more
  • Week 12 – Real life case studies (over-the-shoulder training videos)

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What’s Included in the 100K Blueprint 4.0 Bundle

As a part of the 100k blueprint 4.0, you get access to the following:


100K Blueprint 4.0 Review

100K Blueprint 4.0 Review

You get access to the 12-week training program that you can use to get a jumpstart with drop-shipping. Also included are a few bonuses:

  1. Profit Machine – a product research tool that can help you find winning/trending products that are more likely to sell.
  2. Untouchable Ads Vault – The vault comes with 20 done-for-you ad campaigns with products that are plug and play. These campaigns are fully DFY with precise targeting options.
  3. Ads Mastery – Live case study videos that can help you make the most out of the 100k Blueprint 4.0 training.
  4. Dropshipping Power Hour – An exclusive invite to 100K Blueprint 10-week live coaching calls. Also included are webinar replays for you to watch at a later time.
  5. Email Jedi – Shows how you can make 200% profits using 3 simple emails with email marketing.
  6. Private mentorship – Get your questions answered directly by Dan and other 100k Blueprint coaching team through emails.
  7. Higher level consulting – Dan’s insider coaching program that shows how you can generate in an excess of $100,000 in as little as 27 days.

100k Blueprint 4.0 Pricing

The 100k Blueprint program costs $1,997, but you can get a $997 discount for a limited time (FLAT 50% OFF).

You can also do three smaller payments of $427 if you don’t want to pay for it in one go.

It’s a decent program provided you’re willing to invest into paid advertising for promoting your store (a $200-$350 test budget). Willingness to learn/take action is also a must.

100K Blueprint 4.0 Review

100K Blueprint 4.0 Review

100K Blueprint 4.0 Review – Final Words

100K Blueprint 4.0 is a decent program if you want to get started with dropshipping. However, you should be ready to learn new skills, and most importantly, willing to invest in your business and take action.

With e-commerce, unfortunately, there isn’t a magic pill that you can consume to get results.

You must actively test multiple products at once with paid ads, scale the best performers and kill the bad ad sets.

With ecom, it will be an ongoing process. 100k Blueprint is definitely recommended, but it’s not for the faint-hearted.

If you think you have what it takes, give it a go:

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If you don’t have a decent budget or if the idea of running an ecommerce business sounds too complicated to you, consider the affiliate marketing business model instead.

Not only is affiliate marketing beginner-friendly, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Our top recommendation will help you get started in no time. Simply follow the proven step-by-step video training, and take action to get results.

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