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20Cogs Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

We all face financial downturns at one point or another in life. Unfortunately, when life takes us down to that point, we often max out our brains for finding a good solution, an alternative source of passive income, or just some way to make extra money.

Enter online schemes. These seem so tempting due to the ease and over-promised rewards that many people fall prey to scam sites.

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However, amidst all the fraud, there are some legit schemes too.

20Cogs Review

One such scheme gaining popularity today is the 20cogs. So, is 20 Cogs legit or a scam? Find out here in this 20Cogs review!

What is 20 Cogs?

20 Cogs is a UK-based site. It allows visitors to play various games, participate in market research surveys and competitions, and has many other offers for its users. The participants are promised cashback for every win and every survey on the site.

20 Cogs, owners are Submission Technology Ltd, who’ve been in business since 2015. The company also owns Greasy Palm and OhMyDosh.

Now 20 Cogs may help you make some extra money, but it’s definitely not the solution to all your financial troubles.

However, the good thing is they don’t make any false claims either.

20Cogs Review: Is 20 Cogs Legit or a Scam?

To answer the question, 20 Cogs is a legit platform that offers a great way to make money from home; it’s not a scam!

We’ll discuss how in detail here.

Legit Owner

As discussed above, the company has legit and real owners. Furthermore, the company has been in business for six years now, so it has already established a name in the market. Now that’s one proof of it being legit.

What Is 20Cogs

The Website

The legibility is further confirmed as many other websites link to their 20 Cog’s main landing page. That, too, shows that it is an authentic and established website.

Another interesting fact is that the site has a domain authority 32. That’s a very high matric that shows the website isn’t going to run away with the money or fraudulently disappear any time soon.

Good 20Cogs Reviews

20 Cogs tops the charts when we talk about customer reviews. You’ll find several great 20Cogs reviews on Trustpilot, all citing positives for the site and vouching for it being legit.

How Do 20 Cogs Work?

20 Cogs is a free site for making money online. You just need to register and log in. Here are a few  pointers that’ll help you understand how it works better:

  • It’s a UK-based website; you need to be a resident of the UK to register.
  • The site works on the phone as well as laptop/computer.

Now let’s see how to sign up for 20cogs, step by step:

Log In

You simply have to type your user name and password to enter the site. New users will have to register first to get a user name and password.

Build a Profile

The next step is to answer some basic questions that give 20 Cogs some of your personal information to do a little user profiling.

For example, by telling them the basic demographics like age, sex, and the types of games/offers you are interested in, the site can direct more personalized offers and competitions, etc., your way.

Plus, there’s a bonus for filling out the details correctly; you get your very first £5 just upon signing up!

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Check Out the Offers

The website has a lot of games, surveys, and competitions – the cogs – for its users. But that’s not all; there are a lot of other fun ways planned out to make it easy to earn some extra cash. Take a look at the following categories:

  • Gambling
  • Free Trials
  • Deals
  • Lotteries
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Utility
  • Product testing
  • Casino Offers

So you need to finish one cog and go on to the next cog. As soon as you complete the task, you will notice your cog will have turned green. So you will have to go on completing offers until all the cogs turn green.

How Do 20Cogs Work

What’s a Cog?

The fun part is that the site’s name, ‘20 Cogs‘, has a literal meaning to it. Each letter of ‘cogs’ stands for all the services the website provides:

  • C stands for Competitions
  • O is for Offers
  • G for Games, and
  • S for Surveys.

Now the term ‘cog’ here means either of these tasks or offers.

Who’s Behind 20 Cogs?

Although it doesn’t seem to be an essential detail, knowing who’s behind the website is important to gauge its authenticity.

Plus, since it concerns money, it’s important to know who funds the company. It is natural to leave out that detail, but see it’s important to know the financial viability of the funding here too.

So many users will be making money on the site. So the financier has to have sufficient balance. To understand the companies behind it and those who fund 20 Cogs, we need to see how it works.

Now 20 Cogs is working on the principle of:

Lead Generation

Lead generation means getting the potential customers or the info from actual and potential customers for future sales. The companies pay 20 Cogs a certain fee for each lead.


The best thing about this company is that they are transparent in their operations and terms. Everything is stated, and there aren’t any annoying hidden facts or hidden charges, which most other similar sites have.

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How Much Extra Money Can You Make?

Now we’ve established that 20 Cogs indeed is an authentic place to make money in your spare time. So let’s get down a bit deeper and see how much money it can make? Is 20 Cogs worth the time?

Once you complete all the 20′ cogs,’ you can make anywhere from £100 to £700. The average user makes between £100 to £200. However, that is the gross earning.

Let’s be clear here, the ‘net’ earning will be less than that.

For £100, you may expect to pocket approximately £60, but it varies based on each offer.

The Payment

The first barrier is that the website requires you to complete all the 20 Cogs to get any money in your bank account. So that itself is a slow process. However, once you complete the Cogs, they turn green, and once all the cogs turn green, you can request payment.

Then you won’t be getting the money in your bank account. Plus, it will take some time, unfortunately. But again, that’s like most other survey sites where you can make money; the payout isn’t fast; it’s deferred for the company’s interest.

Payment is made through PayPal account and BACS; there is no direct deposit right now, so it won’t ask for your bank details.

Many people get distracted – or fed up – and forfeit their income without completing all the cogs. That way, you lose money, and one man’s loss is 20 Cog’s gain in this case. So this is another way the website makes its own money by eating up the leftover incomes.

So, if you are looking for quick cash, 20 Cogs won’t help you there.

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Is 20 Cogs Like the Survey Sites or Gambling Sites?

Now some of the cogs or tasks are actually funded by the gambling sites on 20 Cogs. They may be something like the casino sites or particularly lotto syndicates and will ask the user to pay before the beginning of the game.

So you need first to make sure to go through all their terms and conditions and then spend wisely, taking the same precautions you would at any casino.

So no, it’s not completely a survey site nor a gambling site; but it does have both kinds of companies behind. It generates leads for all of them, offering users a variety of games and tasks to play and make easy money.

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Other Ways to Make Free Money on 20 Cogs

Now apart from the surveys and competitions, there are other ways to make more money. You can make some extra cash by:

Referral Links

If you have friends or family members who would like to spend some time online to make money, you can refer them to the site. That would be an additional way to earn money.

When you refer friends and family, you get 5% of their earning and £20 every time they withdraw the cash. So this is another channel you can use viably, especially if you have a great following on Instagram or Twitter. The more sign-ups, the merrier your PayPal account.

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Pros and Cons of 20 Cogs

Now, let’s check out some pros and cons of 20 Cogs.

Pros of 20cogs

The biggest advantage 20 Cogs has to their name is that they actually pay up, and users have spoken greatly about it. ket’s take a look at some major pros of 20 Cogs:

Good Reviews

There are thousands of good reviews for the site. That’s a great plus. But, again, part of it is due to their excellent customer support. You’ll hardly find any negative reviews on 20 Cogs.

Happy customers are the best advocates for the business, and in turn, they bring in more customers.

You Get Paid!

For a survey site, this is the biggest payoff! You get the money. Since most web pages are scams, this point alone is enough to make anyone sign up and register for the offers.

Easy to Use

The website is easy to use, and there are a lot of fun activities you can do in your free time.

Excellent Support

Thankfully the site has very good support. An active team responds to queries, issues and reverts quite actively on the other support sites as well. That shows their keen interest in building their customers and providing all-around support.

That way, the users too can benefit from their experience and get instant help wherever needed.

No Initial Payment

Unlike other money-making sites, there’s no extra cost, extra cash, or other fees required when you sign up. So there’s no way you could lose money here – except for casino offers – which also proves it’s a legit site.

Is 20Cogs Legit

Cons of 20 Cogs

You’ll hardly find any negative comment or review on 20 Cogs. However, we’ll make it a nonbiased review, and so here are a few downsides it has:

Limited Earnings

You can’t make a hefty amount or even decent money on this site. Yes, it’s not fair for the amount of time spent online plus the waiting time, but that’s the way it is.

Remember, 20 Cogs never over-promised anyone. They have made how it works and how much you make very clear.

So that’s not a scam in any way, but yes, it takes a lot of time and can get frustrating.

Referral Earnings

Remember the referrals we talked about for making some easy extra money? Well, some of the customers have cited that they did not get the reward money as promised upon referring friends.

Not a Full-Time Job

It’s not a job that’ll give you a full-time income. Taking surveys or playing some games is a great pass time. But it’s certainly not a full-time job or work.

So the point is to keep expectations where they should be. Don’t over expect, and don’t spend too much of your time in hopes of building an empire with the money.

Long Waiting Time

It takes a long time to finish all the tasks and get paid. So it won’t be quick and easy. Payments are deferred, and there’s a threshold before reaching which you cannot withdraw a penny.

Too Much Preliminary Info Required

The initial information required is often too much for the surveys. Although it’s a one-time thing, customers often get frustrated when they aren’t taken straight to the task.


You get a lot of spam emails and even spam phone calls. So the best way to avoid these is to make a separate account for emails and use a second number for all such spam calls and messages.

Then there are a lot of ads you’d want to avoid. You can use some pop-up or ad blockers for the purpose, but often you’ll just have to deal with it.

The UK Based Only

It’s only accessible for the UK residents, which is sad actually as a vast majority are excluded. However, the company can perhaps take it a step further in the future to cater to other countries and allow them to make money online.

Charged Tasks or Free Trials

Just a few of the tasks on the website may require a certain fee. But there are free trials and subscriptions too you can opt for easily. But you need to check the terms meticulously and cancel subscriptions as soon as you’re done with the task to avoid overcharging.

Also, keep tabs on the trial period.

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Overall Rating

  • Ease of Use – 4/5
  • Features – 3/5
  • Customer Support – 4/5

Is 20Cogs Legit?

So coming from personal experience, 20 Cogs is a great place to score some additional side bucks. The earnings may not be huge, but they will help you pay off some smaller bills, buy the pair of heels you’ve been eyeing for some time, or simply save money for the rainy days.

However, as far as the question goes about it is legit or a scam, it’s definitely a great legitimate site to earn money and pays actual cash to its users. We hope this 20Cogs review helped you gain perspective about the scheme and how to make money with 20 Cogs.

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Ease of Use




Customer Service



  • You Get Paid
  • Easy to Use
  • Excellent Support


  • Limited Earnings
  • Referral Earnings
  • Not a Full-Time Job