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Is 4Life a Scam or a Legit Business Opportunity?

Are you wondering if you can make a living with 4Life? More specifically, with the underlying business opportunity that the company has to offer?

You’re at the right place. In this 4Life review, we shall explore the platform and reveal everything you need to know. Some call 4Life scam, and then some consider it a legitimate business and earn passive income.

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So, what’s the hype around this platform all about? Read on to learn the truth.

Doing some research can take you far since it can help you steer clear of online scams and also assist in finding legit programs that don’t disappoint. Let’s dive right in.

What Is 4Life?

About The Fourlife Company

The Utah-based MLM company 4Life ( was launched in 1998 by David T. Lisonbee and Bianca Lisonbee, who has extensive experience in network marketing. Like Tranont and Melaleuca, 4Life is headquartered in Utah thanks to the state government’s tolerance of Multi level marketing programs.

The company has won several accolades for bringing 4Life Transfer Factor products to the world. But they have also been involved in a handful of unwanted lawsuits for utilizing misleading marketing strategies. They specialize in health & wellness MLM products.

Here are a few products they manufacture:

  • Supplements to boost the immune system
  • Nutritional supplements
  • General wellness packages
  • Essential oils
  • ShapeRite
  • Health supplement

What You Need To Know About Their Flagship Product – 4Life Transfer Factor?

Fourlife Transfer Factor Products

The main item sold by 4Life is still the Transfer Factors capsules.

The 4Life Transfer Factor medicines are developed to strengthen your body’s immune system, so they can combat various diseases and illnesses and are patent-protected.

Its many benefits include:

  • Improves and harmonizes the immunological system
  • Increases the activation of a natural killer cell by up to 437%

In biology, transfer factors are referred to as small messenger molecules that provide immune system support to combat infections and react to environmental stresses.

According to 4life, researchers at the firm separate a transfer component from cow colostrum and chicken yolk. The immune system in the human body is impacted by transfer factors.

The cow colostrum transfer factor is the foundation of the Transfer Factor pills. But other ingredients, including a polysaccharide mixture derived from various natural sources, are also included in the formulation.

The main product has assisted many athletes from diverse countries to challenge themselves further and improve their performance.

The 4Life Enrollment Pack

Fourlife Enrollment Kit

To join 4Life, you must pay a one-time $25 fee. Submit the application on the main website, and you’re ready to roll.

If it’s the underlying business opportunity/distributor program that you’re interested in, the process is different. You have to buy a product yourself, and then you’re eligible to promote it. You must also maintain the minimum order value each month to maintain your position/rank.

Here are the various rewards you can get 4Life preferred customers/distributors:

  1. 25% saving on your purchases on the wholesale pricing
  2. Earn product credits thanks to the loyalty program. 4Life will pick a product on your behalf which cannot be returned/exchanged.
  3. On some of your purchases (excluding the first one), you can get a 25% discount at checkout.

With most of these, you have to qualify for it. You either have to buy something or complete additional tasks. With the majority of these rewards, there’s a catch.

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4Life Compensation Plan

Fourlife Life Rewards Plan

The “Life Reward Plan” is the name of 4Life’s compensation scheme. You must first sign up as a distributor for the company’s MLM business to be profitable. The subscription fee covers the first year of membership in full. As there is a minimum volume of monthly sales quota, this structure highly rewards distributors who continuously sell a number of goods.

You will forfeit your commission from distributor sales if your monthly sales fall below the minimum threshold. On the other hand, as your monthly sales improve, you earn the right to higher compensation levels.

The associate level is the entry-level for earning distributor commission. Only two tiers of commission payments are available to you at this level.

Your compensation might go up to ten layers deep as you move forward. You can advance in the ranks as a distributor. When you are able to sell more things and earn a retail profit, you rank higher.

Experts in MLM claim that 4Life offers one of the highest payouts in the industry. You can earn money up to 64% on their Life Points, and they pay out four times monthly.

This compensation system pays your direct sales three levels deep and has seven ranks. The more diligent and harder you work, the higher you progress in the ranks and the more money you will make.

4Life Distributor Ranks

  • Associate Rank: You must generate a minimum of 100 Personal Volumes monthly and refer at least one Associate Rank or a preferred customer who orders 100 Personal Volume each month to be eligible.
  • Builder Rank: You must refer or hire a minimum of three Associate Ranks or three favored clients with a minimum order larger than or equal to 100 Personal Volumes per month to reach this rank.
  • Diamond Rank: To achieve this rank, you must generate at least 3000 Group Volumes per month from your first three unilevel teams, recruit or refer a minimum of 6 Associate Ranks or preferred customers with a minimum order greater than or equal to 100 Personal Volume, and have a minimum of 100 Personal Volume per month.
  • Presidential Diamond Rank: To qualify for this rank, you must generate a minimum of 10,000 Group Volume per month across your first three unilevel teams, recruit or refer a minimum of 8 Associate Ranks or preferred customers with a minimum order greater than or equal to 100 Personal Volume, and have at least two unilevel legs with at least 1 Diamond Rank on each leg.
  • International Diamond Rank: To qualify for this rank, you must generate a minimum of 20,000 Group Volume per month across your first three unilevel teams, recruit or refer a minimum of 8 Associate Ranks or preferred customers with a minimum order greater than or equal to 100 Personal Volume, and have at least two unilevel legs with at least 1 Presidential Diamond Rank on each leg.
  • Gold International Diamond Rank: To reach this rank, you must maintain a minimum of 100 Personal Volume each month, refer or hire a minimum of 9 Associate Ranks or preferred customers with a minimum of 100 Personal Volume orders, have three unilevel legs with at least 1 International Diamond rank in each leg, maintain a minimum of 20,000 Group Volume over your first unilevel teams, and have 250,000 Group Volume in your monthly sales.
  • Platinum International Diamond Rank: To reach this rank, you must generate 100 Personal Volume each month, refer or sponsor at least 9 Associates Ranks or preferred customers with a minimum order of 100 Personal Volumes, have at least three unilevel legs with at least one Gold International Diamond Rank in each, maintain a minimum of 20,000 Group Volume over your first unilevel teams, and have 1,000,000 Group Volume in your monthly total unilevel volume.

4Life Retail Commissions

Rapid Rewards

Fourlife Rapid Rewards

This kind of compensation is frequently referred to as a rapid start bonus in MLM. This incentive gives a generous 25% commission. Additional commissions are passed upline based on rank:

  • If the individual who made the sale is an immediate upline, Associate Ranks receive a 2% commission.
  • If they are a direct upline of the person who made the sale, Builder Ranks and Diamond Ranks receive a 2% commission; if they are a third upline, they receive a 5% commission.

Builder Bonus

Distributors of 4Life who have a monthly autoship and reach the Builder Rank or higher are eligible for this benefit.

It is how the bonus is given out:

  • US$50 Builder Bonus Payment: You must appoint at least three distributors or favored clients that generate at least 100 Personal Volumes per month on autoship and 600 Group Volumes per month.
  • US$200 Builder Bonus Payment: You must hire at least three distributors or preferred customers with a minimum of 100 Personal Volume per month on autoship and a minimum of 600 Group Volume per month
  • US$800 Builder Bonus Payment: You must recruit nine distributors or preferred customers who have at least 100 Personal Volume per month on autoship and at least 600 Group Volume per month

Infinity Payout

Fourlife Infinity Payout

You will be able to advance your unilevel team’s three levels with the help of this bonus. It is determined similarly to how a generational bonus would be determined.

A generation is said to have occurred when a Diamond Rank or above is found in a unilevel leg. Each leg is computed independently.

When a diamond is discovered, the first generation for that particular unilevel leg is completed, and a new second generation is initiated.

The end and start of a new generation are indicated by a 2nd Diamond rank or above in the same leg. If and when there is no other generation detected, the generation spans the entire leg.

Incentive Trips

Fourlife Incentive Trips

The 4Life Compensation Plan mentions incentive vacations. There isn’t much information provided about who qualifies for those visits or which areas, other than the general statement that less than 1% do.

How Can You Make Money With 4Life?

The key to making money as a 4Life distributor in one of two ways:

  • Profit from commissions from product sales.
  • Recruit new members to receive rewards.

Some people find this puzzling and claim that 4Life is a pyramid scheme.

However, 4LIfe distributors are able to avoid fraud because they do not profit directly from recruiting.

They only receive “bonuses” from downline sales!

Is 4Life a Pyramid Scheme?

No, 4 Life cannot be considered a pyramid scheme because they sell tangible products that offer real value to consumers. Unlike a pyramid scheme, their sole focus isn’t on recruiting people and selling a membership so you can promote it as a distributor.

Some multi-level systems are pyramid schemes, but not all of them are. 4Life is an exception – they offer real products and have a happy clientele.

The Products

Fourlife Products

The company specializes in health & wellness products. They offer over a hundred products in the following categories:

  • Personal care
  • Dental care
  • Skincare
  • Multi-vitamins
  • Basic health & wellness
  • Animal care

Transfer factor plus is one of their flagship products that supposedly boosts your immune system. It comes with 60 capsules and sells for $70 on Amazon and $76 on the 4Life website. The company recommends you keep the dosage at two tablets daily for best results.

They supposedly have a research team working for them to ensure product quality and claim their products are safe for consumption and are scientifically proven.

Income Potential

There are two ways to make money online with the platform:

  1. Sell their products as a distributor/affiliate and earn retail commissions
  2. Recruit people and get them to join MLM under you using your unique referral link

For reference, here’s a screenshot from the company’s income disclosure:

It happens with all the MLM programs; 90% plus people struggle to make a dime, and less than 1% make a full-time living promoting it. One main reason that explains it is that most people don’t fancy recruiting.

Unless you love networking and building teams, it could be your only concern, and this could not be for you. Promoting products is a good way to make a living working online, but why stay locked to one product and try to recruit people when you can promote multiple products at once and be your own boss (without having to buy them)?

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Is 4Life a BBB-accredited business?


It is advisable that you do your own research on any opportunity that interests you, especially about making money online.

We can establish some level of trust with the company and determine how professionally and legally they conduct business by looking up the status with several professional organizations like the Direct Sellers Association and the Better Business Bureau.

To confirm, 4Life has an outstanding A+ rating and is fully accredited by the BBB.

Does 4Life belong to the DSA?


An organization, called the Direct Sellers Association (DSA) was founded to improve the network marketing sector’s negative public perception.

Since membership is extremely difficult to obtain and their audit takes more than a year to complete, membership here is typically a good indication that everything is in order.

Based on the image above, it is confirmed that 4Life is a DSA member.

The Good

  • 4 Life has been around since 1998, and they have a lot of happy customers who absolutely love their health & wellness product line. There’s a reason why they are still going strong.
  • They manufacture high-quality products and employ a staff of researchers/scientists. Through their rigorous testing, they introduce improvements from time to time.
  • The company is heavily involved in charity and donates a portion of its profits regularly.
  • They have hundreds of products to choose from. Depending on what your requirements may be, there’s a good chance there’s a healthcare product tailor-made for your needs.

The Bad

  • If it’s the business opportunity side of things that you’re interested in, you may want to look elsewhere. 90% plus of the distributors struggle to make $1,000/year with it, most even lesser.
  • Although not a requirement, if you want to make money with it, you’re asked to recruit/refer people to the platform and get them to make a purchase. If you’re not into networking, it won’t be fun to ask family members/friends to join a program using your referral link.
  • Even though the 4 Life products are high-quality, they’re also expensive (and harder to sell). You will need very good convincing skills to get some sales, and if you don’t have experience in marketing, you may have a hard time with salesmanship.
  • You don’t receive any marketing education from the platform when you sign up as a distributor. Once you’re onboard, you’re out on your own and must use your pre-existing marketing knowledge or enroll in another course to develop some skills.
  • You must maintain a minimum order value to retain your position/level in the company. You can’t just sign up as a distributor, promote the program, and not make regular purchases.

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Final Words – Is 4Life a Scam?

No, 4Life is not a scam. It’s a legitimate MLM company that sells health and wellness products. Their products are loved by many, and they’ve been in the game for nearly two decades.

Thumbs Up Icon

Their products are expensive but high-quality, and they have people working at their premises to ensure the quality is up to the mark. If you’re looking to start with 4Life to try out a few of their products, definitely give it a shot.

However, if it’s the business opportunity that you’re interested in, you can certainly do better elsewhere. Like most MLMs, most distributors struggle to make enough money because recruiting is challenging and isn’t for everyone.

In fact, most of the 4 Life customers prefer to stay onboard as customers, use their products, and never bother about the biz op. The income potential with it isn’t very promising, that’s for sure! Unless you could use an additional $50-100 a month, you’re better off without it.

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