Is 7 Figure Profit Code a Scam or the Real Deal for Making Money Online?

You can make $1,000 in just 24 hours with the 7 Figure Profit Code.

Just pay the measly $97 fee, and watch your bank balance go through the roof. That's what the program's sales page claims. Seems like another get-rich-scheme, doesn't it?

Congratulations on doing some research. It can help you avoid online scams, it also assists in finding legit opportunities that don't disappoint. Is 7 Figure Profit Code a scam or a legitimate platform? That's what we'll be uncovering in this review today.

Without further ado, let's get started.

7 Figure Profit Code Review

If you're looking to make money online, you might have encountered this system, it promises easy money. Just pay a little fee, and your money maker system will start raking in cash for you.

7 Figure Profit Code

The first impressions of the product weren't great. The sales page is all about making ridiculous income claims:

  • Push a button to generate profits
  • Bank hard without lifting a finger
  • Watch the software generate cash for you while you sleep

These are all hyped up claims, and these couldn't be further from the truth. Supposedly, the program's owner is Michael Grayson. Maybe it's us, but his image looks like a bought stock photo.


Mike claims to have made millions of dollars online using his secret system. For some reason (probably feeling generous?) he's giving away 'Special Access' to a few beta testers. Moreover, his system only has 55 spots left in 55 places.

This is a marketing tactic, and it's all a lie. If something is in limited quantity, people tend to find more value in it. Con artists use this tactic all the time because people don't want to 'miss out'. 

Don't believe it? Try visiting the sales page after a month or two, and you'll find the same story.

As you can see from Whois, It's kind of hard to learn more about our friend Michael because the domain ( uses anyonymous registration.

How 7 Figure Profit Code Works?

Just pay $97 to get special access to the system, and make $1,000 a day with ease.

According to the product page, it takes less than 30 minutes to set up even if you're a total beginner. Fortunately, these scams are easy to detect since they overuse these tactics. You're getting access to some secret system that can spit out cash for you on demand.

All that's needed from you is a little fee to access it. There's another program called 7 Figure Cash Code, and it uses the same testimonials, and same story on the sales page. It's probably a rebooted version of the same program owned by the same people.

Same system, same testimonials but a different name

The former claims to be a push button profit code and the latter claims to be an MLM program that can help you get a step closer to financial freedom. They even use identical logos:

These scam program often use a bait and switch tactic. They use generic sales copy, and sometimes contradict the other variants, but use the same testimonials. The sales page will try to redirect you to other variant if you try to exit it.

It will change the price to $67 from $97, and then to $17 the third time. They clearly want your $.

This program is hosted on an affiliate marketplace called ClickBetter, a program that's infamous for hosting sketchy products like this one!

The Ugly Truth

If you're still wondering about Seven Figure Profit Code, here's a few more red flags to consider:

1. Fake Testimonials

Since 7 Figure Profit Code is not a legit product, it uses tons of fake testimonials. Here are a few:

These people claim to be making thousands of dollars with this system daily. The lady even says she has never shot a video before and is feeling a little nervous. That's quite funny because that's what she does to make a living!

They are both paid actors hired off a platform called Fiverr. It's a freelancing platform from where you can hire people for a one-time payment to do a job like this one.

If the website is legit, and their 'system' works, why do they have to resort to such tactics? Can't they have a handful real testimonials from real users of the platform? Well, they can't because this system obviously is all set to scam you!

2. Data Harvesting Behind the Scenes?

There's a good chance this program is collecting visitors data and storing it inside a database.

It's far from being a legitimate product, and the scammers use such tactics to collect people's personal information. Your personal details may then be sold to other people who do the same thing, or worse your card details.

You may even spam emails from these people from time to time promoting random products. Receiving promotional emails isn't a bad thing unless you start to receive marketing emails from people you've never shared your contact details with!

3. You Won't Make Money With It

All this site does is try to sell you the dream for $97. The price will go down to $67 and then $17 if you try to exit the sales page. The owner(s) definitely want your money.

You will only waste your time with this one, lose $97 or whatever you paid or worse risk losing your privacy and credit card details. If the owner is selling user data, you shouldn't count this out.

There's no information on who owns this website either. It uses private domain registration, and the owner Mike looks like a stock photo. If the program was real, the least they could have done is show their face(s) on the website.

Final Words - Is 7 Figure Profit Code a Scam?

Unless you skipped straight to this section of our 7 Figure Profit Code review, you already know it is a scam. Not only do they use fake testimonials, made-up stories, and rely on ridiculous income claims, they also use countless deceptive tactics just to close a sale.

It's possible to make up to $1,000 per day or even more, but not with this system for sure. For that to happen, you'll have to acquire some skills, and put in the work. There's no such thing as a Push Button System or instant riches.

Anyone who makes these claims upfront clearly doesn't have good intentions. Online businesses take a while to build - you shouldn't expect them to thrive from day 1. You can't plug in a profit code and have it generate cash for you while you sleep. Such a thing doesn't exist.

Program Update:

As of this review update, the program doesn't even exist anymore. The original domain ( has now expired, and it's even available for purchase as you can see.

Since it was not a legit program, it may re-launch (or may have already re-launched) under a different name and a different domain. Make sure to not fall for these, specially the ones who make it look obvious by coming up with crazy income claims and rehashed testimonials. 

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