7 Minutes Daily Profits – Legitimate System for Making Money or a Scam?

Welcome to this 7 Minutes Daily Profits review.

Judging by the product's name, it's only natural to be skeptical. Most of the products that rely on making bold income claims end up as mere disappoints. Is this one any different? That's what we'll be uncovering today.

Doing some research can take you far since it can help you avoid scams and also assist in finding legit business opportunities that don't disappoint. Is 7 Minutes Daily Profits a scam or a legitimate system for making money online? Let's find out together.

What Is 7 Minutes Daily Profits?

The product (launch.7minsdailyprofits.online/home/) as the name suggests, can help you earn profits on a daily basis. As per the program creator, Vince Howard, it takes less than 7 minutes for you to make money with his brand-new system.

7 Minutes Daily Profits

Source: 7 Minutes Daily Profits website

Our first impressions of the system's sales page wasn't great, as soon as you land on the website, it makes a lot of deceiving claims. Here are a few of them:

  1. Make up to $1,200 exploiting this little secret
  2. This page will be removed on (Insert tomorrow's date)
  3. Get a huge discount and start raking in cash now
  4. Generate $500 a day with ease with less than 7 minutes of work

Try exiting the page, and it won't let you. It will continue to offer you extra discounts, and try to get you to purchase the inexpensive $9 program. Here's a testimonial video that we found on the site:

Apparently, the lady in the video isn't even a real user of the system. She's just an actress hired off a popular freelancing platform called Fiverr (proof below).

Hence, the testimonial is obviously fake. There's a chance the first person is also a hired actor. The spokesperson claims you can make a lot of money with the system, but won't be a millionaire overnight. According to him, making upto $500 a day will be a cakewalk, which is not true.

Vince (the program creator) claims:

  • This is not a MLM or a pyramid scheme
  • This platform has nothing to do with Bitcoin
  • This is the fastest way to make $500/day (takes less than 7 minutes of your time)
  • You don't even need to know how to use a computer (this one is crazy, right?!)

It's all false though. It's possible to make money online, but it's hardly as autopilot as one would think. Automation has its place, and you can get to that stage eventually, but only if you put in the work first (and acquire a real skill).

Inside the System

According to the members area, you have to complete three steps to activate the software.

You have to claim a VIP training, and then watch a quick introduction video once you're onboard. There's a navigation menu on the left hand side using which you can switch between sections.

Via the premium traffic sources tab, you get access to the following:

  1. Introduction to solo ads
  2. How to track marketing campaigns with a link tracker
  3. Using sales funnels in your business

You get access to a handful videos in these sections, good enough for beginners. Don't expect anything magical though, this information is elementary at best.

Via the Create Your Site module, you can learn more about creating your website for affiliate marketing. It talks about selecting an in-built template for a quick start, and then an autoresponder/squeeze page for setting up your email marketing system from scratch.

The information contained in the ROI traffic module is sub par, don't have high hopes from it.

7 Minutes Daily Profits Pricing

Upon landing on the website's sales page, Vince says he wants to help you get started online, and will give away his system for free. But, to use his server for hosting your website and to cover other expenses, you have to pay a one-time fee of $9.

Once you've made the $9 payment, you would be bombarded with a dozen more offers. Not cool. The members area prompts you to purchase more products (also hosted on ClickBank) just so the program owner can make more money by referring you to products via his affiliate links.

  • Profit Booster ($147 one-time, $97 if you try to exit the page/downsell)
  • Commission Activator ($127 one-time)


  • Ridiculous income claims, you certainly won't be making $500 a day with this platform. With the product quality, you shouldn't expect to make anything at all.
  • Tons of upsells -  $9 offering is just the start, once you're into the funnel, it will bombard you with dozens of expensive upsells/upgrade offers. This is to probably help Vince (or whoever the real owner is) make more money off you.
  • Testimonials on the sales page are fake (done by paid actors hired off freelancing websites). If this system actually worked, it should've had a few real testimonials at least.
  • Fake scarcity - it's a marketing tactic but the usage is slightly unethical here. The page won't go away anytime soon. If you doubt it, bookmark it and re-visit it in a day or two, nothing will have changed in the meantime. It uses some geo-location software to match your location and find the time zone, and displays data that is relevant to you (to boost product sales).


  • The initial offering is affordable at $9, very comparable to a few cups of coffee
  • You get access to a few PDF files, that may be useful if you're a total beginner
  • 7 Minutes Daily Profits is hosted on the ClickBank marketplace so there's a 60-day money back guarantee. If you change your mind anytime soon, you can get a 100% refund. Thanks to the marketplace, there's no risk involved.

Final Words - Is 7 Minutes Daily Profits a Scam?

No, 7 Minutes Daily Profits cannot be considered a scam. You're paying $9 one-time, and are getting access to a basic product. Even though it's hardly the best purchase you'll make, you're getting something regardless so it can't be called an outright scam.

The sales page is all about making ridiculous income claims, and uses fake testimonials to back it up. It's obvious no one has made any money with the system or they would have a handful real testimonials at least.

Moreoever, if the system can make you $500 a day with less than 7 minutes of work, why is the program owner giving it away for $9 and not charging thousands of dollars? It just makes no sense. Even though it's somewhat legit (except for the income claims), we still cannot recommend this site.

Review Update

As of 2020, ClickBank has removed this product from the marketplace.

This is possible because of the program's higher than normal refund rates. If it gets a lot of refunds, that speaks highly of how good the product actually is (just a guess - not too good!). It's not available on ClickBetter either, another affiliate marketplace that hosts an array of digital products.

If you happen to purchase this product, remember the 60-day money back guarantee isn't valid anymore since that was more of a ClickBank policy that this product had to respect.

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