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9 Secret Funnels Review – What Is It All About?

Do you want your conversion rates to go up? Do you want to be able to design sales funnels that turn traffic into sales? If yes, you should enroll in the Clickfunnels 9 Secret Funnel Training.

9 Secret Funnels is an advanced video training program by ClickFunnels founder Russell Brunson. Get your hands on Russell’s 9 Secret Funnels Training if you use Clickfunnels and want to discover the quickest ways to profit from creating sales funnels.

You will discover how to create your first conversion-boosting funnels. These are not your average training courses on funnel building. They have conversion in mind when they are created.

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This course will show you how to increase your conversions while building high converting sales funnels, selecting an offer, and creating landing pages, membership sites, webinar funnels, and email sequences.

If you’re looking for advanced sales funnel training, you can’t go wrong with it. However, it’s available only during the account creation process. If you miss the step, there’s no way to get the hang of it.

Clickfunnels 9 Secret Funnels Training Review

Here’s what you need to know about the Clickfunnels 9 Secret Funnels training. But first, let’s define a sales funnel first.

What is a Sales Funnel?


A series of steps make up a sales funnel. And they are designed to convert potential customers into buyers. The term “marketing funnels” is also used to refer to these sales funnels. Think of it as an actual funnel if you can. People are at the top, and you want to direct them into a funnel.

That’s what actually occurs in the online world. Visitors come to your online site. However, not all of them will eventually become customers.

Between the time a person enters your funnel and the time they take action, certain events must take place in a particular order. By segmenting your customer’s journey into more manageable steps. You can be efficient in providing the best offer to your target market.

The fundamental steps of a funnel can resemble the following:

  • A first-time visitor to your landing page is an unqualified lead.
  • You supply something for free to add value and obtain his email.
  • You can make him a good offer once you receive his email.
  • This lead turns into a customer.
  • Get in touch with him by email and offer him something of value.
  • You begin developing a close bond with him and selling him more goods.

The following ClickFunnels diagram might help you better understand this procedure:

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What Is the 9 Secret Funnels Training?


9 Secret Funnels is a video training by Russell Brunson, which teaches the ins and outs of funnels. You’ll find immense value in training, especially if you’re new to concepts like how funnels are created and how they work.

The advanced training program 9 Secret Funnels teaches you how to leverage nine distinct kinds of building sales funnels to expand your business. In a three-hour video session, Russell explained how to boost your internet sales with the Dotcom Secrets Ignites.

For business owners who want to learn more about Russell Brunson’s sales funnels, referred to in this advanced training session as “Core,” the ClickFunnels 9 Secret Funnels Training is the ideal course. After finishing it, you may confidently put what you’ve learned into action because he used these tactics to double his company’s sales!

It will share nine secret funnels that you can use to take your business to the next level. If doubling sales (and revenue) is on your mind, this could be a game changer for you.

With the help of ClickFunnels, anyone can create sales funnels, sell their goods or services online quickly, and deliver those goods or services.

It is intended for those with an entrepreneurial spirit but a lack of coding and design skills necessary to launch an online business. With the help of ClickFunnels, you can develop your sales funnel pages without relying on tech-savvy people to do it for you.

Generally, ClickFunnels is used to:

  • Optin Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Order bumps
  • ClickOptin
  • Landing Page
  • ClickPops
  • Page Order Forms
  • Upsell Pages
  • Automated Webinar
  • Web Pages
  • Membership Site

How To Get Started

It’s easy to get started with 9 Secret Funnels. You can follow these simple steps:

Step #1

Create a ClickFunnels account and sign up for a FREE 14-day trial. You will first have to enter your first name and email address to start. Make sure to set a strong account password during this step.

9 Secret Funnels Training Account Creation

Once all set, click on the ‘Start Building My First Funnel’ button.

Step #2

Click Funnels Quick Billing Information

In the next step, complete the form, and fill out your billing details.

A checkbox will recommend you add the 9 Secret Funnels training. It mentions that this is a one-time offer, and they mean it! You can choose between the standard $97 plan or ClickFunnels Platinum during the process.

It’s a $47 one-time payment for the upgrade offer/upsell offer. Once you learn the strategies and take action, you can surely double your sales.

Step #3

You can also choose to sign up for the One Funnel Away challenge and get your FREE T-shirt in the process. Again, these steps are totally optional.

Once the registration process is complete, your ClickFunnels account and the 9SF training will be ready.

What Does The 9 Secret Funnels Training Comprise?


In the video, Russell talked about how to develop a winning formula by concentrating on back-end products rather than front-end ones.

The crucial realization is that it’s not only what you do but also when and where your procedures occur because people are more inclined to remember something if they see or heard it early in the process.

You can use multiple secret funnels that ClickFunnels provides, which will help you raise the number of individuals who buy your product and double or even 10x your revenue.

In the training video, Russell teaches how to use OTO and back-end solutions for more revenue. Even though he only has front-end items, he sells them!

Furthermore, Russell Brunson discussed three different forms of traffic and how you can use them to expand your business.

How Can You Get The 9 Secret Funnels Training?

You can only obtain the 9 Secret Funnel Training sessions through the new ClickFunnels sign-up option. When a new Clickfunnels account is created, an upsell appears because you won’t find it anywhere else on the website or in their bonus offers.

A 30-day free trial is available from Clickfunnels to provide you with time for research and testing. The 9 Secret Funnels training will appear in the middle of the page after you sign up or appear as an order bump you can purchase any time.

If a user already has a ClickFunnels account, no link or upsell will let them access the training. Just get in touch with their customer service staff. They’ll make arrangements to suit your demands!

9 Secret Funnels Pricing

Clickfunnels Pricing Plans

The Clickfunnels 9 Secret Funnels Training offers a 14-day free trial that you may always use, but after that, there are three pricing options to choose from:

  1. The Basic Plan costs $127 monthly.
  2. The Pro Plan costs $157 monthly.
  3. And the Funnel Hacker, which is suggested, costs $208 monthly.

Now, let’s go into better detail about these pricing plans.

ClickFunnels Basic Plan – $127/monthly

The basic components of the software are included in ClickFunnels’ most affordable package.

However, with this plan, you are only able to add 20 funnels and 100 pages to your account. This plan also has a cap on the number of visitors your website can receive (20K per month).

Additionally, you cannot use sophisticated tools like the affiliate management system and email marketing software from ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels Pro Plan – $157/monthly

This strategy has all the bells and whistles of the conventional plan without restrictions.

And it also offers two special features such as the following:

  1. Actionetics (email advertising and marketing)
  2. Backpack (Clickfunnels affiliate program)

You can contact your email list and send email broadcasts using Actionetics. You can create various email automation inside the Clickfunnels 9 Secret Funnels Training.

Funnel Hacker – $208/monthly

This pricing plan is the most optimal solution for those who want to make the most of the Clickfunnels features. It includes unlimited workflows, pages, products, email sequences, and advanced analytics.

Best Features of ClickFunnels

Funnel Template Blueprints

Clickfunnels Funnel Templates

Over 100 customized sales funnel designs are available in ClickFunnels and may be used as the ultimate edge by any business.

You can choose from various paid and free layouts for each funnel. You may quickly have a funnel page skillfully built and ready to go, even if you have no experience with website design.

Typically, landing pages or opt-in pages are created to drive traffic back to the website or build an email list. Reliable sales funnels can be created by using a number of landing pages.

Basically, ClickFunnels is superior to a landing page builder. The system lets you choose among ready-made funnels for specific products or services, such as sales funnels for digital books.

You may quickly change the funnels as you wish. And you don’t need to squander time constructing and connecting a succession of landing pages because it’s handled for you.

Convenient Drag and Drop Editor

Clickfunnels Drag And Drop Editor

While the funnel and webpage templates provided by ClickFunnels are a fantastic place to start, it is in the editor that you can actually personalize each page of your funnel.

Sections on ClickFunnels pages can have any number of rows and columns and arrange in any order. Then, you can move the pieces around by dragging them with your mouse.

I appreciate how easy it is to manage the editor. It’s easy to pick out things on the page and move them to where you need them.

Text elements can be modified inline. And the fly-out sidebar can be used to change any element’s settings.

And unlike other editors on the market, everything is logically structured. You aren’t wasting much time looking for the things you want to do.

The key benefit is that programming is not necessary. Therefore, you don’t need to spend time learning HTML, CSS, or other technical areas.

Advanced Analytics

Clickfunnels Analytics

Data is king. Without it, you risk making incorrect offers for erroneous traffic and losing time and money. The good news is that ClickFunnels Analytics provides instant reporting so you can quickly determine what is working or not.

You can make the best choice on what changes need to be made thanks to its powerful analytics, which provide real-time data. With the help of ClickFunnels Analytics, you can assess how well your advertisements and funnels have performed over time.

Several vital KPIs, including sales conversion, page views, opt-in rate, open rate, click-through rate, subscriptions, average cart value, and more, can be used to fine-tune the success of your funnel. You can determine where adjustments are needed to improve your funnel based on data.

(For example, if your analytics reveal a poor sales conversion rate, you might concentrate on a much more appealing headline, story, or offer.)

Find out if you’re on schedule to meet your company’s milestones and goals! You are now monitoring past data, cycles, and trends throughout time. And forecast your company’s performance by making the appropriate plans and budgets.

Easily Create Beautiful Landing Pages

Clickfunnels Landing Pages

The good news is that the ClickFunnels platform now allows you to create unlimited landing pages. It implies that you can create landing pages specifically for an active campaign or test multiple versions of your landing pages to determine which one converts the best.

You can direct your audience to a page pushing them to do a particular action regardless of whether you are driving organic or paid traffic (without the distractions of a traditional website).

You may add new Clickfunnels users to your email list using landing pages. You may convert leads into paying clients more quickly the more users you convert to leads. You’ll consequently make more money for your company!

With the help of opt-in pages, lead magnets, event registrations, and other tools, you can grow your following.

Collect Sales, Leads, And Conversions On Autopilot!

Clickfunnels Workflows

Use customized processes to automate your marketing so you can follow up with leads and sell while resting!

Every company should automate the collection of sales, leads, and conversions. Workflows are a fantastic tool for this. Workflows enable you to automate your marketing so that you can unwind and concentrate on what matters most to you.

Your drip campaigns will be more successful when you automate your segments so that you can offer personalized follow-ups with dynamic email content.

Work seamlessly with a third-party email, e-commerce, plug-in, and other platforms to increase conversions, lead creation, and income.

Reduce trial and error while launching new campaigns, websites, or promotional offers using split tests.

Get Recurring Revenue with their Membership site.

Clickfunnels Membership Site

Everyone wants recurring income, and the simplest way to get it is by using ClickFunnels to build your membership site!

Your material and training become much more valuable when you include information or experiences only available to paying members. It allows you to turn them from commodities into items with much higher perceived values!

Because they won’t want to stop accessing the unique content, this motivates your members to stay longer and raises the lifetime value of a customer.

You may provide fresh content to your subscribers – so they are always learning, developing, and returning for more. Their chances of getting success increase as they learn and apply the broad range of information on your membership site.

The ideal setting for testing out beta releases and brand-new training concepts is a membership site. Your members will have the opportunity to see your material FIRST (a high-value reward for them). And it also offers insightful user input so you can decide whether to make it available to the general public.

With a membership site, you can drop content relevant to your members. You can do this by asking them what they want to learn about, creating them, and adding them to your membership site. So you always have the “echo of the market” and know what makes them want to stick around in the long haul.

Best Affiliate Program

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

I have no question that ClickFunnels is one of the best affiliate programs you can join.

The ClickFunnels affiliate program offers 40% recurring commissions for each recommendation you make. And if you reach 100 active referrals, you can enter to win amazing rewards like $500 toward your own dream automobile.

In addition, they give referrals to the ClickFunnels affiliate program 5%, 2-tier commissions.

Additionally, by advertising any item within the ClickFunnels network, like DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, or even the Software Secrets books, you may earn 40% commissions.

Additionally, you will receive commissions on any upsells your referrals buy as they proceed through their particular funnels courtesy of ClickFunnels’ sticky cookie.

Aside from that, Share funnels are yet another fantastic feature of ClickFunnels for affiliates.

You can get your Share Funnel URL from the Settings tab of any of your funnels.

If a visitor to this URL is already a subscriber to ClickFunnels, they can add this funnel to their account. If they aren’t already members, they can sign up for a 14-day free trial of ClickFunnels before having the funnel added to their accounts.

Importance of ClickFunnels

Creating Customer Awareness

The most crucial stage of any sales funnel would be awareness. You must let potential clients know about the goods or services you have developed. In this regard, ClickFunnels offers various marketing tools that you may use to advertise your business.

Taking Advantages of Customer Interest

It occurs when prospective consumers click on your landing and sales pages or when entering personal information, including email addresses, on the opt-in page you prepared. By generating unlimited funnels, ClickFunnels is able to assist in this area.

Make Customers An Unresistable Offer

When a customer expresses interest, the following step is to make sure you have a compelling offer to encourage them to purchase.

Prompting Customer Action

Through the pre-sell pages you built, they might provide their contact information, such as names, phone numbers, and email addresses. Additionally, the offer created at the backend will typically result in online sales.

How ClickFunnels Can Assist Business Owners

ClickFunnels was primarily developed to help companies design highly effective sales funnels that make it incredibly simple and easy to generate leads and make sales.

The advantage of ClickFunnels is that creating code or designing sales pages doesn’t require any design experience. For web business owners who lack creative and coding skills, ClickFunnels is a clever solution.


  • It’s simple, quick, and easy to create a funnel.
  • All-in-one system to maintain your company organized.
  • Split testing and customer conversion tracking.
  • One of the best email autoresponders.
  • Several platforms are integrated inside of ClickFunnels.
  • The features of ClickFunnels are being modified and improved.
  • Facebook group that is really active.
  • Free 14-Day Trial – This gives you the chance to try ClickFunnels risk-free.


  • The cost of Clickfunnels 9 Secret Funnels Training is high, and a subscription is required.
  • The average wait time for customer service ranges from one minute to twenty-four hours, based on the specific problem.

Final Verdict – Is 9 Secret Funnels Training Worth It?

Yes, the Secret Funnels Training is definitely worth it. This program teaches you the essential ideas and procedures needed to build your own funnels. With video tutorials guiding you each step of the way, this course will show you just how to do this.

You’ll discover how to create email autoresponders, lead capture landing sites, squeeze pages, and more. Additionally, there is a bonus part on the affiliate program with a wealth of information on launching an online business. The price? Just $47 – less than a month’s supply of Starbucks coffee!

The training expense is fair because you may apply these abilities, tactics, and knowledge throughout your online business endeavors.


Do they have a customer support team?

Yes. Although it occasionally answers late, ClickFunnels support is remarkably good. You may directly ask inquiries in the live chat box because they use Intercom. Support requests are responded to within a few hours, and the service is accommodating.

Do you need to have your own domain?

No, you do not need your own domain name to start a funnel. Your funnel URL will resemble if you don’t have one. The fact that ClickFunnels will buy your first domain name for free and even set up SSL for you is an impressive bonus. In the onboarding training, the first activity will teach you how to achieve this.

Do they have an active user community?

The ClickFunnels community is extensive. The official group on Facebook has more than 100k members, while the ClickFunnels Avengers Facebook group (for affiliates) has more than 30k.

Both groups are active, making it a perfect opportunity to ask questions and receive comments on your sales funnels.

What types of integrations do they offer?

Even if ClickFunnels uses Actionetics as its email service provider, it seamlessly interacts with the top email marketing solutions available.

ClickFunnels interacts with a number of payment channels, including Stripe, Paypal, Clickbank, Infusionsoft,, and others. The only drawback to using Paypal is that it does not support one-time offers or one-click upsells. That is why if you have the option, I highly suggest using Stripe.

Is ClickFunnels a scam?

ClickFunnels is not a fraud. It is legitimate. The software is fantastic and offers amazing affiliate opportunities. And it is also being used by many people to create six and seven-figure businesses. The most popular response to the question “How do I design a sales funnel?” is without a doubt ClickFunnels. Currently, no other program can perform all of the tasks that ClickFunnels can.

What other purposes do ClickFunnels serve?

There are several ways marketers are using ClickFunnels in their businesses other than creating typical sales funnels. It works well for developing opt-in funnels that will help you increase your email list size and attract more prospects.

You can establish webinar funnels to build your brand and market your goods and services. Additionally, you can use it to build membership websites where you may restrict your valuable material so that only subscribers have access to it.

Is there a 30-day money-back guarantee?

Yes, upon the expiration of your trial period, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee. It indicates that you have a total of 44 days (a 14-day free trial plus a 30-day money-back guarantee) to try ClickFunnels risk-free.

They are certain that you’ll love ClickFunnels, but if you later decide that you no longer want to be a member, they will cancel your membership with no fees or penalties.

Can you change your plan later on?

Yes. Your plan is subject to modification at any time. It implies that during and after your 14-day trial, you can change your plan.

Do I need to pay for system updates?

No! They continuously add new templates and upgrade their software and get everything for nothing! When they make an update or add new features, ClickFunnels instantly updates your account because it is hosted in the cloud.

Will my data be lost if I deactivate my ClickFunnels account?

As with most software service platforms, your data will become inaccessible when you terminate your account. But you have the option to download CSV files of your connections and members before canceling.

Do I have to install anything?

No! ClickFunnels is developed so you wouldn’t need a whole IT department to manage your website! You can create any page in your funnel from the member’s area; you can log in and start clicking!

Who is the owner of the data, content, and users?

You do! You own everything, even the content created by your users. ClickFunnels is not authorized to use that content or get in touch with your users in any way. ClickFunnels is just a tool for YOU to deliver YOUR content.

Does ClickFunnels handle the traffic load?

Yes! They have unlimited capacity to scale in real time because ClickFunnels is housed on the largest public cloud cluster in the world (powered by Amazon and protected by Cloudflare Security + CDN). They won’t be slowed down by 100 or 100,000+ visitors today.

How do I cancel ClickFunnels if I don’t like it?

Log into your account and select “cancel my account” from the account settings page. No need to speak to someone or send an email!

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