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Agenciez Review – Any Good for Building a Website for Your Online Business?

Welcome to this Agenciez Review.

If you’ve come across the platform, you may wonder if it’s legitimate or a scam. Can it help you build a business website, an e-commerce store, or any other site of your choice? Is it even worth the investment, or should you stay away from it?

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In this review, we shall explore the platform together and reveal everything you need to know before you get started. Doing research is always a good idea since it can help you avoid online scams and help you find products that don’t disappoint. With that said, let’s begin.

What Is Agenciez?

Agenciez is a WordPress theme launched by an internet marketer named Amit Pareek. As per the theme creator, it’s the #1 pro agency builder and can be used to build a local business website, blog, single-page site, or even a fully-fledged e-commerce store.

To get the desired results, follow these steps:

  1. Pick a template from within the theme settings
  2. Make the required customizations
  3. Save the changes, and it’s ready to go.

Agenciez Features at a Glance

Agenciez is supposedly one of the best WordPress packages that can be used to create an SEO-friendly site in no time. As per Amit and his team, it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to set up the whole thing. Here’s what you can get with the complete Agenciez package:

  • 30+ themes for your business needs require no coding skills
  • 150+ ready-to-go page templates to help you build a page in minutes
  • Hosted on a cloud platform hence the website downtime will be minimal
  • Edit typography, theme layout, and overall appearance with a few clicks
  • Mobile-friendly the box
  • The commercial license so you can set up sites for clients with one license.
  • 10+ shortcodes

It comes with loads of features, and for $37, that’s a decent deal, but there are many better theme+plugin combinations. More on that shortly.

Agenciez is a decent all-in-one package but pales in comparison to WordPress suites like Thrive Themes, Genesis, and Elementor. Thrive Themes was and is the best theme plus plugin package that money can buy at the moment (regardless of what your budget may be).

Also Read: Full Review of Thrive Themes.

Who Is It For?

If you own a website or intend to own one shortly, it’s an option. Does any of these apply to you? If it does, it may be a good fit:

  • Are you a local business owner
  • Do you sell physical products
  • Do you sell digital/SaaS products
  • Do you sell informational products like an eBook
  • Are you an affiliate marketer
  • Do you generate leads (prospects) for a business


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How It Works

This is how it works (same as with all WordPress themes out there):

First, install and activate the theme (from Themes -> Add New -> Upload the theme ZIP file). Once activated, go to the themes tab from the WordPress sidebar (on the left-hand side).

Once you have picked a template from the available choices, it’s time to customize it. It will help you stand out and make the website look tailor-made for your needs.

You can play between color schemes and background colors and add your website logo/favicon. The process is pretty much the same with every other WP theme. As is apparent, this theme isn’t very polished, and there are far better alternatives.

Unlike Thrive and other WP theme/plugin packages, it’s clunky and sluggish at times. (Fun fact: even this website uses Thrive – the one you’re on, that is!)

The Ugly Truth

There are a lot of things you need to consider before moving forward. Whether or not you’ll try out the software is totally up to you, but it’s important to have a rough idea first. Let’s have a look:

#1 Not Very Polished

Agenciez does claim to be an amazing WordPress package and that it can help you build a good-looking website in no time. However, comparing it with some standalone WordPress packages, it fades to obscurity because it isn’t half as good as the leading software suites.

Thrive Themes costs $19/month and has been around since 2013. Moreover, they introduce software updates every week and have dozens of high-quality themes, a brand-new custom theme builder, and over a dozen useful WordPress plugins.

Thrive is SEO-optimized and mobile-friendly, out of the box, and has everything an online marketer or any website owner may need to get results (leads/sales). If that’s what you’re looking for, Thrive is probably the only package you’ll ever need to run a business online.

Even the likes of Elementor (another WordPress plugin package) beats Agenciez hands down in every area you can imagine. Be its simplicity of usage or features or support, or pricing.

100% risk-free

#2 Expensive

If you consider the $37 payment, it isn’t expensive, but it can get slightly expensive if you buy the front-end offering (through the main sales page) and then all the upgrade offers. For less than half the amount, you can get better-quality WordPress themes and packages.

Most of the packages that you’ll get won’t cost this and will get you better results as well. With Thrive, for example, you can get an annual license and use it on up to 25 of your websites and get unlimited 24/7 access to support teams, products, and future software updates for free.

#3 Slightly Deceitful Claims

Per the sales page, you will get leads and sales 24/7, 365 days a year. In theory, that’s true, but in reality, things don’t work that way. Having a high-quality website is only a piece of the puzzle, and there’s much more to it.

Just having a website won’t do the trick. To get any results from it, you need to work on your overall marketing strategy and introduce gradual improvements. Setting up an SEO-friendly and mobile-friendly structure is like setting up the foundation of a building.

The product’s sales page makes a lot of ridiculous claims, including that you can get results like some leading brands get. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and no matter how good of a website you have, you shouldn’t be expecting instant results in a day or a week.

#4 Low-Income Potential

Agenciez’ website ( claims you can make tons of money selling WordPress services on websites like Fiverr. That’s again true in theory, but the developers there have years of experience, and they probably use better theme suites like Elementor and Thrive.

Anyone experienced enough with WordPress will recommend you a better theme and plugin package. The ones have been around for a while and have active development teams. From a distance, Agenciez looks like a flash in the pan destined to fade away in a month or two.

You can’t just install a theme like this and charge hundreds of dollars on a freelance marketplace. The developers making money in there have been doing their stuff for a long time, and they charge for their actual coding skills and not so much for clicking around with themes.

#5 WordPress Is a Must

Now, this is an obvious one. To use Agenciez or any other WordPress themes or plugins, you need the WordPress content management system/CMS. Whatever you decide to get will live under WordPress, and you’ll get login credentials for your website.

If you’d rather not use WordPress, better check out ClickFunnels. With it, you don’t need WP, nor do you need any themes or plugins or any other third-party software. It’s a beginner-friendly drag-and-drop landing page cum website builder that can be used to accomplish any of these:

  1. Build a website
  2. Build a marketing funnel
  3. Promote a product
  4. Sell a product through email marketing automation
  5. Showcase a portfolio
  6. Build a local business website
  7. Run an e-commerce business

100% risk-free 14-day trial (full review of the platform can be found here)

#6 Running a Business Isn’t a Cakewalk

Just having a website or a funnel in place doesn’t guarantee results of any kind. This is true with any online or offline businesses out there. Websites and funnels (and other ‘shiny objects’) have their place, but these are used to amplify results and are meant for a later time.

You sure can use all the fancy tools out there – a website builder, a marketing funnel, an email autoresponder, a website hosting, and then a link tracker, but to get to that stage, you need to have a strong online marketing foundation.

Without a strong foundation, the whole thing will crumble upon itself and is doomed to fail. You must focus on acquiring the right skills and the strategies that can help you get profitable. Once you have it all covered, look at how you can get there (with these business tools and resources).

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Final Words – Is Agenciez a Scam?

No, Agenciez is not a scam. That’s because it’s not a program; it’s a standalone WordPress theme that you can use to build a website of your choice. However, it isn’t the most polished product out there, and unless you skipped to the end of this review right away, you already know it.

Thumbs Down Icon

It’s inexpensive at $37 one-time, but even for the price, there are far better alternatives like Thrive Themes that will serve you for years to come (and include free lifetime software updates). Thrive has dozens of high-quality themes that smoke this one and then plugins that will get you results.

For the many reasons mentioned in this review, we cannot recommend Agenciez to anyone.

Regardless of what you may want to build, you can accomplish it with Thrive with the easy-to-use front-end page builder (requires no technical or coding knowledge). If you can use a computer, you can use Thrive. They also come with unlimited 24/7 support in case you run into issues of any kind.

However, if you want to build an online business of your own, a website is a must, but it’s not needed, at least in the beginning. It’s important for you to acquire the right skills, get to work, and build a strong foundation first before you opt for any of these business tools.

100% risk-free (full review can be found here)

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Check it out if this piques your interest.

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