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American Consumer Panels – Scam or a Legitimate Biz Op? (Review)

There’s a lot of buzz going around the company American Consumer Panels for a good reason. They claim to offer work-from-home opportunities like product testing which pay anywhere between $20 – $50 per hour.

They say you don’t need any prior experience to get started. When you think about it, it looks too good to be true.

Most of the internet marketing scams out there are identical, and they promise the world. Is American Consumer Panel any different? Read on to find out.

American Consumer Panels Review

The website frequently advertises on online job directories and is a familiar face. Their listings often suggest users can make money by testing products and working from home.

On further research, we opted for the ‘at home product tester job, and it took us to a page where it said you could get 15+ hours a week of work.

This raised doubts in our minds; why are they willing to hire product testers who have no work experience testing products and are willing to pay you a lot of money for the same?

To get started, you need to click on the start button, which brings up a questionnaire sporting 5 questions. American Consumer Panels make things look so easy, which is a red flag in our book.

So far it’s all hype, and there isn’t anything about the company worth mentioning. Often, products that are all about hype have one goal – to rob you of your money!

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What Is It All About?

American Consumer Panels claims to connect people like us with companies within the USA and pay you for your feedback.

Every step in the application from the first to the last made the process look legitimate. YES, we are not kidding! We, however, realized there’s a catch since the information is TOO good to be true and it’s right there in the last step.

American Consumer Panels Logo

After you finish the application, you’re then asked to join two random survey companies named iSay Ipsos & VIP Voice Consumer. Instead of giving you a job, they suggest you go join these two companies first. That screams scam, doesn’t it?!

Go ahead and join a random third-party company that doesn’t have anything to do with product testing. It’s pretty obvious why they want you to do it.

This website is only interested in making money off you by promising something which is total BS. Every time someone visits the survey sites through their affiliate link and joins them, these guys earn a commission.

That’s a shady affiliate marketing tactic that some people use to get sales! They’re only doing affiliate promos for survey-style websites and make money when people join through their links.

The Process In a Nutshell

All American Consumer Panels does is find people, lure them into joining some random survey websites and make money through them.

They first convince you by showing product testing jobs that look too good to be true. Once they have your attention, you’re instead suggested to sign up somewhere else.

The survey sites pay for your opinion; there are a lot of them around. However, they pay pennies ($1-3 an hour), and there’s no way you can make a living out of this.

At best, you can afford a cup of coffee with the surveys you complete over the week.

Is American Consumer Panels a Scam?

Yes, it’s definitely one of them. You should stay away from the American Consumer Panels scam. They rely on the ‘bait and switch tactic’ which is often used by scammers, and no one gets hired.

They are earning affiliate commissions from you promoting survey sites. In the application, they are also collecting your email address without your permission.

The company has more negative reviews than positive reviews on Here’s one of them.

American Consumer Panels  Review

On top, there’s no information on who runs the company. We find it interesting how they strategically try to hide their faces and prefer to be under the radar all the time.

Final Thoughts

It’s best not to fall for shady companies like American Consumer Panels without researching and learning from other people’s past experiences. They are not offering any jobs; they are instead relying on dirty marketing tactics to make money off people without them realizing it.

If you want to make money doing surveys, it’s always a smarter idea to sign up through the main website directly instead of using someone’s affiliate links. (Lot fewer chances of receiving spam, a lot better, right?

However, there is a way for the average person to make money online; it’s our top recommendation. Using this brand-new affiliate marketing training, a broke 20-year-old went from $0 to $6000 a month working online.

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