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American Income Life Insurance Review – Another Dirty MLM Scam?

Ever received an email from an insurance company claiming you got hired as a customer representative? Chances are you were contacted by American Income Life.

If you’re reading this, it’s very likely you want to do some research so you can decide whether or not you should join AIL. That’s a good move – best to analyze something first and then join only if it’s a good fit.

That’s one way to dodge scams and actually make a living working online.

Without taking much time, let’s dive right in.

What Is American Income Life?

American Income Life is an insurance company based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, and they have their headquarters in Waco, Texas. They also have an MLM side of things, through which they recruit individuals to promote products on their behalf.

They are pretty similar to Primerica (another insurance company we reviewed) except that their compensation plan is not disclosed to the public. To our surprise, we found no traces of it anywhere on the internet. Screams scam, doesn’t it?

American Income Life Website

In fact, they send out emails to people regularly and use the deception that they got hired which is not TRUE. You only get to work with them as an individual contractor and not an employee.

That means you only get paid for bringing in referrals and not for anything else. That’s one reason there is a ‘price’ attached to the job, unlike 9-5 day jobs.

The job onboarding process, however, makes it look legitimate. There’s an interview, and it definitely looks like you’re getting hired. You’re instead recruited as a contractor who receives 100% commissions on the payments your recruited people make. There is no salary involved for sure.

In fact, AIL managers will even push you into recruiting others under you as it also indirectly benefits them because of the MLM structure. They have training for recruiting alone.

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How It Works

As a contractor, you only make money from recruiting others and selling insurance. If you are a great salesperson, then this is something you may want to consider.

Their training is also a little misleading where they claim you can be living off your residual income from promoting the system. They promise the world, but in reality, 99.8% of people won’t ever make it as the results are hardly typical.

How American Income Life Works
American Income Life Income

The 6-figure claim alone lures people into the system, and when they realize it’s often too late and they lose some of the money, they invested in the company to be a contractor.

If you look into it deeper, you’ll find a flood of negative reviews because not many people are happy with American income life insurance.

For most people, it’s a waste of time; you’re better off staying away from it.

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Is American Income Life a Scam?

No, AIL is not a scam but the way they use to present things in front of people that’s very deceiving. From the big money claims to the ‘how easy this is and all that stuff, we didn’t find any positives here.

Not everyone is good at closing sales. If you’re good at recruiting, this is the only scenario when we will recommend you check out American life insurance. Otherwise, not.

Recruiting is a choice, and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea like anything else.

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Final Words

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