American Online Jobs Review – Legitimate Job Portal or a Scam?

American Online Jobs is a work from home website which claims you can get hired and earn between $600 - $1,500 a week. That sounds pretty good, but is this even legit?

It definitely looks like an online job portal but it's something else. In this review, we reveal the real truth behind AOJ. Doing some first-hand research of your own always helps since it can help you identify the difference between legit sites and online scams.

What Is American Online Jobs? is a website that claims to hire people for online jobs. However, the truth is that they promote paid survey websites through them and earn a commission on the visitors they send. 

That's how affiliate marketing works, you refer people to a product/service and earn a commission on your referrals. It's never a bad thing to promote products but at least the website should make things clear in the beginning so the website visitors know what to expect.

The users are not getting hired by a company, they are simply signing up to paid survey websites to make money online. It's a funnel that will encourage you to sign up with other platforms.

It's worth mentioning you can definitely make some money completing surveys but the payouts are not very exciting. The surveys pay between $2-4 per survey and take between 10-30 minutes to complete.

The Process In a Nutshell

In the first step, you're encouraged to join a survey website using the company's referral link. When you sign up, and take surveys, the referrer earns an affiliate commission.

Most of the survey sites are not legitimate, the only website we found that actually paid was Radial Insight. Not saying every other survey site out there is a scam, but we haven't found many that actually pay. Usually, most legit sites pay under $5 an hour for survey completion.

The step 2 asks you to join Online Flex Job. We have already reviewed this platform sometime ago on this website, and things don't look very promising. 

The employer wants you to purchase a $30 antivirus software package for you to be able to qualify for the job. No real employer will have such a condition! Not to forget, the testimonials were fake (paid actors).

Worth Mentioning: American Online Jobs, also known as AOJ features a members area through which you can learn the basics of referral marketing (eg. promoting survey sites as an affiliate through your own website).

It's something beginners may find handy but other than the training modules, we didn't find anything special in here. However, Online Flex Job is definitely something you want to stay away from.

AOJ - Core Training

Inside the AOJ members area, you will find 9 videos that show how you can be making money online with the system.

The videos show how you can attract leads from people, and get them to register under you. It encourages you to use spammy tactics like posting ads on your news feed and asking people via messenger.

This approach will only hurt your reputation, and won't help you close sales unless you get lucky. Let's take a look at the lessons:

1. Introduction - Basic introduction video that will prompt you to go to the second lesson.

2. Facebook Training - The module on FB recommends you join 10-15 targeted groups on a daily basis. Once you're accepted, spread the word by pasting your AOJ website in them. This module also covers how you can launch your first Facebook ad.

For example, if it's a product in the work from home niche, join relevant groups.

3. Craigslist - This module is all about Craigslist - setting up your account from scratch, and posting ads. You're encouraged to post a 'job' in the craigslist section that may cost anywhere between $10 and $40. Once all set, post in the section Jobs - Customer Service category.

You're told you need to come up with a catchy headline and a description so you'll get clicks.

4. Bing PPC - The module is about Bing ads, at least that's what the members area says. For reference, you can find the lesson 4 below:

This short video only covers the basic structure of MLMs, not much else. Unfortunately, there are no traces of Bing ads, though.

5. YouTube - This lesson says you can bring in leads consistently from YouTube once your video ranks. In theory, that's true, but this module won't help you achieve this goal.

All this lesson shows is how you can add your affiliate links to YouTube video descriptions. To rank a video on YT, it takes a lot more than that. From within the AOJ members area, you'll be asked to join a Udemy course on YouTube marketing, via a referral link of course!

6. Instagram - The section on Instagram is nothing more than a tiny paragraph. It contains a link to a resource, but a dead one. It takes you to a 404 page.

7. Pinterest - Same goes for Pinterest, only a couple line paragraph and a link pointing to a generic blog post. Now that's hardly considered a proper lesson.

8. Getresponse - Getresponse is an email marketing automation service, and can be a helpful tool if you're looking to monetize some web traffic. You can collect leads, and build a list. GR comes with a 30-day free trial, and you can get started with or without AOJ.

9. Create a website - The last module is all about building a website. Fill a form, and within 48 hours, your site will be ready to go.  Here's how the final product looks like:

It may take a while before the website is ready. There's nothing fancy about this website, but you can access different sections like referral link URLs, statistics, graphs, referrals, and payouts.

If you're looking to promote the platform, send the visitors to your referral URL.

The Founder

On the website, there isn't much information on who owns this website. However, there's an email address visible on the Privacy Policy page on the site.

There's not much else available - no About us page, phone number, or company address.

No information is available on the domain registration page either. As you can see, the website domain was anonymously registered in 2018.

The Ugly Truth Behind AOJ

#1 Use of Deceptive Tactics

The program teaches users to spread lies about their income claims just to attract other people.

American Online Jobs recommends you use a slightly value ad post, so the users will have to click on it to learn more. This is a shady marketing tactic which is used to pique user's curiosity. Once they click on it and land on the site, they're more likely to fall for it.

You sure can drive traffic to the offer, and get a few referrals, but that certainly won't be close to $1600 a month. Here, we're looking at roughly $10 - $20 a month, that too if you get lucky.

#2 Use of an Endless Funnel

Similar to Second Income Center, AOJ isn't even a standalone product by itself. It's merely a funnel whose job is to send people to a number of websites.

You will come across a cheat-sheet of money making sites, which will ask you to join them all. The more sites you join, the more money the website owner will make for the referrals.

#3 Income Potential Is Non-Existent

Since all you're doing is signing up with dozens of survey websites, you won't be making any real money out of it.

You sure can bag a couple dollars here and there, but it's hardly a life-changing amount. If you're looking for a proven system to working from home, look elsewhere.

Final Words - Is American Online Jobs a Scam?

No, American Online Jobs is not a scam since it's not even a standalone product. All they do is referral marketing and this website is all about promoting paid survey websites as an affiliate. We don't see anything wrong in it, but it's still deceiving to someone with high hopes of getting hired.

They do offer some basic training on referral marketing though. That's something beginners will definitely love. With that said, it's still not something which we can recommend all day, everyday.

If you want to make it online, all that's needed is some commitment of time and willingness to learn. Acquire the right skills, get to work, and benefit. The process is simple but not easy. Most people don't succeed because of the lack of proper information/guidance.

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