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American Online Jobs Review – Legitimate Job Portal or a Scam?

American Online Jobs is a work-from-home website that claims you can get hired and earn between $600 – $1,500 a week. That sounds pretty good, but is this even legit? Let’s find out in this American Online Jobs Review.

It definitely looks like an online job portal, but it’s something else. In this review, we reveal the real truth behind AOJ. Doing first-hand research always helps since it can help you identify the difference between legit sites and online scams.

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What Is American Online Jobs? is a website that claims to hire people for online jobs. But according to several American online jobs reviews, they promote paid survey websites through them. And they earn a commission on the visitors they send. 

American Online Jobs Main Logo

That’s how affiliate marketing works, you refer people to a product/service and earn a commission on your referrals. It’s not bad to promote products. But at least the website should make things clear – so visitors know what to expect.

The users are not getting hired by a company; they are simply signing up for paid survey websites to make money online. It’s a funnel that will encourage you to sign up with other platforms.

You can definitely make some money completing surveys, but the payouts are not very exciting. The surveys pay between $2-4 per survey and take 10-30 minutes to complete.

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The Process In a Nutshell

American Online Jobs The Process

First, you’re encouraged to join a survey website using the company’s referral link. The referrer earns an affiliate commission when you sign up and take surveys.

Most of the survey sites are not legitimate; the only website we found that actually paid was Radial Insight. Not saying every other survey site out there is a scam, but we haven’t found many that actually pay. Usually, most legit sites pay under $5 an hour for survey completion.

Step 2 asks you to join Online Flex Job. We already reviewed this platform some time ago on this website, and things don’t look very promising. 

The employer wants you to purchase a $30 antivirus software package for you to be able to qualify for the job. No real employer will have such a condition! Not to forget, the testimonials were fake (paid actors).

Online Flex Job How It Works

Worth Mentioning: American Online Jobs, also known as AOJ, features a members area through which you can learn the basics of referral marketing (e.g., promoting survey sites as an affiliate through your own website).

It’s something beginners may find handy, but other than the training modules, we didn’t find anything special here. However, Online Flex Job is definitely something you want to avoid.

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The Founder

American Online Jobs Website Domain Information

On the website, there isn’t much information on who owns this website. However, there’s an email address visible on the Privacy Policy page on the site. There’s not much else available – no About us page, phone number, or company address.

No information is available on the domain registration page either. As you can see, the website domain was anonymously registered in 2018.

It could be a red warning since they are unwilling to share their information or keep it private for privacy concerns.

Because of the obscurity, concerns or inquiries are not addressed by the site’s staff or developers. Furthermore, AOJ does not supply the work and instead refers you to another website with legitimate proprietors. It could possibly be the reason they stay indoors and play it safe.

AOJ may be a cheating website that recruits vulnerable people to complete their tasks. The company’s owners become nameless for various reasons. And they might have nominees to represent them.

The owners are most likely making a lot of money simply by fooling users into clicking the adverts. And as employees, we are compensated with pennies.

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How do American Online Jobs Work?

American Online Jobs Pre-Screening Questions

American Online Jobs is about making money online by doing minor online tasks like completing surveys, watching movies, sharing links, and more.

These sites, commonly called GTP (get-paid-to) sites, are usually reputable. However, as I dug deeper, I discovered multiple indications that American Online Jobs is a scam.

As shown in the screenshot below, before you can begin working on these assignments and earn money online – you must complete a questionnaire. It happens on other websites as well. However, the American Online jobs screening method is pretty strange.

After answering the questions, you’ll be redirected to watch a video before making your free account. As you can see in the screenshot below:

Creating Free Account On American Online Jobs

To proceed to the second stage, click the button at the bottom of the page. When I clicked on it, I was taken to the Members Area. I went there expecting to see a list of online employment. Instead, I was encouraged to sign up for bonus accounts.

Navigating through the survey site, I noticed several paid survey sites recommend creating an account. Although it is not mandatory, they suggest you create an account to increase your earnings on American online jobs sites and other survey sites.

The website states that you are not required to sign up for these websites, but “we highly recommend making accounts with each company to improve your earnings.”

Scrolling down, I came across links to eight online paid survey websites: Inbox Dollars, Toluna, My Survey, Opinion Outpost, Survey Voices, Opinion City, E-Poll, and Pinecone Account.

Create Inbox Dollar And Toluna Account Through Aoj
Create My Survey And Opinion Outpust Account Through Aoj
Create Survey Voices And Opinion City Account Through Aoj

In essence, the proprietor of American Online Jobs earns commissions for promoting customers to various survey sites and other job search websites.

To put it into perspective, they get money every time you apply for one of these paid survey sites and begin working. And you will be asked to do the same. The truth is that American Online Jobs is an affiliate of these websites: free casino games and paid survey websites.

What exactly do I mean? Once you are routed and sign up for these websites, American Online Jobs will collect their commissions. It’s a sales funnel that allows them to earn money from you.

Aoj Training Area Registration

You’ll also need to create an account with American Online Jobs to gain access to the American Online Jobs training area, where you’ll view more movies that will brainwash you into applying to these online business models.

There are no work-from-home job listings, and while the online paid survey websites promoted by American Online Jobs are legitimate, they cannot be considered jobs. I’ve never heard of somebody making a living just by answering surveys.

I’ve also never heard of somebody making $700 to $1,600 per week just by answering surveys. I’ve tried paid surveys before, but you could only earn a few cents to a dollar for every survey.

Given how difficult it is to qualify for a survey, how much time you spend on it, and other criteria such as your demographic profile, online paid surveys will never be a good source of money.

The statements on this website are ridiculous, and you are all let down. American Online Jobs does not live up to its claims of absurd weekly earnings, nor does it perform its function as an online job posting site for Americans.

American Online Jobs – Core Training

Inside the AOJ members area, you will find nine videos showing how to make money online with the system.

The videos show how you can attract leads from people and get them to register under you. It encourages you to use spammy tactics like posting ads on your news feed and asking people via messenger.

This approach will only hurt your reputation and won’t help close sales unless you get lucky. Let’s take a look at the lessons:


It is a basic introduction video that will prompt you to go to the second lesson.

Facebook Training 

The module on FB recommends you join 10-15 targeted groups daily. Once you’re accepted, you can spread the word by pasting your AOJ website in them. This module also covers how you can launch your first Facebook ad. For example, if it’s a product in the work-from-home niche, you must join relevant groups.


This module is about Craigslist – setting up your account from scratch and posting ads. You’re encouraged to post a ‘job’ in the craigslist section that may cost anywhere between $10 and $40. Once all set, post in the section Jobs – Customer Service category.

You’re told you need to develop a catchy headline and description to get clicks.

Bing PPC

The module is about Bing ads; at least, that’s what the member’s area says. For reference, you can find lesson 4 below:

This short video only covers the basic structure of MLMs, not much else. Unfortunately, there are no traces of Bing ads, though.


This lesson says you can bring in leads consistently from YouTube once your video ranks. In theory, that’s true, but this module won’t help you achieve this goal.

All this lesson shows how to add affiliate links to YouTube video descriptions. It takes a lot more than that to rank a video on YouTube. From within the AOJ members area, you’ll be asked to join a Udemy course on YouTube marketing via a referral link again!


The section on Instagram is nothing more than a tiny paragraph. It contains a link to a resource but a dead one. It takes you to a 404 page.


The same goes for Pinterest, with only a couple of line paragraphs and a link pointing to a generic blog post. Now that’s hardly considered a proper lesson.


Getresponse is an email marketing automation service, and it’s helpful if you’re looking to monetize some web traffic. You can collect leads and build a list. GR has a 30-day free trial to get started with or without AOJ.

Create a website

American Online Jobs Affiliate Urls

The last module is all about building a website. Fill out a form, and within 48 hours, your site will be ready to go. Here’s what the final product looks like:

It may take a while before the website is ready. There’s nothing fancy about this website, but you can access different sections like referral link URLs, statistics, graphs, referrals, and payouts.

If you want to promote the platform, send the visitors to your referral URL.

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Is it possible to make money online with American Online Jobs?

It would be a lie to inform you that you can generate money online using American Online Jobs. There are no indications of earnings. Those links inside the members’ section are intended to direct you to some strange GTP sites I have zero trust in.

One thing is certain: the owner will be compensated each time he refers someone to one of those survey sites. I tried my hardest to locate the truth in this American Online Jobs review, so I won’t ruin it by telling you that this could not be a way in making money online.

Based on the evidence, the chances of it cashing out are close to zero, if not a complete zero. Some of those survey sites out there might be legit online jobs. However, you will not be able to generate a big or life-changing income from these survey sites.

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Why Is American Online Jobs Doesn’t Work Well For You?


Actually, it’s very effective – but only for its owner, not for you. After all, it is the purpose of the entire platform. You’re not going to get a job. At least, not the type of employment you expect to find.

When you finish creating your free account and reach the last step of registration, you are led to other survey pages. Yes, apparently that’s the most American Online Jobs can offer – advice to join up to complete surveys.

To summarize, there are no jobs available on American Online Jobs. Instead, the site is a go-between for you and some of the most comprehensive survey platforms. And there are no work-from-home options on the website.

Are you wondering why it’s bothering to promote you to survey sites? That’s easy: to make money off of you rather than for you. Above all, the platform is a website focused on affiliate marketing. Its main purpose is to earn affiliate commissions on every project it sends your way.

Most businesses that American Online Jobs will introduce you to are paid surveys and get-paid-to sites. The owner will get a commission for each firm you sign up for using the program’s link.

Regrettably, the disappointment does not stop there. American Online Jobs will also profit from any tools you purchase after completing the program. For example, the email autoresponder and the Udemy course that teaches you how to use YouTube.

Finally, the only option to earn a good living will be to promote the platform itself.

Do you think you’ll earn anything, considering how worthless it is? Even if you make a transaction, it will not amount to $1,600 weekly – I guarantee it!

The Ugly Truth Behind AOJ

#1 Use of Deceptive Tactics

The program teaches users to spread lies about their income claims to attract people.

American Online Jobs recommends you use a slight value ad post, so the users will have to click on it to learn more. It is a shady marketing tactic used to pique users’ curiosity. Once they click on it and land on the site, they’re more likely to fall for it.

You can drive traffic to the offer and get a few referrals, but that won’t be close to $1600 a month. Here, we’re looking at roughly $10 – $20 a month if you get lucky.

#2 Use of an Endless Funnel

Similar to Second Income Center, AOJ isn’t even a standalone product by itself. It’s merely a funnel sending people to several websites.

You will find a cheat sheet of money-making sites asking you to join them all. The more sites you join, the more money the website owner will make for the referrals.

#3 Income Potential Is Non-Existent

Since all you’re doing is signing up with dozens of survey websites, you won’t be making any real money out of it.

You can get a couple of dollars here and there, but it’s hardly a life-changing amount. Look elsewhere if you’re looking for a proven system for working from home.

#4 Multiple Domain Names

Aoj Multiple Domain Names

Another warning indicator is that American Online Jobs constantly changes domains and names. Scam websites typically do this to conceal the prior scam and confuse newcomers who have no idea what they are getting themselves into.

The screenshots below show multiple versions of the American online jobs site available.

#5 No Job Listings Are Posted

The webpage is deceptive. You enter the platform expecting to find a list of online job listings, only to discover that there is none.

You navigate the website by clicking links to other websites unrelated to online jobs.

What about paid survey websites? What does that have to do with working from home? I don’t think I’ll ever hear about someone getting a full-time living by answering surveys.

I have no objections to marketing other companies to earn commissions. Still, I wouldn’t mind if American Online Jobs was honest and upfront about it instead of misleading and confusing consumers by sending them to other useless websites.

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Pros and Cons of American Online Jobs


Although there is nothing noteworthy, here is information that I don’t believe other sites present.

  • The AOJ website is simple to use and does not need lengthy registration procedures or fees, as other websites do.
  • They have basic pre-screening questions and no tests or difficult exams to pass in order to acquire work.
  • This website serves as a portal to other prominent websites, giving you the opportunity to learn about other sites that provide online survey work.
  • You are not required to make external contact or speak with anyone. All you have to do is fill out certain forms and forward them along to others.
  • Other than your computers and basic internet knowledge, there are no machine learnings or dealing with equipment.
  • The company’s affiliate marketing training videos are useful and beneficial to novices, while others can use them as a manual or guide on how to take it further.


  • They do not have a website with information about them, their address, or contact information. People acquire trust when an owner’s details or office addresses are clear and authentic, especially for money-making sites like this.
  • They do not have a job listing, but you can discover random adverts on social media where they recruit employees. Be cautious of websites that claim to be branches or partners of American Online Jobs.
  • They have two jobs- surveys and referrals or promotions. But I’m not sure why they publish ads and make false promises that they have multiple jobs with extensive descriptions. Unfortunately, we don’t know whether or not the clients will pay you after your task is completed.
  • You will not be able to make up for the large sum shown in the advertisements. You will not obtain your desired outcome. They offer several links that will take you to other survey sites or GPTs (Get Paid To sites)
  • To prevent spam and trafficking on your site, you must get an antivirus. You must get it, especially if you are new to affiliate marketing and will have hundreds of visits every day.
  • Because the training is so basic, it is ineffective for those currently in marketing.
  • The advertisements provided are unclear and lack information such as accurate salary, job specifics, or their clients. The point will become clear only when you click on the link or complete the task.

Final Words – Is American Online Jobs a Scam?

Thumbs Down Icon

No, American Online Jobs is not a scam since it’s not even a standalone product. All they do is referral marketing, and it’s all about promoting paid survey websites as an affiliate. We don’t see anything wrong, but it’s still deceiving to someone with high hopes of getting hired.

They do offer some basic training on referral marketing though. That’s something beginners will definitely love. With that said, it’s still not something that we can recommend all day, every day.

Even if the website does not supply you with work-at-home job listings, you may obtain some value from the training content they provide to assist you in working from home through affiliate marketing. However, because the videos and articles are brief, they do not provide the full information that a newcomer in affiliate marketing would want.

And, so to be clear, affiliate marketing does not create the kind of money that American Online Jobs claims. Yes, it is one of the most reliable and secure sources of income, but it will not provide you with quick cash.

If you want to make it online, all that’s needed is some commitment of time and willingness to learn. Acquire the right skills, get to work, and benefit. The process is simple but not easy. Most people don’t succeed because of the lack of proper information/guidance.

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