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Is AmeriPlan a Scam or a Legit Work From Home Opportunity?

What is AmeriPlan? Is it worth your money and time? Check out this AmeriPlan review for all the answers you seek about the company.

Chances are, if you came to our AmeriPlan review, you’re probably wondering if this is the real money maker or just another scam like countless others out there. That question crosses the minds of almost everyone who hears of this company’s money-making opportunities.

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But not to worry. As an end user, we’re in a good position to share our experience with the company AmeriPlan and help you decide what to make of it.

For instance, is the platform a scam or legit? Is it worth your time and money or not? We will answer all these questions and more.

To start with, they have been around for a while now and aren’t a name many are unaware of. But this in-depth review will help you decide whether or not you should consider AmeriPlan.

What Is AmeriPlan?

Ameriplan Logo

AmeriPlan is a firm based out of Texas that offers discounted healthcare, prescription, and dental plans. It was founded in 1992, and there are thousands of people promoting the company today as a biz op.

This international company has a lot to offer – all the way from discounted hospital stays to dental & healthcare packages. However, you should keep in mind that this isn’t your usual health insurance. It’s more like a discounted healthcare plan which allows you to save some money on your next visit to the doctor.

Besides the discounted medical services, the company has also added new saving programs for members, including family legal and financial programs. However, you need to subscribe and pay a monthly fee to become a member.

  • Company: AmeriPlan USA
  • Website:
  • Costs: $12.95 – $150+ monthly
  • Founders: Daniel and Dennis Bloom

Like many other business opportunities, AmeriPlan also features an MLM-type of structure. Through this structure, members can earn commissions by recruiting people and getting them to join the company through their links.

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How Does AmeriPlan Work?

Ameriplan Review

AmeriPlan has a number of membership options you can choose from. These include;

1. Telehealth Plus

This plan is the cheapest of all the AmeriPlan offerings and caters to your entire household. At a monthly fee of $9.95, the Telehealth Plus plan allows you to save on prescription drugs and Telehealth as follows:

  • Prescription Coverage – It offers up to 85% savings on most generic drug prescriptions in over 65,000 pharmacy locations. You can save on your over-the-counter purchases, mail-order pharmacy, as well as wellness screenings.
  • Telehealth – Through this option, you will have phone access to doctors and pediatricians seven days a week. You’ll also have access to in-office doctors at pre-negotiated rates. And all the healthcare practitioners here are US board-certified.

Here is a good example of the savings you can make through AmeriPlan on drug prescriptions.

The retail price for a 37.5 mg Phentermine tab for 30 days is $117.18. The AmeriPlan price for the same drug is $13.27. Now, this means that you will save up to 88.7% when you use AmeriPlan.

Another great example is the 50 mg Pantoprazole tab. Its retail price for a 30 days dose is $149.03. However, as an AmeriPlan member, you will only use $21.32, giving you a saving of 85.7%.

2. AmeriPlan Dental Plus

The second plan that you can opt for is the AmeriPlan Dental Plus. At a monthly fee of only $19.95, this plan offers savings on dental, prescription drugs, hearing, vision, and telehealth services for your family as follows:

  • Dental plan – This one covers numerous dental services such as oral exams, fillings and crowns, orthodontics, and teeth cleaning. You’ll also get access to over 10,000 dentists across the nation. Plus, there is no limit on the number of visits, services, or age.
  • Prescription coverage – Here, you’ll get prescription savings of up to 85% on most generic drugs at over 65,000 drug stores, as well as mailorder options.
  • Vision – For starters, you get access to over 12,000 optical providers across the country. You also get up to 60% savings on frames, tints, lenses, ultraviolet protection, and scratch-resistant coatings. As if that’s not enough, this option also offers savings of up to 50% when you go for ophthalmology eye exams or Lasik surgery. However, this is only available with certain service providers in specific markets. And if you are replacing your contact lenses, you can enjoy a discount of up to 40%.
  • Telehealth – Here, you have access to discounted prescription drugs and diabetic supplies, as well as phone and in-office doctor services, seven days a week. All the doctors and pediatricians under this plan are also certified by the US board of doctors.

3. AmeriPlan Deluxe Plus

Ameriplan Deluxe Plan

At a monthly fee of only $39.95, you can opt for the Ameriplan Deluxe Plus. As with the previous two plans, Deluxe Plus caters to all your family members. It offers all the benefits and discounts on the previous plans, plus the following:

Hospital Benefits

The main hospital benefits include the following;

Bill Negotiator

This is a dedicated patient advocate whose work is to help reduce the amount of money a member pays as medical bills. They do so by directly negotiating better prices with the member’s healthcare provider. For you to qualify for this feature, your AmeriPlan membership should be active, and the out-of-pocket balance should be over $1500.

Healthcare Navigator

Through Karis360 Advisors, members can find solutions to their healthcare needs, questions, and concerns. The advisors will assist in physician, healthcare facility, and prescription cost searches. They will also help you to get answers on health costs, lab & imaging services, Affordable Care Act queries, and alternative medicine options.

Surgery Saver

With this feature, you will save up to 66% on non-emergency procedures. Usually, an advisor will shop through several surgical facilities (up to 5), verifying prices, quality of procedures, availability, and physician privilege.

Chiropractic Services

Here, a member enjoys the following benefits;

  • Access to over 7,500 board-approved doctors
  • Unlimited visits
  • Free initial consultation
  • Savings on diagnostics and x-ray services, reaching up to 50%
  • Up to 30% savings on various treatments

Ancillary Medical Services

Besides the health benefits, this plan also offers discounts on ancillary medical services. For instance, you get up to 70% savings on imaging and radiography, including Cat-Scans and MRIs.

In addition, there are significant discounts, up to 80%, when a member seeks laboratory services and tests, such as blood tests and lipid panels. Lastly, Lasik surgery attracts around 50% savings with Board Certified Ophthalmologists.

With all these benefits, it’s undoubtedly easy to see that AmeriPlan is beneficial to its members. The benefits outweigh the cost of becoming a member.

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How to Make Money with Ameriplan

Mlm Pyramid Scheme Illustration

Now, here comes the most important part of the topic – how to make money with AmeriPlan business. Well, besides helping you save on healthcare, prescription, and dental services, AmeriPlan also offers you an incredible opportunity to make money.

This makes AmeriPlan quite an attractive opportunity because you can make money from two ends. Seeing how costly healthcare has become, finding a way to save on diagnostics and treatments is always a plus for patients. It’s even better when you can make money from these plans.

If you are searching for a great business opportunity, this might be it. And this is how to go about it;

The first step towards making money with AmeriPlan is by registering as a Benefit Consultant. Here, all you need is to buy an annual membership at $30, which gives you a personalized website and 12 months of unlimited access to your BC (Benefit Consultant) back office.

However, just registering for this stage won’t be enough to allow you to make money. You will have to take the next step, which is to become a “qualified” BC (Benefit Consultant).

How to Become a Qualified BC

Benefit Consultant

Attaining the “Qualified” status is easy. All you need is to buy or sell one Deluxe Plus Plan.

But why should you buy a plan when you’ve already registered as a BC? Well, this is a membership-driven business. As such, commissions will only arise if people can buy and use AmeriPlan memberships.

Benefit Consultants are therefore required to market AmeriPlan money-saving memberships in order to receive commissions. And while it’s not a must that you buy a plan, as you can also sell one to become a member, it is quite easy to sell something you are already satisfied with. As such, the company recommends that you become a member first by buying yourself a plan.

The good news is that when you have a membership plan, you will be earning as a Benefit Consultant and, at the same time, saving on all your household’s healthcare issues. It’s a double-win situation.

Benefit Consultants can make quite some money if they work hard. However, they must remain active to generate any residual commissions and ultimately earn bonuses.

Selling more membership plans means more commissions and bonuses (40% bonus per sale). Also, as Benefit Consultants sell more, they scale up to reach director levels. Here, they will now start earning team residual income (overrides) from team members down the ladder.

In other words, AmeriPlan features an MLM business model. The higher you scale above the ladder, the more you earn from those below you.

It can be a good option for stay-at-home moms looking to make some money working from home. If you’re good with closing sales, it can be something you should consider moving forward.

The AmeriPlan MLM Business Model

As I mentioned earlier, AmeriPlan uses an MLM (multi-level marketing) model for members who wish to make money on the platform. This means that as you scale up the sales ladder, you can also earn some money from the salespeople below you.

However, the MLM compensation plan starts once you become a Senior Regional Sales Director. Basically, there are five director levels you can attain in AmeriPlan company. Here are the five levels and their qualifying requirements;

1. Regional Sales Director (RSD)

This is the lowest director level that a Benefit Consultant can become. You attain this level in the company after you sell six membership plans (products) or enroll at least three Benefit Consultants. However, at this director level, you don’t earn anything from the sales of BCs below you.

2. Senior Regional Sales Director (SRSD)

At this level, you no longer only earn from your efforts but also from the efforts of the BCs below you. But to attain this status, you must have enrolled at least one qualified Regional Sales Director (RSD).

3. Executive Sales Director (ESD)

This is the 3rd sales director level in AmeriPlan. And besides selling the membership plans, you will also need to enroll two or more qualified RSDs (Regional Sales Directors) to attain this level.

4. Senior Executive Sales Director (SESD)

Fourth on this list is the SESD. Here, you need three or more qualified RSD on your enrollment list.

5. National Sales Director (NSD)

NSD is the highest sales director level here. This means that once you attain this level, you can earn money from the sales of all those sales persons below you. And to achieve this level, you must have enrolled four or more qualified RSDs.

Note: The more you scale up the sales ladder, the more money you can make. This is because you will have more people below you, from whose sales you can earn bonuses. If you add this to your income from membership plan sales, you can make serious money.

However, this structure is mainly what makes many people see AmeriPlan as a scam or a pyramid scheme. The truth is reaching these higher levels isn’t easy. And not many people will attain such.

As a result, people see it as if they have wasted their money when they cannot make good money from the company. But working hard can easily get you there.

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The AmeriPlan Reviews

Most online AmeriPlan reviews indicate that these membership plans are worth every coin paid. Many members seem content and satisfied, saying that they have saved money through AmeriPlan, in multiple instances.

As such, most users have left positive reviews, especially about the discounted price that these plans offer. I have also come across several reviews, some saying that a doctor called back to attend to their needs within a few minutes. Now, that’s convenient for the patients.

However, there are also negative reviews. This is especially on the making-money side of the company.

Due to the MLM model of the company’s business, many people are unable to achieve the kind of money they expect when joining. This makes them see the company as a pyramid scheme, out to scam them of their money through membership fees.

But is this the case? Well, the truth is that AmeriPlan can be a great work-at-home job opportunity if done right. But you have to put in a lot of effort to ensure that you scale up the sales ladder.

The company has a 3.5/5 stars rating on This means that more than half of its members approve of its operations.

Is Ameriplan a Scam?

Well, not really. It is not a scam, but it isn’t something with which you can retire anytime soon, either. It can be a decent alternative if you’re looking to make some bucks working online, but it’s hardly a day job replacement.


Many people don’t like how expensive it can be. And if you’re just breaking even somehow on your monthly fee, that makes Ameriplan a bad investment.

However, if you love MLMs, then it’s definitely worth checking this out. If you put in some good effort, you can make money here.

Is AmeriPlan a Pyramid Scheme?

Absolutely not! While some people perceive it as so, this is a legit business opportunity.

People mainly see it as a pyramid scheme due to its MLM business nature, where senior sales directors enjoy the fruits of other salespeople on their teams. However, these two business structures are different.

But how?

MLM (multi-level marketing) business models usually have two compensation options. For instance, they will compensate you for the products you sell and for the referrals you bring on board. Usually, the focus is more on selling products rather than recruiting new members.

Usually, a salesperson will benefit from their referrals by sharing part of their sales commission. In other words, you get a percentage of the sales commissions of other salespeople in your downline.

But that’s not what happens with a pyramid scheme. For pyramid schemes, there are usually no products to sell. Instead, the sales system here is more focused on the recruitment of new members.

In some cases, some pyramid schemes have products. But when they do, the products are usually quite costly to buy. Also, MLMs are legal entities, while pyramid schemes are not.

How to Identify a Pyramid Scheme

  • Pyramid schemes never last long. They thrive within a few years and then collapse. Since AmeriPlan has been around for over 25 years, it undoubtedly exceeds the age confines of a pyramid scheme.
  • Too good to be true. When the deal is too good, always think twice. Pyramid schemes will promise you heaven but never deliver. MLMs, on the other hand, are quite realistic in what they offer.
  • Huge registration fees. Since pyramid schemes are there to reap money from you, they usually have high membership fees. On the other hand, MLMs will have relatively affordable memberships.

Looking at these points, it is easy to see that AmeriPlan is not a pyramid scheme. It is a legit multi-level marketing company that allows its members to make money selling products and recruiting members.

Is AmeriPlan Worth It?

As we said, AmeriPlan is not a scam. But, it is also not among the top online money-making opportunities either. Not everyone is good at closing sales the old-school way with phone calls and with recruiting people.

There are a lot of ways in which you can work from home and make a living. If that’s something you’re looking for, I definitely recommend you check out our #1 recommendation for making money online.

Note: The business model is affiliate marketing, and the sky is the limit here. Taking action is key, and overnight riches are just a myth. You have to put in the work to get the results you want. It’s all about learning new skills and putting them to work.

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