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Appcoiner Review – Can You Get Paid for Testing Apps or Is It a Scam?

Welcome to this Appcoiner Review. If you’ve come across the platform, you might have found it via social media websites. The website claims to pay users for testing applications.

The requirements? Just having a mobile device, even a tablet, would do. Your job will be to test out various applications on your devices and provide feedback. Is this legitimate or a scam? Do they even pay? We cover it all in this review today.

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Doing some research of your own often pays since, with it, you can find legit products that work and also avoid scams altogether. This can help you save a truckload of cash in the long run.

What Is Appcoiner?

Appcoiner is a platform where you can get paid to test apps on a tablet or a mobile phone.

Appcoiner Logo

Once the testing phase is complete, you’re supposed to write a review on the application(s) on a website provided by the company. They utilize various monetization methods for website traffic, and as a result, you’ll get paid.

A few years, the Appcoiner platform was available on a marketplace called ClickBank, but it’s taken down as of late and now operates independently. As per the marketplace representatives, they regularly conduct audits and delete products that have higher than normal refund rates.

There’s a possibility this is the case with Appcoiner. Maybe, maybe not.

Appcoiner App

However, there’s a potential issue with writing a review on applications. To make a significant amount of money, you need traffic, tons and tons of it. Just getting a handful of visitors per day is not going to do the trick.

A visitor has to land on your subdomain review page, click on the get started button, and then make a purchase through your referral links. In practice, it’s far from being considered a cakewalk.

How does It work?

It’s easy to get started with the platform. Simply enter your name, and email address, and you’re ready to roll. It’s now hosted with another affiliate marketplace called JVZoo, and it will prompt you to make a purchase after the first step (below) is complete.

Appcoiner Sign Up

After filling out the form, you’ll be redirected to the product’s sales page, which will encourage you to purchase a membership. It costs $27 to be an active member.

Appcoiner Sales Pitch

Once all set, you can pick an app from the Appcoiner database that you want to try.

  1. Test drive the app on your mobile phone/tablet.
  2. Write a review inside your appcoiner-provided website (on the allotted sub-domain).
  3. Receive commissions when your web page gets enough traffic and you get a sale.

In a nutshell, You’re writing reviews for companies as an affiliate after testing the product and making some money when someone makes a purchase through your affiliate links.

The Founder(s)

There’s no information on the founder(s) on the main website. The domain has been active for a while and was registered way back in 2013, as you can see from the following screenshot.

Appcoiner Domain Information

The company is apparently based in New York and, as you might have guessed, has a global reach. The only thing that’s slightly concerning is that they use a different name in the support section. It mentions Paid Social Media Jobs, and that’s a different product altogether.

Appcoiner Product Rebrand

There’s a possibility the product was re-branded at some stage

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Things You Need To Consider

There’s much to consider if you’re considering Appcoiner’s paid membership.

#1 Dozens of Upsells

Appcoiner is hosted on a platform called JVZoo, and only the front-end price ($27) is visible on the product’s sales page.

Appcoiner Upsells

Most products on these platforms come with upsells/upgrade offers, often more than 3 of them. It’s never a very pleasant experience when you’re encouraged to pay 3-4x more money just for a few additional perks.

JVZoo, the platform does offer a 60-day money-back guarantee on all its products, though. With Appcoiner, here are the various upsell offers that you can grab:

  • 20 ways to make money online ($9.95 one-time)
  • Appcoiner Express Pass VIP membership ($97 one-time)
  • Done for you 50 review articles ($27 one-time)
  • Digital product business program ($47 one-time)

#2 Lack of Clarity

People may have wrong expectations if they make a purchase right after watching the video on the sales letter. In reality, you won’t be making money with every test you conduct, but only with a few of them. That’s because the platform will only monetize the best reviews that you write, not all.

This is how it actually works:

  1. You write a product review.
  2. People have to find it through social media or from a search engine like Google.
  3. They have to read your content and then make a purchase if they like the product.
  4. You get paid (only if they buy through your affiliate links).

There are better ways, though. If you fancy writing, why not help people out as freelance writers and make up to $50 an hour on freelancing platforms? If not, you can still follow your passion and instead build your own website.

#3 No One Does the Heavy Lifting for You

The program hardly does the heavy lifting for you. Hundreds of thousands of people are competing directly on the Appcoiner platform using their own reviews on sub-domains provided by the company.

Man Heavy Lifting

Things aren’t as easy as one would think. You can certainly get some traffic, but it won’t be easy. Be ready to put in the work, and outsmart/outwork your rivals.

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Things We Didn’t Like

  • You can’t get started for free. You must pay $27 for the membership, and then there are a handful of upgrade offers/upsells on top.
  • You’re competing with hundreds of people who are doing the same thing. With this, it’s all about the survival of the fittest. You need to have a strong work ethic, and you should be willing to outwork everyone who’s directly competing with you on Appcoiner.
  • You shouldn’t have high hopes, at least not in the beginning. Don’t be surprised if you don’t get any sales in the first 6 months since the traffic part is anything but easy. It will ask for your commitment, and then again, there are no guarantees.
  • The website offers no help to people who’re new to doing product reviews. A basic guide, even if it were a PDF file, would have greatly helped the members.

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Things We Liked

  • In theory, this process works. You can make a killing doing this, especially if writing content is something you fancy.
  • It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee since it’s hosted on the JVZoo marketplace.
  • If you have some time and are willing to test out new applications, this can make for a decent side hustle.

Final Words – Is Appcoiner a Scam?

No, Appcoiner is not a scam. The website utilizes a legitimate business model, and there’s definitely some income potential as well.

Thumbs Down Icon

It’s hardly easy, though. You’re competing against hundreds of people at once, and if you’re new to all this, you may feel overwhelmed and get sidetracked after seeing no results. To be successful online, you need to follow a proven blueprint; it will greatly save you time.

For the many reasons mentioned above, we cannot recommend this system.

Doing what everyone else is doing and then hoping for success isn’t the ideal approach. Unless it’s a fluke, you won’t get great results. If things don’t go your way, not only will you not make money with the platform, but also waste hundreds of hours used in testing various apps.

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