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Is Auto Lotto Processor Another Lottery Scam?

You might be wondering what exactly is Auto Lotto Processor. It’s a system that claims to generate ticket numbers with a higher probability of winning a lottery. In this Auto Lotto Processor review, we take a closer look at the system.

It looks good from a distance but is that true? It may also be a scam that is out there to rip you off. It’s always a good idea to do your analysis before coming to a conclusion and becoming a part of these programs.

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What Is Auto Lotto Processor?

Auto Lotto Processor

Created by Richard Lustig, Auto Lotto Processor selects numbers more likely to win in a lottery. Instead of picking up totally random numbers, it will pick the ones more likely to outdo other numbers.

If you play with numbers that are likely to do better, you increase your chances of winning and making money. It’s like playing a game with loaded dice. The program claims to work all across the US, and there are some who even tasted success with it.

The best thing about the Auto Lotto Processor is that users don’t require advanced statistical analysis or mathematics. It can be characterized as an automated computer program that assists regular people in selecting the appropriate lotto numbers to decipher the rules of a specific lottery.

The owner, Richard, has actually won a handful of lotto grand prizes, and his win percentage is pretty healthy. He claims to share his ‘secret’ winning formula in his product.

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Who Is The Person Behind Auto Lotto Processor?

Richard Lustig

A lottery method – Auto Lotto Processor Software, was created by Richard Lustig, a seven-time jackpot winner. He made the decision to compile his understanding of what it takes to be a good player with over three decades of experience.

The man enjoys a good deal of fame and respect. He has been on various TV shows, and there have even been telecasts made just for him. He frequently publishes new publications incorporating updated tactics and ideas to conform to the demands of the digital world.

Early in the 1980s, Richard started taking part in the Florida Lottery. And no success was experienced in the first few years. After a few years of playing the lottery, he made the decision to examine the graphs and charts that accumulated data on the most current drawings and winnings.

It took him some time to realize that most of those who had successful outcomes tended to follow a particular mathematical pattern. Lustig too adopted it and started making a side income. In January 1993, he made his first drawing that was actually successful.

To assist those reminding Richard Lustig of himself in his early years is the primary motivation behind developing this online lottery software. Prior to 1993, he had to deal with debts and bank loans. So he intended to demonstrate to players how to get beyond these obstacles using an ingenious sequential numbering scheme.

How Does Auto Lottor Processor Work?

According to the product’s website, the Auto Lotto Processor automated lottery winning software was created by Richard Lustig. He was assisted by advanced game theory experts, statistical analysts, and computer scientists.

The application analyzes prior winning lottery numbers and mathematical formulas. And it uses a computer algorithm to generate new sets of numbers that can be played.

The software development team is made up of no less than three separate computer science graduates, five statistical analysis professionals, and four advanced game theory experts. The Auto Lotto Processor System offers a vast library of past lottery statistics and trends from all international lotteries.

The program has a database of winning numbers from official lottery games from throughout the world dating back ten years when it is downloaded. Users can also provide recent winning combinations from their preferred lottery game so the computer can analyze them. These numbers are crunched by the computer program, which then generates fresh number combinations that the participants can employ in their games.

The programming technique used by this lotto system is unique and can assess 126,000 different number variables. A team that was engaged by Lustig for the job created the computer coding. He has previously created such automated lotto solutions and wished to improve the current sequential numbering patterns.

The patented programming technique can automatically lower the level of randomness and present players with the number of combinations most likely to be chosen. It’s widely believed that this lottery program is capable of producing eight precise drawings over the course of three months.

Auto Lotto Processor Bonus Features

Learn How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery Audiobook

The best aspect is that this lottery system includes an updated edition of the written and PDF version of the book “Learn How To Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery.” In 2013, the book rose to position #3 on Amazon’s list of best-selling self-help titles.

There are also 13 interactive films with Richard Lustig himself, in which he offers in-depth guidance and pointers while elaborating on why he favors repeating the same numbers. Users will discover how to begin with modest payoffs and work their way up the ladder to the big prize. The accuracy rate is 9.5%.

Do You Win More With Auto Lotto Processor Software?

We can only vouch for the product’s existence and availability for purchase. We cannot verify the software’s ability to boost your chances of winning because there are no customer testimonials on the website and no previous winners who have used it to share their success stories.

The Auto Lotto Processor disclaimer page also suggests that using it won’t improve your chances of winning in playing the lotto.

The page suggests that software users concentrate on smaller lotteries than the US Powerball, such as the traditional American games, Pick 3, Pick 4, or Fantasy 5. The odds of winning a jackpot game like Powerball are stated as being 1 in 292 million, which means your chances of winning are 1 in 292 million.

Practically speaking, these games typically have greater odds of winning than the Powerball lottery, but the winnings are also much less. The website informs readers that Richard Lustig won the Fantasy 5 game twice. Even if you merely heed this advice from the website, your chances of winning have probably already improved.

Well… It Doesn’t Work

Auto Lotto Processor Members Claim

Yes, that’s right. Despite all the bold claims made by Richard, there are very few people who had some success with the product. In fact, the drawings in a lottery are totally random. There’s no way one can predict a number and increase the odds of succeeding.

The owner may have won prizes, but it was nothing more than a fluke. It’s all random, and it looks like he just got lucky. There was some statistics professor who even proved Lustig’s formula wrong.


  • The founder is a real individual possessing a special talent for winning the lotto.
  • Guaranteed money-back for 60 days.
  • Outlines a method for choosing lottery numbers
  • This program operates online. Your computer doesn’t need to meet any technical specifications.
  • Its use is extensive. It is reachable everywhere in the world.


  • The only true genius in the strategy is purchasing tickets!
  • Besides acting as a random number generator, the software probably doesn’t use real math.
  • Every time the lottery is chosen, everything is random.
  • Using dubious sales methods to pressure you into purchasing it
  • Customer complaints

Is Auto Lotto Processor a Scam?

We can’t say for sure; there’s not enough evidence here. The formula doesn’t work (at least not for most people); it could be that Lustig believed he won and made money because of some ‘secret formula,’ and he’s just being delusional here.

The formula makes no sense and was disapproved by a professor. Not just that, some people actually purchased the product, and as expected, it failed them big time. For these reasons, some say you should avoid the auto lotto processor scam.

If that still interests you, you’re free to test it out. I just don’t have high hopes for the product. We are definitely not going to use it anytime soon, and we can’t recommend it to our readers.

It’s a fact most people go broke trying their luck in the lottery. That’s because they are looking for easy money, and 99.99% of people never get anything out of it. You can’t depend on chance and hope to be rich. It will never be something you can depend on.

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Does Auto Lotto Processor produce random numbers?

No. This complex and cutting-edge software evaluates the information gleaned from previous victories of numerous international lotteries. The system then generates the winning number combinations for you using intricate mathematical theory.

What is technological expertise needed to use the Auto Lotto Processor?

Anyone can use this user-friendly software because it doesn’t require specialized technical knowledge.

What happens if the software malfunctions?

Before being released, the developers tested the program. Additionally, this software has helped thousands of users win big prizes. Still, you may get instant help from 24-hour customer support if you run into issues while using this software.

What methods of payment are there?

PayPal and credit cards can be used to pay for the purchase of Auto Lotto Processor.

Is there any Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy?

The developers are confident that you will adore this software so a refund scenario won’t ever occur. Still, the organization gives a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the outcomes after utilizing Auto Lotto Processor. No questions will be asked, and you will receive a full investment refund.

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