Is Auto Lotto Processor Another Lottery Scam?

You might be wondering what exactly is Auto Lotto Processor. It's a system that claims to generate ticket numbers that have a higher probability of winning a lottery. In this review, we take a closer look at the system.

It looks good from a distance but is that true? It may also be a scam which is out there to rip you off. It's always a good idea to do your own analysis before coming to a conclusion and becoming a part of these programs.

What Is Auto Lotto Processor?

Created by a guy called Richard Lustig, AutoLottoProcessor selects numbers which are more likely to win in a lottery. Instead of picking up totally random numbers, it will pick the ones which are more likely to outdo other numbers.

If you play with numbers that are likely to do better, you increase your chances of winning and making money. It's like playing a game with a loaded dice. The program claims to work all across the US and there are some who even tasted success with it.

The owner Richard has actually won a handful lotto grand prizes and his win percentage is pretty healthy. He claims to share his 'secret' winning formula in his product.

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Well.. It Doesn't Work

Yes, that's right. Despite all the bold claims made by Richard, there are very few people who had some success with the product. In fact, the drawings in a lottery are totally random. There's no way one can predict a number and increase the odds of succeeding.

autolotto processor scam

The owner sure may have won a lot of prizes but it was nothing more than a fluke. It's all random and looks like he just got lucky. There was some statistics professor who even proved Lustig's formula wrong.

Is Auto Lotto Processor a Scam?

We can't say for sure, there's not enough evidence here. The formula doesn't work (at least not for majority of the people), it could be that Lustig believed he won and made money because of some 'secret formula' and he's just being delusional here.

The formula makes no sense, was even disapproved by a professor. Not just that, there are people who actually purchased the product and like expected, it failed them big time. For these reasons, some say you should stay away from the autolotto processor scam.

If that still interests you, you're free to test it out. Just don't have high hopes from the product. It's something we are definitely not going to use anytime soon and can't recommend to our readers.

It's a fact most people go broke trying their luck in lottery. That's because they are looking for easy money and 99.99% people never get anything out of it. You just can't depend on chance and hope to be rich. It will never be something you can depend on.

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