Automated Money Making Systems – Are They Even Real?

Are you looking for an automated money making system?

Just plug in this system, and watch your PayPal account get flooded with cash. Use this secret software to make thousands of dollars a day without lifting a finger.

We get it, you've probably seen them all and wonder if these exist in real life.

As 'gurus' often claim in the online marketing world, these 'systems' spit out cash on demand, and with little efforts. Do these even exist? If they do, how can you make them work for you?

Today, we answer all these questions, and debunk the myths surrounding the topic.

Do Automated Money Making Systems Exist?

If you're looking to get rich rich quick without doing any work, or without learning a skill - no.

However, if you do have a successful online business and are looking to automate parts of it, yes.

Most of the software programs and legit systems available are more for automating things you're used to doing manually. Things such as sending an email on your behalf via an autoresponder, sending a message via a chatbot etc, can be automated via tools.

However, there's no such system in existence that will spit out cash for you on autopilot. Most of the beginners are looking to make money online without putting in the work, and the so-called gurus bank on this, and exploit people.

If 9 out of 10 people are looking for instant riches, that's their ultimate dream. The con artists use this to their advantage, and try to sell them the dream using emotional triggers.

If you've ever fallen for such a product, this should instantly resonate with you. The sales page of the product promised the world, but the actual product fell short on expectations.

To be successful online, you need to:

  • Invest time and resources into learning a real skill.
  • Be consistent, be willing to set aside a few hours each day, and put in the work.
  • Focus on one thing at a time - commit to the process and make it work. If you try and chase two rabbits, you will catch none.

How These Bunk Systems Work?

These instant plug-and-play systems are created with one goal in mind - to attract as many people as possible. Thanks to the deceptive income claims, it's too easy to fall for these.

In reality, the man who runs the show (aka the scheme creator) is the only person who benefits from this. People want to live their wildest dreams, and will do anything for it. The 'automated' system's creator will get rich at their expense by dragging them onto his/her scam.

These programs usually offer a cheap product in the beginning. Once you buy it, these may continue to bombard you with a chain of offers. On top, you're risking your privacy as well, as these scammers may even sell your personal details (name, address, card info) for some monetary gains.

Some of these platforms also employ an multi-level marketing structure. With it, the people are likely to bring more people onto the system (since they're compensated), and the scam runs itself.

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

If a platform teaches nothing, and is a bit too pushy, it's time you should ditch it. If there's no value surrounding a system, and all there is is the shiny promote button, you know what to do!

Making money is simple, but not easy. You need to follow a proven system, learn a real skill, and then put in the work. The more committed you are, the better it is in the long run.

Focus is also of utmost importance. Stick to the process, and make it work for you.

Final Words & Conclusion

It's definitely possible to automate your online business (or at least 95% of it). Automation can be a life-saver for many, but it only comes after you have a proven system in place.

If you have something which sparingly works, you don't want to automate it since it won't be profitable. If that's the case, you're better off saving hundreds of dollars in monthly expenses by staying away from these shiny objects.

Depending on the scenario, these can either put a huge dent in your wallet or be a boon.

However, automated money making systems don't exist, and it's just a sly tactic used by online marketers with years of experience. As long as people fall for the trap, these will continue to 'exist'.

Unfortunately, that's how it is with the online world. There are a few legitimate programs, some average ones and a lot of scams. Before buying into a product, always be wary of scams.

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