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Is Qliker The Cheapest Alternative to Clickmagick (For Digital Marketers)?

There are very few link-tracking services as good as Clickmagick, but cheaper alternatives might do the job. One of the cheapest alternatives to Clickmagick is Qliker; let’s discover what it has to offer!

Our first choice is still Clickmagick; we’ve been using it for more than five years and can recommend it any day. If you haven’t already, check out our in-depth review of ClickMagick.

One ‘cheaper’ Clickmagick alternative is taking the internet by storm; it’s called Qliker, a new tracking service, and it has the bells and whistles. How does it fare against the older and seemingly superior opponent in Clickmagick? Let’s find out.

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Before exploring Qliker’s offerings, let’s understand link and conversion tracking and its importance for digital and affiliate marketers.

Do you lack the tools necessary to evaluate the success of your marketing or affiliate campaigns? Not sure how many people or what kinds of audiences have clicked on your landing pages? Regardless of how much hustle you are experiencing, we have you covered!

You may assess your good investment return from affiliate networks, ads, promotional links, and other marketing campaigns using the best link tracker software, like Qliker. Here, link-tracking software plays a crucial function.

What Is Link Tracking?

Link tracking makes setting up campaigns for affiliate tracking easier. By supplying targeted landing pages or URLs, these links are produced.

It also monitors the number of clicks generated by certain links on your website or through other means, such as emails or social media. The best approach to gauge the success of your marketing initiatives is to use these links to track the number of people clicking on your banner or affiliate adverts.

The link tracking tool can calculate your conversion rates and CPC. You can also optimize links to maximize return on investment and fraud protection.

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Is Link Tracking Necessary?

It actually depends on your activities and objectives. You may skip this if you participate in free traffic generation methods and would prefer not to know your numbers.

To determine how well you’re doing, it’s still a good idea to track each of your marketing initiatives precisely. If you’re driving traffic to your sales funnel via a paid advertising traffic source, such as Facebook advertisements, it’s a requirement.

A link tracker software is beneficial because some social networks need you to utilize a custom domain to comply. Without a reliable click monitoring system, you might do more of the wrong things, which could seriously damage your finances.

Importance of Link Tracking Software

Using the right link-tracking software, you may get the useful information and insights you need to market your website or webpage over time. It primarily illustrates the connection between marketing efforts and outcomes.

The main advantage of employing these solutions is the creation of a special URL used only for marketing activities. Whether you publish an email newsletter, an advertisement, a blog article, or a social media post, that URL will point your viewers to the goods or services your brand offers.

The link monitoring tool is nothing short of a blessing for a digital marketer since it becomes the portal for potential customers to inspect your goods and services and, if they like them, purchase from you.

Therefore, picking the appropriate link-tracking tool is essential to determining which marketing campaigns will increase your company’s revenue and help you reach your short—and long-term business objectives.

If you search for link-tracking software on Google, it may be tricky to determine which one is right for you and meets your goals. Qliker is one of the best click magick alternatives with numerous features. It can assist you in precisely tracking your links and further optimizing your lead generation, marketing, and entire sales funnel.

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What Is Qliker?

Qliker Logo

Qliker is a new link tracking service, a few dollars cheaper than Clickmagick’s $12 per month, and is just as packed regarding the essential features.

It offers link tracking, link rotators (with multiple links in them), split testing, and ease of use. It has it all – every tool a marketer needs to track their ongoing campaigns.

You can play with pixels and track the number of actions you get while you run traffic to a funnel. This can be useful for determining how well your funnel is converting.

In marketing, it’s easy to get lost. So you must monitor everything you do. When you know your numbers, marketing campaigns are a breeze.

Qliker Dashboard

Some Features In a Nutshell

Qliker is pretty good for the price and has several features an internet marketer needs. It’s second only to Clickmagick, which is superior in every way. If you were to choose between one tracker, get Clickmagick.

  • Accurate link tracking (you can block search engine crawlers/spiders and unwanted clicks from specific regions)
  • Supports custom domains with Qliker (customize your tracking links and make them your own; great for Branding)
  • To block unwanted traffic from custom IP Addresses, Go to your IP manager, enter the IP address, and click on the block button.
  • Advanced Rotators with link cloaking and blank referrers option (so you can mask the referrer where the clicks came from)

Qliker Pricing

Qliker Pricing Options

The $20 monthly Starter plan is made available to you. With the Starter Plan, you get two custom tracking domains, one year of data retention, and 15,000 monthly clicks. You can get 1,50,000 clicks each month, two years of data retention, and five unique tracking domains with the $50/month Advanced Plan.

The Professional Plan offers all the features of the Advanced plan, as well as 1,500,000 monthly clicks and an unlimited number of custom tracking domains. If you want to see if any of these programs will work for you, you may try them out for a free trial for 14 days.

Why Is Qliker the Best Alternative to ClickMagick?

Qliker Banner


Best performance is ensured when managing your clicks with cutting-edge web technologies for quick processing. Thanks to optimized coding and load balancing, the amount of clicks they can process has NO LIMIT. You can rely on their 99.9% uptime promise to keep working without interruption.

Easy Setup

Due to their setup, they can work with any other service export format. The integrated tracking code migration tool determines the URL of your website’s old code that needs to be updated. You may acquire clicks more quickly from numerous sources and follow them back to their source using a simple link duplication technique.

Advanced Features

To monitor links in real-time and alert any issues, QLIKER uses website technologies. With broken links, no clicks will be forwarded to the URL source. Filtering clicks with the opportunity to redirect them to any site ensures transparency.


Your data security data will be guaranteed with features like Content Locking, Real Time Traffic Filtering, and Secure Socket Layers Connection for user control panels. Create an account and transmit your clicks without taking any chances. Keep any bots or abusers from interfering with your clicks with Qliker.


A positive client experience is crucial in the internet environment. That is why Qliker developed a user-friendly website, complete with vibrant Visual Charts to display your click data, easy navigation, in-depth statistics, and simple conversion tracking for any action or sale.


Being aware of your statistics and conducting data analysis can be essential for your advertising and marketing plan. Qliker easily and efficiently enhances your profitability while avoiding broken statistics servers and wasted or unresponsive clicks! They make sure that you benefit the most from every click.

Premium Support

If you have any inquiries, the QLIKER Premium Support team can assist you. You can search the knowledge base for the best answer to your question or contact them at any time via their Qlikr help forum. They are available 24/7!

Team of Professionals

QLIKER’s reputation, dependability, and popularity among its customers are all due to its qualified staff. They have assembled a team with various informatics and marketing backgrounds and prior expertise in link tracking and rotations.

What Advantages Come With Link Tracking Software?

Web analytics tools like link-tracking software can help you better understand how people use your website. They can also assist you in determining the keywords and search terms that are bringing visitors to your website, including the website pages that are receiving the most interest.

There are several applications for link tracking tools, including:

  • It can help you identify the terms that drive traffic to your website.
  • You may determine which of your website’s pages are the most popular.
  • You can determine what material is getting the best engagement.
  • You may examine visitor behavior on each page of your website.
  • You can find areas where you can improve.

Final Verdict

Qliker is a decent alternative to Clickmagick, cheaper, and is not very short on features either.

Qliker used to offer a free account for up to 500 clicks per month.

The features and your budget influenced by your business plan will determine how much you can spend. You can select from any of the top link trackers available online. But if you want us to pick the best alternative to Clickmagick, it would be Qliker.

One of the main benefits is that all the premium features available in other link trackers are accessible here for no charge. All you have to do is choose the free trial, and if it meets your needs, you can continue. Just like that!

However, as time has passed, this has changed. Considering everything, it’s still a decent click-tracking service that you can’t go wrong with.


What advantages does link tracking software offer?

Link tracking software is an essential tool for evaluating the success of marketing and advertising campaigns and the expansion of your company. You do not need to waste your time and effort determining where and what kinds of visits your website receives if you use effective tracking software since you may get ad campaigns through link tracking.

How Can I Track A Link?

You only need to add a URL or the links you want to track to the tracking dashboard after selecting your link tracker tool, which may be paid or free.

It will make it possible for you to add UTM tracking codes to your own URLs. Take the tracking codes moving forward and include them in your website, campaigns, sales funnels, or landing pages. Your tracker tool will start collecting data as soon as the visitor hits that link.

Can I Get Free Link Tracking?

Yes, you can trace a link even without spending a dime. You may track a link for free using services, including Bitly, Google Analytics, and ClickMagick. If you’re a professional and require a sophisticated link tracker, you can choose ClickMagick.
However, if money is tight and you want to use a less complicated, more economical link tracker, Qliker can be an alternative.

Can I use the Link Tracking Tool to track locations?

You may easily track someone’s location with the link tracking tool. It also makes it possible for you to choose the optimum place for your campaign and maximize the finest outcomes.

The finest link tracker software will also tell you the person’s specific location and the device they are using to access the link. The tool’s ability to track how long visitors stay on your website after clicking a link and for fraud monitoring is another outstanding feature.

How Can I Tell Which User Clicked My Link?

You can examine your metrics from one dashboard using some of the top link tracker software for marketers, such as ClickMagic and Qliker. In order to increase sales for your company, it also allows you to identify who exactly clicked on links and which sources are most effective. The best part is utilizing this information to create a fresh campaign that will increase ad networks.

How long is the Validity of a Tracking Link?

Once your tool has tracked the connection, it could not expire for a while, or it might. Your choice of link-tracking software will determine everything. We usually advise using a link tracker application that saves the tracked links indefinitely.

Is Link Tracker Safe to Use?

Link-tracking tools are completely secure to use on all platforms. Use a reputable website that won’t remove the links after a certain period of time.

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