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13 Best Handyman Apps to Make Money

Are you a handyman wanting to supplement your income? Look no further! I’ve compiled a list of the best apps for making money in odd jobs online and assisting you in gaining new clients. 

These applications can help you streamline your company and make more money by managing your calendar and locating new customers. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned expert, these applications will provide various services, such as project management, invoicing, marketing, and customer care. 

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Are you ready to take your handyman company to another level? Then continue reading below to discover the top applications for the job.

Best Handyman Odd Job Apps

This guide’s applications include work scheduling, invoicing, project management, marketing, and customer relationship management. 

However, please remember that these odd job apps may not be the best app match for your business. Investigating and evaluating each app’s features, cost, and ratings is essential to choose the best fit for your company.

1. Thumbtack

Thumbtack Homepage
Thumbtack / Thumbtack

As a handyman, I understand how crucial it is to maintain a regular flow of local clients and to find local odd jobs to keep my company functioning. One method I’ve discovered is to use the Thumbtack app. 

This app links me with possible customers searching for handyman services in my neighborhood. All I need to do is create a profile, input my own rates and different service packages price points, and begin bidding on tasks. 

I can also use the app to communicate with customers and manage my calendar for odd jobs.

What I like most about Thumbtack is that it gives me access to local jobs of all sizes for extra money, from little fixes to extensive renovations. And, since it’s a free app to join, it’s an excellent method to reach out to new customers without breaking the bank on advertising. 

The app’s portfolio feature sets me apart from the competition and attracts new customers. Thumbtack is an excellent resource for any handyman trying to grow their company and acquire new customers.

Who Should Use the Thumbtack App?

Thumbtack is designed for handymen, tradesmen, and other service workers. It is a platform that links these experts with prospective customers who need their skills. 

The application is excellent for anybody trying to expand their company through a job board, locate new customers, or better manage their present clients and work. It also helps homeowners and other people seeking service experts in their region. 

2. TaskRabbit

Taskrabbit Homepage
TaskRabbit / TaskRabbit

Finding employment as a handyman can be difficult. The TaskRabbit app, however, makes it a breeze to find local odd jobs and earn cash with new customers. 

The software lets you build a profile highlighting your talents, expertise, and customer feedback. This information gives prospective customers an idea of your credentials and allows them to evaluate whether you’re the ideal person for the job. 

Once on the platform, you can access different jobs, ranging from furniture assembly to significant undertakings or house cleaning. You may go through the tasks and apply for those that appeal to your own schedule. 

The software facilitates the exchange of products or services, appointment scheduling, and payment.  I’ve been able to locate consistent work and establish a reputation as a dependable and experienced handyman by utilizing TaskRabbit. It’s a fantastic approach for me to extend my customer base and build my company.

Who Should Use the TaskRabbit App?

TaskRabbit is great for service workers with a diverse set of talents and experience with a variety of tasks. 

Handymen who can handle minor plumbing, carpentry, or electrical work, cleaners who can do extensive cleaning, laundry, or window washing, and movers who can assist individuals in relocating their stuff to a new place are examples of this.

TaskRabbit is also an excellent platform for professionals searching for flexible employment and extra cash since they can choose jobs that match their schedules and expertise.

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3. Handy

Handy Homepage
Handy / Handy

After downloading the Handy app, communicating with local consumers has become more straightforward. This app allows me to construct a profile highlighting my expertise, work history, and testimonials from satisfied customers, which all prospective employers can view. 

The program lists various ways to find odd jobs, from assembling furniture to extensive renovations, and allows me to search for and apply to the ones that interest me the most. 

The online jobs app also streamlines customer interactions, appointment scheduling, and money collection. I created a strong reputation as a dependable and talented handyman and grew my company by expanding my customer base via the Handy app. 

Furthermore, the app provides functions such as job management, invoicing, and organizing, which make my work more fluid and efficient.

Who Should Use the Handy App?

The Handy app is ideally suited for repair service providers like handymen. Handy is a platform that links these specialists with people and families needing assistance with different tasks. 

The app frequently requests handymen who can handle minor plumbing, carpentry, or electrical repair. 

Overall, the Handy app is an excellent choice for service providers seeking a dependable method to acquire new customers and develop their company, mainly if they specialize in home repair services.

4. HomeAdvisor

Homeadvisor Homepage
HomeAdvisor / HomeAdvisor

One of the things I like most about HomeAdvisor is the range of services it provides to its users, including lead generation, marketing, and customer assistance. I’m used to working with my hands as a handyman, but I’m not always comfortable with the business side of things, including direct deposit billing and finding contact information for phone calls. 

Thankfully, I can concentrate on my job while HomeAdvisor handles the business aspect, like virtual assistants. They aid me in generating prospects, marketing my services, and making sure gig packages are displayed properly.

Another benefit of working with HomeAdvisor is that their screening procedure guarantees that only verified clients contact me. This extra step gives me confidence that the individuals I work with are legitimate and that the job is secure.

Overall, the HomeAdvisor app is a fantastic resource for handymen like myself who want to grow their customer base and find steady employment. It provides various services that may assist with the commercial side of things and a safe and dependable platform for connecting with clients.

Who Should Use the HomeAdvisor App?

HomeAdvisor is suitable for service providers that provide a variety of home renovation and repair services, such as:

  • Contractors that specialize in remodeling, renovation, and building
  • Plumbers who can work on water and gas lines, as well as sewage and drainage systems
  • Electricians skilled in wiring, lighting, and other electrical tasks
  • Professional painters, roofers, landscapers, and other home improvement contractors that perform simple tasks

HomeAdvisor is also a terrific local area platform for professionals searching for new customers and leads since they can set up a profile on the online job app and be found by homeowners in their region.

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5. Angie’s List

Angie'S List Homepage
Angie’s List / Angie’s List

One of the service’s greatest strengths is that Angie’s List has earned its clients’ confidence. Only verified customers may provide reviews on the app; people can only leave reviews if they have used the service provider. 

This feature adds a degree of openness that other platforms lack. 

Another benefit of utilizing Angie’s List is that it provides a screening procedure for service providers, ensuring that only qualified and dependable handymen are on the app. 

Customers are more likely to trust service providers as a result, and it is easier for me to create leads and discover new clients as a result.

Overall, the Angie’s List app is an excellent resource for handymen like myself who want to grow and find consistent work. It provides a safe and dependable channel for communicating with clients and fosters confidence and openness lacking in competing platforms.

Who Should Use the Angie’s List App?

Contractors, plumbers, electricians, and other tradesmen like handymen will benefit from the Angie’s List app. This app links these pros with potential clients searching for assistance with various home improvement tasks. 

The app is also helpful for homeowners seeking trustworthy service providers who have been reviewed and rated by other consumers. As a result, these individuals will have a better concept of what to anticipate from the service expert. 

Overall, the Angie’s List app is an excellent tool for service providers trying to create a reputation and expand their company and homeowners searching for trustworthy pros to assist them with home repairs.

6. FieldPulse

Fieldpulse Homepage
FieldPulse / FieldPulse

FieldPulse is an all-in-one platform built for service companies that offers several advantages to handymen like myself seeking work. 

I can effortlessly set up and manage appointments, monitor my time, and even send estimates and bills to my clients all in one location using FieldPulse. The time savings alone have made this an invaluable asset to the success of my company. 

Another advantage of FieldPulse is that it assists me in keeping track of my expenses by offering extensive statistics and analytics. With this data, I can better evaluate my company’s performance and make more educated choices to boost profits. 

FieldPulse also has a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool that enables me to save all of my customers’ information in one place, including notes, contact history, and payment history. It’s great to quickly access all the data I need to improve customer service and keep existing ones.

FieldPulse is an excellent resource for handymen like myself who are trying to build their clientele and secure regular business. It has several tools that enable me to simplify my operations, manage my budget, and deliver superior customer service in one location.

Who Should Use the FieldPulse App?

The FieldPulse app is for field-based service workers and small companies offering home repairs, cleaning, gardening, and other activities. 

FieldPulse is a tool that assists these companies in managing their operations, scheduling appointments, and communicating with their customers.

The FieldPulse app is great for service providers and small company owners searching for a simple, comprehensive solution to manage their operations. It is especially beneficial to individuals that offer field-based services and must plan appointments, deploy staff, and oversee task progress.

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7. Jobber

Jobber Homepage
Jobber / Jobber

One of the best aspects of Jobber is that it allows me to keep track of all my tasks and guarantees that nothing slips through the cracks. It also assists me in keeping my team on track so that we can finish all assignments on schedule and to the satisfaction of our customers.

Furthermore, Jobber gives me incredible insights into my company, allowing me to determine which odd job is lucrative and which is not. This data assists me in making better business choices and increasing my bottom line.

Overall, Jobber has proven to be an essential resource for my handyman company. It has assisted me in streamlining my processes, boosting the productivity of my workforce, and increasing my income. 

Who Should Use the Jobber App?

The Jobber app is ideal for handymen since it provides a collection of capabilities that assist in simplifying their company operations and enhancing their productivity. 

The program can support handymen in the following tasks:

  • With an easy-to-use scheduling tool that enables handymen to plan appointments with customers and adequately manage their calendars.
  • A work monitoring tool allows handymen to track their progress on various assignments. This tool keeps them organized and on top of their work.
  • An invoicing tool that enables handymen to generate and submit bills to their customers. This resource allows them to be paid more quickly and streamlines their billing procedure.

8. Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro Homepage
Housecall Pro / Housecall Pro

One of the reasons I favor Housecall Pro over other applications is the ease with which I can schedule and dispatch assignments to my team in real-time. This perk guarantees that my staff is constantly productive and that tasks are on schedule. 

Furthermore, the program enables me to book recurring projects and appointments, which helps me arrange my calendar and ensures I never miss a deadline.

Another benefit of Housecall Pro is its ability to supply me with practical business insights, such as which odd job is lucrative and which is not. This data assists me in making better business choices and boosting my bottom line. 

Furthermore, the mobile apps enable me to engage with my customers, give estimates, and even take online payments, making managing the invoicing side of my company a breeze.

Other applications I’ve tried don’t have some of these capabilities or could be more user-friendly. Housecall Pro, on the other hand, provides a smooth and simple-to-use platform that allows me to simplify my operations and increase the efficiency of my crew. 

Who Should Use the Housecall Pro App?

The Housecall Pro app may be valuable to a handyman since it provides a full range of features to simplify company operations and enhance productivity, including appointment scheduling, invoicing, task management, client management, and marketing. 

The app may assist handymen in managing their schedules, billing clients, tracking task progress, storing customer information, and reaching out to new customers. 

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9. ServiceTitan

Servicetitan Homepage
ServiceTitan / ServiceTitan

As a service professional, I’ve discovered that utilizing the mobile app ServiceTitan has significantly enhanced my productivity and overall company performance. 

One of my favorite aspects of ServiceTitan is its portability; I can plan and dispatch work, handle invoicing and payments through direct deposit, and check my team’s progress from my mobile device. This option helps me to keep organized even while I’m out in the field.

Another fantastic feature of ServiceTitan is the ability to converse with my customers, give estimates, and even take online payments directly from the app. This capability allows me to efficiently handle all elements of my company even while I’m not in the office.

Who Should Use the ServiceTitan App?

Any company owner or employee in the service industry who wants to save time, save costs, and better connect with their clientele may benefit from downloading the ServiceTitan app. 

The app is appropriate for HVAC contractors, plumbers, electricians, other home service providers, and handymen looking for extra cash.

10. WorkflowMax

Workflowmax Homepage
WorkflowMax / WorkflowMax

WorkflowMax’s ability to monitor time and costs is a terrific tool that helps me manage my budget more efficiently and verify that I am charging my customers accurately through accurate data entry

Furthermore, the application includes real-time data and statistics on my company’s performance, allowing me to make better business choices.

Additionally, WorkflowMax has an excellent collaboration function that allows my team and me to exchange documents, comments, and task information, enabling us to work more effectively and ensure everyone is on the same page.

WorkflowMax has been a fantastic mobile software for my professional service company. It has assisted me in streamlining my operations and advancing my success as a handyman.

Who Should Use the Workflow Max App?

The WorkflowMax application will help handymen manage business operations, customer connections, and project management. 

The software includes handyman-friendly features like work management, invoicing, time tracking, customer management, and project management. 

These features will assist them in managing their work, tracking time spent, appropriately billing customers, collecting client information, organizing and maintaining their activities, and growing their company.

11. JobFLEX

Jobflex Homepage

As a service professional, I understand how critical it is to have a dependable and effective company management method. That is why I like utilizing the odd jobs app JobFLEX

This tool allows me to quickly and easily write and send professional estimates and invoices, monitor time and costs, and manage my calendar and schedule. I can also use the app to speak with clients and keep them up to speed on the progress of their jobs. 

Furthermore, since I can access all of my data and documents from anywhere, I always have the information I need while I’m on the move. Overall, JobFLEX is an excellent tool for any service provider trying to simplify and manage their company.

Who Should Use the JobFLEX App?

The JobFlex app is a convenient and all-encompassing tool for managing a company. The platform is aimed squarely at service providers and entrepreneurs with smaller enterprises. Schedule appointments, send out staff, and easily monitor their progress on jobs; this app is ideal for anybody in the field service industry.

This software will benefit anyone looking to save time and energy while running a company or communicating better with customers. Handymen, cleaners, landscapers, and other field-based service providers can utilize it.

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12. TradeTapp

Tradetapp Homepage
TradeTapp / TradeTapp

I can quickly identify and bid on new employment possibilities, contact customers, and check my progress on existing tasks thanks to the TradeTapp app. I can also use the app for data entry to keep track of my spending, manage my calendar, and invoice customers. 

Furthermore, using the built-in messaging tool, I can easily remain in contact with my customers and deliver project updates. 

With TradeTapp, I always have the information I need at my fingertips, allowing me to concentrate on what I do best: providing my customers with high-quality service.

Who Should Use the TradeTapp App?

The TradeTapp app is a fantastic resource for entrepreneurs and small company owners needing a place to find odd jobs and a unified platform from which they can handle everything from customer communications to technician scheduling to appointment booking. 

Those in the HVAC, plumbing, electrical, handyman, and other odd jobs may benefit greatly from its use since it was developed specifically with them in mind.

13. Houzz

Houzz Homepage
Houzz / Houzz

I understand the importance of having a solid online presence to build my company. That is why I like using Houzz

This platform enables me to show prospective clients my portfolio of work and engage with them in ways that conventional advertising cannot. I can post photos of finished jobs, and customers can offer feedback and watch videos of my work. 

This opportunity allows me to establish a reputation as a talented and dependable handyman while distinguishing myself from my competition. Furthermore, I can use Houzz to find fresh design ideas and inspiration for my work by watching videos, which helps me remain current on industry advancements.

Who Should Use the Houzz App?

Service providers looking for odd jobs such as handymen will benefit significantly from using the Houzz app. They can share their work, connect with possible clients, grow their brand, keep up with industry trends by watching videos, and get creative inspiration on the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions are below to help pinpoint the best handyman apps for finding odd jobs.

What is a handyman odd jobs app?

A handyman app is a mobile application to help handymen manage their businesses and clients. These apps typically include features such as job estimates, appointment scheduling, and task management.

What are some popular handyman apps for finding odd jobs?

Some popular handyman apps include Thumbtack, TaskRabbit, and HomeAdvisor. These apps allow handymen to connect with potential clients and manage their small jobs and schedules.

How do handyman apps help with job estimates?

Handyman apps typically include tools that allow users to create custom job estimates. These estimates can be based on factors such as the scope of the job, materials needed, and labor costs. This feature makes it easy for handymen to provide accurate and detailed pricing to their clients.

Can handyman apps be used to schedule appointments?

Yes, many handyman apps include appointment scheduling features. These best apps features allow handymen to easily schedule and manage appointments with their clients.

Are handyman apps free to use?

Some handyman odd job apps are free, while others may require a subscription or flat rate fee. It’s best to check each app’s terms of service to see the costs.

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