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18 Best Survey Sites to Make Money Fast

Paid survey sites! Are they genuine? Can you make good money from them? Well, if you are searching for the best survey sites to make money fast, the truth is that they are available.

However, just as there are many of these legit online survey sites, so have scammers found a way to infiltrate the industry.

🌟 Top Picks for Online Earnings! 🌟

Dive into our handpicked selection of the best platforms to boost your online income. Trusted by thousands, these platforms are a must-try for anyone looking to make money online.

Survey Junkie - Your Opinion Pays!
Turn your opinions into cash with one of the most reputable online survey platforms. Explore Survey Junkie
Swagbucks - Earn While You Surf!
From watching videos to shopping online, Swagbucks rewards you for everyday online activities. Dive into Swagbucks
Lifepoints - More than Just Cashback!
Get rewarded for shopping, taking surveys, and more. Check Out Lifepoints
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Therefore, before deciding to provide your private information on any site, ensure that it’s 100% legit. Luckily, we have your back when it comes to picking the best survey sites to make money.

Best Survey Sites to Make Money Fast

Many of us would do anything to get easy, fast, but legit money. But what if I told you there was actually a way to fulfill that dream? Survey sites can help you improve your finance and finally get out of debt. While there are also numerous scammer sites on the internet, some platforms still offer legit ways to make easy money.

You might not earn thousands or even hundreds of dollars overnight, but with patience and consistency, you can get there. Online survey sites are an excellent example of such opportunities. All you need to do is answer some simple online surveys or complete some pretty easy tasks, and you get to earn money.

But, which are the best survey sites to make money fast? How do you differentiate between the legit ones from scammers? Well, you are lucky to be reading this piece. We have compiled a list of some incredible survey sites here that allows you to make money fast, without too much hassle.

Highest Paying Online Survey Sites

If you are ready to start making some easy money with some of the best paid survey panels, here is our top list:

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie Logo

Survey Junkie always tops the list of incredible paid survey sites you should try out. And if you look at its membership base, you can start to understand why this is so.

Survey Junkie enjoys a user base of over 10 million, putting it among the most popular survey sites we have around. But why is Survey Junkie so popular?

First, its online surveys pay well for pretty easy tasks, between a dollar and $50 per task. Also, its cash-out threshold is among the lowest in the industry at just $10. What more would you be looking for, if not for good pay and an easy withdrawal method?

Survey Junkie started operations in 2013 and has immensely grown over the years, offering the best earning opportunities through surveys.

Once your money reflects on the dashboard, you are free to withdraw it either through PayPal or as gift cards. You should note that its registration process is free and will entice you more with its $10 signup bonus.

2. InboxDollars

Inboxdollars Logo

This one goes without saying! InboxDollars also appears among the top brands in the paid online surveys industry. If you want to make some fast money online, this online survey site is also an excellent pick.

The site is not only legit, offering simple paid surveys and surveys, but it’s also quite easy to join and start making money.

For instant registration, click here and earn yourself a $5 signup bonus. With InboxDollars, you have more than enough opportunities to make easy money with online surveys and more.

For starters, simple tasks like playing online games, watching online videos, answering short and easy surveys, and even browsing through online news websites help you make easy money.

Even better, you can access InboxDollars from your laptop or desktop, tablet, or even smartphone. Subsequently, you can make taking online surveys with InboxDollars, your simple side hassle as you can do it from anywhere.

Payment per completed survey here will go up to $5, and you can redeem the prize once you have at least $30 in the account. Withdrawal methods for InboxDollars include PayPal and gift cards. Read our full InboxDollars review for more information on how you can earn money using the platform.

3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks Logo

If you are searching for a fun way to make easy money through paid online surveys, Swagbucks fits the description. Imagine watching online videos, shopping online, browsing the internet, and getting paid for it! I’m sure many of us would consider this an easy and fun way to make a few bucks.

Additionally, Swagbucks is one of the few legit survey sites whose registration eligibility is only 13 years. This way, if your young teens wish to start making their free time a bit productive, they can join the platform for free.

Whether you’re taking paid surveys or doing some online shopping, Swagbucks always makes the process pretty easy. And, while you might not earn so much money from these activities, they will also not take much of your time. Therefore, the trade is all worth it.

With the Swagbucks survey site, the pay per task falls between $0.4 and $2, and you redeem your earnings at only $3. PayPal and gift cards are the best prize withdrawal methods in Swagbucks.

Simply continue doing your daily activities, but this time, use the Swagbucks rewards platform to earn some money from it.

 4. PineCone Research

Pinecone Research Logo

Knowing that your opinion matters and that it might have influenced how big companies offer products or services can be quite fulfilling. PineCone Research offers you such an amazing opportunity. And, you receive some appreciation for it through a few free dollars.

The truth is, all companies want to stay ahead of the competition. And what better way than getting the customers’ feedback from people actually using the products or services?

Compared to many paid survey sites, PineCone Research is certainly among the best survey sites to make easy money, especially due to their considerable fair rewards.

If you need your opinion to matter while you get paid for it, this platform comes recommended by millions of users using it every day. You also get to use some of the world’s top products and services before the rest of the world does.

The New York-based organization is popular for voicing consumers’ views and opinions, making companies produce services and products that matter to the public.

Each paid survey can fetch you around $3 and only takes approximately 15 minutes of your time. Therefore, if you are in search of an easy way to make money online, this platform has your back.

The only disadvantage with PineCone is that you can’t just sign in to the site. A prior invitation is necessary for those who wish to join.

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5. LifePoints

Lifepoints Logo

Fifth on our list of best survey sites to make money fast is the LifePoints rewards program. The platform is owned by Lightspeed, which is in return owned by Kantar (one of the world’s largest market research companies).

Like most other surveys for money sites on this list, LifePoints’ primary source of money for panelists is taking surveys. However, the platforms also allow you to earn some points through other simple tasks such as testing products or keeping diaries (recording various behaviors including shopping, eating, browsing, etc.)

Most of LifePoints’ surveys will take you only around 10 minutes and help you earn between $0.60 and $1 per activity. However, you’ll have to earn at least $20 to make your first withdrawal request.

The platform is currently not offering any signup bonus, but it’s still among the best survey sites to make money fast.

6. Vindale Research

Vindale Research Logo

Making money with online surveys is pretty easy, especially if you pick the right platforms.

Vindale Research is one survey site that you should certainly include in your list of easy ways to make money online for several reasons. 

First, unlike most survey platforms that first reward you with points to later redeem for money, Vindale Research pays for each task in dollars. This makes it quite easy for you to establish how much is the pay per survey.

 As for each task, you can earn as low as $0.50 to a high of $50 each time you complete a task successfully. Different tasks earn you a different amount of money, depending on their complexity and time taken.

For example, while some tasks or surveys fetch you, let’s say, $14 (electronic surveys), others in fashion might earn you just $2. However, no matter the type of task, you can accumulate a good amount of money if you find consistent tasks and surveys.

Secondly, the platform has a good user review of 3.9/5 stars, meaning that many people trust its operations and offers.

Besides surveys, Vindale Research allows you to make money through:

  • Watching videos online
  • Opening and reading mails
  • Referral program
  • Taking part in polls

The platform’s sign up bonus isn’t all that attractive, but even that free $1 is something

7. PointClub

Pointclub Logo

The internet is never short of incredible opportunities for making some extra bucks. But you need to know where to look. Next on our amazing list of best survey sites to make money fast is PointClub. However, PointClub’s working mechanisms are somewhat different from how other survey sites operate.

With most legitimate survey sites, you complete the tasks first, earn your points and choose a payment method. With PointClub, however, the goal comes first. Here, you first pick your goals and receive surveys and tasks that help you achieve that goals.

This means that you have to be quite specific about what you want to achieve. For instance, if you aim to accumulate $50 as PayPal Cash, each task you get helps you move closer to achieving the goal. And, if your target is some $30 in gift cards, you cannot change your goal and decide to withdraw the cash through PayPal.

We have, however, noted one challenge with making easy money via PointClub; checking your emails is a must daily. Otherwise, you might miss an opportunity and be forced to restart the process of achieving your goal.

Different levels help you earn different points in PointClub. The higher the level you are in, the more attractive the points are. For example, a task that takes you five minutes in the first level garners for you 1250 points. In comparison, a task requiring the same amount of time in level 5 scoops 1500 points.

Higher levels will always attract better pay until you earn 100% bonuses. Sign up here are get your free $5 registration bonus.

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8. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost Logo

As I said earlier, there are more than enough ways for you to get paid to take surveys online. And, we are here to guide you to the best-paid survey sites.

Opinion Outpost is a market research firm, offering survey services not only to the business world but also to governments and public organizations. This means that you have a good chance to land attractive surveys, product tests, and other tasks that help you add some dollars to your wallet.

One major advantage that Opinion Outpost has over many other survey sites is that their rewards withdrawal threshold is considerably low. Therefore, even if it only pays $1 to $5 per survey, you can reach this target fast and redeem your reward. The platform offer rewards in terms of points, with every 10 points equaling $1.

You can easily sign up for Opinion Outpost in three ways including:

The only disadvantage with the site is that their surveys can be a bit longer, with some taking even 30 minutes. However, most of the surveys will take around 10 minutes or so. Your reward is redeemable as gift vouchers or PayPal cash.

Surveys with the Best Signup Bonuses

If you are looking for surveys with sign-up bonuses, these ones are among the best;

9. MyPoints

Mypoints Logo

Right from being in the market research industry for almost three decades and ensuring that panelists are promptly paid for their opinion, MyPoints qualifies to be among the top sites to consider.

In addition, if you are looking for legit deals, this platform is as legit as it can get. Paying over $230 million to its members since 1996, this clearly shows that the platform is a good deal.

If you are a panelist with MyPoints, you are eligible to earn points through:

  • Paid surveys (the main option)
  • Polls participation
  • Finding deals
  • Watching online videos
  • Discovering content
  • Shopping online
  • Reading emails, etc.

After you’ve earned your points, you can redeem them in any way you want, such as:

  • Gift cards
  • PayPal cash or visa card deposit
  • Travel miles

When joining MyPoints for the first time, you are eligible for a $10 free bonus through a gift card, PayPal, or Visa Card. Each survey here earns you an average of $2.5, and you can redeem that reward when you hit $3.

10. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys Logo

Paid surveys are the primary way of making money on Branded Surveys. The platform gives you access to various market research surveys and pays whenever you complete the surveys.

While several platforms offer a $5 or $10 signup bonus, Branded Surveys credits your account with 100 points as a signup bonus. The best thing is that before they start giving you surveys, they send you introductory survey questions to help them know you better.

These questions add another 10 to 50 points on top of your signup bonus for each survey. Also, these initial questions enable the platform to send you relevant paid surveys.

Completing surveys on Branded Survey is slightly different from other platforms. The platform consists of several survey levels, and you scale up the levels as you complete more survey questions. You start at the Bronze level after signing up, progress to Silver, and finally to the Gold level.

With each level, you earn points, with the higher levels offering better rewards. This program is referred to as Branded Elite Loyalty program.

Branded Surveys enjoys a user base of over 2 million panelists and has distributed more than $17 million to its members. So, if you are looking for the best survey platforms that pay, Branded Surveys has proven that it does.

11. Valued Opinion

Valued Opinion Logo

Valued Opinion offers simple surveys and other tasks to its panelists and rewards them for each successfully completed task.

Users love this platform, such that it rates among the best survey sites to make money fast, with 4.0/5 stars. It is a legit way of making easy, quick bucks without worrying about scammers.

The only difference with Valued Opinions is that it only offers one option to redeem your rewards – gift cards. Therefore, if you need cash, look for other platforms that offer PayPal or Visa Card withdrawals.

Each survey earns between 1 and 5 dollars, and with only 20 dollars in your account, you are eligible to redeem the rewards.

However, it’s recommended that you combine several survey sites to increase your earnings as Valued Opinion only might not offer a constant flow of surveys. The platform offers a $10 reward for signing up.

12. YouGov

Yougov Logo

YouGov has over 6 million panelists and counting. If you want to join the platform and make some easy legit money, it’s never too late. Since its inception in 2000, the platform has proven to be a reliable paid survey site that rewards its panelists well for their opinion and views. Even better, this is one of the paid survey sites that offer interesting survey topics that will keep you captivated even as you answer them.

This aspect makes the platform quite ideal for people who can’t handle boring survey questions. Sometimes, YouGov even airs some of the panelists’ opinions in the local news, meaning you might find your opinion being aired if you are lucky – extremely lucky.

For every survey you undertake, you receive between 500 and 1000 easy points. Also, for completing the signup process, you get a bonus of 100 points. The platform is available in over 40 nations, spreading from Asia, and North America to the Middle East.

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13. Toluna Influencers

Toluna Influencers Logo

If you are looking for a way to make thousands of dollars easy, paid survey sites aren’t the solution. And Toluna certainly doesn’t get even close to such amounts of money.

However, if you need an easy way to make a few bucks during your free time, this platform is undoubtedly a good candidate. This is because it offers relatively better compensation for tasks done than many other survey sites, and secondly because it’s among the few legitimate survey sites in the industry.

When doing your research, you’ll come across numerous sites promising good chunks of money, but you can be sure that these promises never materialize.

Toluna has partnered with some of the world’s renowned brands such as Expedia, Coca-Cola, and even Amazon, ensuring that you get to influence some of the most consumed products and services globally. But still, don’t expect to be an overnight millionaire here.

Opportunities that Toluna Influencers offer to its panelists include:

  • Completing various surveys
  • Playing online games
  • Watching online videos
  • Taking part in polls
  • Referral links, etc.

With Toluna, you also have a chance of creating content that can fetch you some good bucks. Such content can pay approximately 50,000 points if it’s quality work. And, for every 95,000 points that you make, you can convert it to $30.

With this pay rate, a few surveys or tasks can fetch you several dollars worth of your time. The platform is accessible to American, Canadian, and UK residents, plus a few more countries. Payment is via PayPal cash or gift cards.

14. PrizeRebel

Prizerebel Logo

With a 3.4 stars rating on TrustPilot, PrizeRebel rightfully earns a spot among the survey industry’s bigwigs. And, a high rating isn’t all that makes the platform worth your consideration. Over 10 million other users like you have joined the platform since 2007.

But, what has attracted so many users to the platform within such a short span of time?

  • Easy and free sign-up process – around 10 seconds
  • A clean payments track, having paid over $20 million to users for their time
  • Short, simple surveys
  • Fast reward system – around 24 hours
  • Payment methods variety – PayPal cash, direct deposits, or gift cards from over 504 brands

It’s available in several other countries beyond the US, such as Canada, the UK, Brazil, Australia, etc. The platform also offers numerous money-making opportunities through online games, referring friends, watching videos, etc.

15. Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online Logo

Talk of old! Harris Poll Online has been in this market research and polls industry for a longest time – 1956 to be precise. This market research and analytics firm has become so popular for its research and polls that it’s often used by international organizations or groups to conduct trusted polls.

One amazing feature of Harris Poll Online is that they have one of the best interfaces, which allows your signup process and navigation when completing surveys effortlessly. All you need after registration is to complete available surveys, earn points, and once you hit a good target, you can redeem your reward as an e-voucher or a gift card.

The platform also enrolls you into their sweepstakes, giving you a chance to win even better prices, such as the $10,000 grand prize. Each survey earns you 15 HI points, with 125 such points amounting to $1. You redeem your points once you hit 1250 points.

Incredibly, you can join the platform when you are as young as 13 years. This means that it’s a great platform for teenagers.

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Other Best Survey sites

16. Ipsos i-Say

 Ipsos I-Say Logo

By looking at its sheer user base, it’s evident that the platform is trusted. Ipsos i-Say has more than 3 million panelists, giving each of them a chance to voice their opinions about different products, services, and societal issues. And every opinion you give earns you some points.

You can redeem your points later as gift cards or even cash. The platform offers an average pay of up to $1 per survey, meaning that it’s not among the best paying survey sites around. However, its surveys are quite short, and you can easily accumulate the required $15 for PayPal withdrawal or $10 for gift cards.

The platform also conducts prize draws, giving you a chance to earn more if you win. Also, it includes a feature that allows those who complete a certain set of milestones to get rewarded with loyalty points. The platform is quite popular and always features in US political polls and surveys.

17. Survey Club

Survey Club Logo

Survey Club is one of the survey platforms with the largest user base, reaching over 16 million. However, unlike other survey sites, this one acts as a middleman in the market research industry, connecting companies with panelists.

Generally, while you need Survey Club to access the surveys, the platform doesn’t host the surveys themselves. Instead, the surveys are hosted elsewhere, meaning that you are redirected to another site once you qualify for a survey.

It offers different types of surveys, including general opinion ones, food surveys, and even buyer surveys. The platform offers you surveys based on your demographics, ensuring that you get what fits you.

To join Survey Club, you need to be at least 16 years old, but since you can’t use PayPal until you are 18, it’s best to wait. Their pay per survey is around $0.5 to $5, and you need at least $20 to redeem your prize.

18. Surveytime

Surveytime Logo

If you want a legit, fast, and constant flow of surveys, Surveytime has all you need. It offers its panelists constant surveys flow, allowing them to complete such surveys anywhere, anytime. 

Surveytime also offers instant rewards for surveys completed, with each survey fetching $1. The pay may not be much, but as I recall saying, surveys are meant to offer a supplementary income source, making your spare time more productive.

Surveytime’s rewards payment methods include:

  • PayPal Cash
  • Gift cards
  • Bitcoin

However, different countries and locations will allow different reward payment options.

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