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Branded Surveys Review 2024: Is It Legit or a Scam?

Are you looking for some legit ways to make money with surveys? Check out this Branded Surveys review to learn just how. Add a few dollars to your wallet with daily easy tasks.

Online surveys present one of the easiest ways to make money online. By just answering a few questions or participating in simple activities, you can easily earn yourself some bucks.

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Besides that, you also have a chance to influence various products, features, and major decisions in well-established companies and brands.

Sounds great, right? Today we take an in-depth look at one of the most popular survey sites in the US in 2020 – Branded Surveys.

Is it just the real deal or another scam of the century? Well, in this Branded Surveys review, we will get to decipher all that in a bit.

Many survey sites promise lucrative money-making opportunities, but not all live up to this promise. And, while the sound of easy money echoes a sweet melody in our ears, we should always be careful where we put our time and effort.

No one wants to waste even a minute on something that won’t deliver its promise. So, let’s review Branded Surveys and see what it entails.

Branded Surveys Homepage

What is Branded Surveys?

The company, which rebranded as Branded Surveys in 2017, started its operations back in 2012 as MintVine. It is an online survey platform that gives users an excellent opportunity to earn money and other rewards by completing simple online surveys.

Simply put, Branded Surveys is a marketing research firm that pays participants for their opinions. Their surveys can include anything from product questions and polls to trial offers. After completing a survey, you earn points, which are later redeemable as cash or gift cards.

The firm has a user-friendly website, “Go Branded website,” where interested users can access numerous survey topics and make money. However, not everyone can join this survey platform. Membership is only available for US, Canadian, and UK residents.

And as this Branded Surveys review will show, the platform consists of three levels. New registrations start at the Bronze level but will increase as they accumulate more credits. You get these credits through completing surveys.

How Branded Surveys Works

Like most other survey sites, Branded Surveys pays participants for survey completion. Once you are a member, you have access to their Go Branded website, where you can access the various survey questions and activities.

Although surveys are the principal feature of this platform, they still offer multiple other avenues for you to earn points. All the accrued points can be redeemed through various methods, as we’ll see later.

New members are eligible for the “joining bonus,” usually 100 points, equivalent to $1.00. You get this bonus for joining and completing the profile survey, and you don’t need any promo code to earn this bonus.

So, how do you become a member?

Getting Started with Branded Surveys

Anyone in the US, UK, or Canada can easily register for Branded Surveys and start making some extra bucks.

All you need is to follow these three simple registration steps.

  1. Create an Account

Branded Surveys Registration

Registering as a user is the first stage of joining the Branded Surveys platform. The process is straightforward, and all you need is to visit their website, initiate the registration, and provide your details. You’ll also be prompted to create a password for your account, as well as accept the firm’s terms of service.

Even easier, you can complete the signup process through your Facebook account. And unlike most other websites, their registration page is intuitive and easy to use.


  1. Complete Your Profile

After you are through with creating your account, the next step will be to complete a profile survey. This one enables the firm to avail surveys that best fit your profile. This is how you earn your first points in Branded Surveys.

The more information you offer in your profile, the higher your chances are of getting more surveys that match your profile.

  1. Start Completing Surveys

After the registration process, which should take you around 5 minutes, you now qualify to take available surveys.  You’ll start getting invitations to surveys that match your profile.

Most surveys here are around 10-20 minutes long, and they will earn you around 100 points each. So, the more surveys you take, the more money you can take home.

One drawback of these surveys, however, is that you have to take some pre-qualification tests for most of them. This is because most companies need specific traits and, therefore, must ascertain that you are the right person for this. If you qualify, you get to continue with the survey, but if you don’t, you get disqualified.

If you didn’t qualify for a specific survey, you’d most likely get 2 or 3 points for the same. But, sometimes, you can receive zero points.

Also, if you wish to withdraw any of the earned points, you must ensure that you’ve accumulated around 1000.

Making Money with Branded Surveys

Although surveys are the main money-making feature for Branded Surveys, you can earn points through various challenges, polls, social media, service offers, and referrals.

But exactly how much can you earn with branded surveys? This Branded Surveys review lays it all down.

  • Online Paid Surveys

This is the primary way to earn points and get paid with Branded Surveys. Most of their surveys take between 10 and 20 minutes of your time, and for that, you can earn around 300 points. This might not be that lucrative as compared to other sites, and thus you need to complete more surveys to earn more.

The amount of money paid for each survey depends on its complexity and duration. And before you can start, you can see how much you’ll get, as well as how long the survey will take.

This means you can opt for those surveys that pay higher rates but demand less time.

  • Daily Polls

Besides the surveys, Branded Surveys also holds daily polls that can also earn you some points. Although not as many points as with a survey, the polls are super easy to complete. You can accumulate up to 10 points for every poll you participate in.

The best thing here is that, unlike the surveys, these polls don’t require pre-qualification tests to participate.

  • Poll Streak

If you can complete a poll each day for ten consecutive days, then you stand a chance to add up to 100 points to your points bucket.

  • Referrals

When you refer a friend to this platform, you don’t go home empty-handed. You’ll earn between 50 and 100 easy points. However, this option is only available for the Gold and silver badge holders.

  • Third-Party Surveys

Besides the surveys offered by Branded Surveys, the platform also allows you to participate in offers from its partners. These partners will pay you for completing surveys, free trials, quizzes, etc.

  • Branded Elite Program

To add to the surveys, polls, and referral programs, Branded Surveys has an even better way to add points to your account – the Branded Elite loyalty program.

The program, based on badge levels, is designed to recognize the quality of surveys and consistency in participation.

As a member, you will fall under any of the three levels – Bronze, Silver, or Gold. The program allows you to unlock more bonus opportunities as you scale higher the ladder.

And, while every member starts at the Bronze level, earning more credits helps you climb to higher levels.

For instance, to move from the Bronze to the Silver badge, you must attain 600 points. And, to get to the Gold badge, you must achieve 2100 points. The higher your level, the better your bonus earnings are.

The main source of points here is known as the survey streak. This means you earn more points for completing a certain number of surveys weekly. For Instance:

If you complete 12 surveys weekly, a Bronze badge member earns a 5% bonus, Silver gets a 10% bonus, and Gold earns 15%. For 20 surveys weekly, Bronze gets 7%, Silver gets 12%, and Gold gets 17%.

  • Branded Leaderboard

The more you participate, the higher your chances of getting larger bonuses. That’s all this program is about.

By participating in numerous surveys daily, you get yourself a slot on the Branded Leaderboard.

You can be among these three categories – daily, weekly top 50, or monthly top 20. This earns you an average of extra 50-300 extra points on top of your normal survey points.

You will also automatically be enrolled in various draws, which can still earn you between 50 and 1000 points.

So, while the regular survey points might seem meager, there are numerous other ways of topping it up to get good points.

Branded Surveys Review: How to Redeem Your Points

How To Redeem Your Points On Branded Surveys

Now that you’ve completed the surveys, participated in polls, and earned those points, how do you get that money? How does the platform ensure that you are paid? Once your points are approved, here is how you can redeem them.

  • Cash

Once your approved points have reached the website minimum withdrawal threshold, you can easily withdraw them as cash. Through platforms like PayPal and BPAY, you can turn your points into cash and withdraw them to your account.

Also, Branded Surveys has a proprietary pay system that you can use in case you don’t want to use these other platforms.

Every 1000 points are equivalent to $10, and the process can take an average of 2 days, depending on the payment platform you choose.

  • Gift Cards

Besides cash, you can also redeem your points as a gift card. There are various gift card options for you, including Amazon, Walmart, Airbnb, Nike, etc. This means that you can choose the brand that suits you best.

Each withdrawal offers you a chance to withdraw part of your points as cash and the rest as a gift card.

And, if you feel philanthropic enough, there’s also a chance for you to donate those points to various charity organizations as you wish.


Pros and Cons of Branded Surveys

We can’t complete the Branded Surveys review without looking at what makes it stand out among competitors and where it drags behind.

To get a clear picture, here is everything you should know.

 Pros of Branded Surveys

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Offers more opportunities to earn points than many other survey sites
  • You can receive cash payments for your points via PayPal
  • They offer a wide variety of gift cards
  • Each badge level gives you a chance for higher earnings

Cons of Branded Surveys

  • Pre-qualifying questions that might disqualify you for a paid survey
  • For you to redeem or cash in the points, you must accumulate at least 1000 points
  • Payments through PayPal might take even three weeks to reflect.
  • Restrictions on membership, with the site only accepting US, UK, and Canadian residents

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Is Branded Surveys Legit or a Scam?

Branded Surveys Affiliate Research Film

The main aim of this Branded Surveys review was to determine if the survey site is legit or a total scam. Also, to understand how it works and how you can make a few bucks through the platform.

Well, based on their website statistics, this marketing research site has more than 2 million users, with over 4 million completed surveys.

Also, various Branded Surveys reviews by various companies show that the platform is genuine.

For example, according to Trustpilot reviews, at the time of writing this article, Branded Surveys is rated 4.4 stars out of possible five from over 26,627 reviews.

They have also made their terms of service and privacy policy accessible on their website.

All these, and more, clearly indicate that the site is working and quite a large number of participants are satisfied.


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Conclusion on Branded Surveys Review

If you’ve been searching for an easy way to make money with surveys, Branded Surveys might be just the right answer. It is easy to join and offers numerous opportunities to earn points.

And, although their surveys might not be the best-paying in the market, they have a wider scope of opportunities to help you accumulate those points.

If you have some uncertainty, this Branded Surveys review gives you everything you need to eliminate doubts. It is a legit survey-for-money site that you should try out.

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  • Offers a Wide Variety of Gift Cards
  • Chance for Higher Earnings
  • Cash Payments for Your Points via PayPal


  • Restrictions on membership
  • Pre-Qualifying Questions
  • Slow Payment process
  • Limitation for Redeem or Cash in the Points