Brave Browser Review – Can You Make Money With It? [2020]

Did you come across a newly launched web browser called Brave? It claims you will not only enjoy the browsing experience but also make money at the same time for surfing.

Is Brave Browser legit or a scam? In this review, we will share the things you need to know before you get started. Just to get you a sneak peek, this review will also cover the much coveted rewards feature of the platform.

Brave Browser - An Overview

Brave is a new web browser that was launched in Early 2018. As per the team, the browser is secure, has unmatched speed and security thanks to it blocking unnecessary trackers.

It's a well-known fact some companies do sell user data for a premium. This is where Brave sort of steps in, they are transparent with how they intend to operate. The company claims you can take back control of your data which should only belong to you.

Brave also sports a feature called the Brave Shield. With it, you can automatically block/filter data-grabbing trackers and ads. These are often used to track your activities and every action you take. Brave claims they can block it all, and transfers the control back to you.

It also comes with a feature called Tor which will not only hide your history from the browser in incognito, but also mask your location. This is to maximize anonymity which is an internet surfer's ultimate dream. We don't know about you, but to us, privacy is of utmost importance.

Now, let us be a bit more specific. Since we love business opportunities and are the ultimate biz op seekers, this review will be focused around the monetization side of things (aka the income potential). Is it just a gimmick or do they actually pay for surfing the internet?

(Available on Windows, MacOS and Linux)

Brave Rewards

With Brave rewards, you can earn rewards by toggling an on/off switch for privacy-respecting ads. In other words, you would be supporting non-intrusive ads and get paid in return. If you do happen to click on some ads which catch your interest, this could be a great way to make money.

The earning potential isn't huge, but it's still a lot better than dozens of junk survey websites we've reviewed on our website. With Brave rewards, you're not really required to take specific actions like with surveys and you'd definitely get paid.

The Brave website claims you can soon use the tokens on premium content, gift cards and more. You will be earning rewards in the form of BAT (Basic Attention Token) which is a cryptocurrency. You can either have the tokens or sell them for cash by converting them to Bitcoin first.

In case you wondered what's the value of a Basic Attention Token, you can take a look here at coinmarketcap. Simply set the number of ads you'd like to view as per your preference, view them and earn rewards like clockwork.

What Others Are Saying

Most people (and companies) are having a great time with the freshly launched Brave Browser. Here are a few testimonies:

You may have noticed Brave is backed by giants like Wired, The Verge and CNET. It's honestly that good. We currently use two browsers - Brave on desktop and Chrome on mobile. The user experience on Brave is identical to Chrome if that says something about its quality!

Final Words

That brings us to the conclusion of this quick review on Brave Browser. Should you download it? Well, why not? It's totally free to download so there's no risk here. If that's not enough, make sure you take a note of the following.

It's backed by some big names in the industry. Second, it comes with features that are not seen with many browsers. Tor, Brave Shield, Brave Rewards to name a few. The browsing speed is also second to none thanks to the automatic tracker blocking/filtering.

In a nutshell, if privacy is of importance of you, we don't see a reason why you would not use it. Lastly, our favorite feature - Brave rewards. You can make money with it. We agree, it's definitely not life-changing or anything, but who wouldn't want to make a few dollars doing nothing?

Would you not take it? We would - all day, every day!

(Available on Windows, MacOS and Linux)

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