Is BTC Clicks a Legit Cryptocurrency Biz Op or a Scam?

Bitcoin is taking the world by storm and has gathered attention from some of the richest people in the world. In the last decade, bitcoin's value skyrocket and touched an all time high of 20,000 USD in January 2018. It's very volatile but can also be very rewarding at the same time.

There are a handful of business opportunities around which say they can help you earn a passive income with bitcoin. It's very important to do some research on biz ops which you may be considering joining to avoid getting scammed.

In 2018, USI Tech (a bitcoin business opportunity) robbed a lot of innocent people, you don't want to be joining something which screams ponzi from a distance. BTC Clicks is one of them - is it legit or another crypto scam like USI Tech/bitconnect? Read on to discover the ugly truth behind the infamous biz op.

What Is BTC Clicks?

BTC clicks is a paid to click website where you can earn in bitcoins watching 10-20 second video ads (from start to finish).

BTCclicks pays you for every ad you view on the site. The earning potential, however is very limited like with any other PTC websites. If recruiting people is your thing, you can also refer people to the website and earn affiliate commissions.

How It Works

Once your account is set up, you will see an 'earner' badge once you log in. To check out the available ads for you to view, click on the  'Surf Ads' button. There's a 25 ad limit in a day.

You will get between 0.00002 - 0.00003 bitcoins per ad which translates to around a penny in US Dollars as of right now which is pretty insignificant. The payments are sent out once you cross a threshold of 0.1 bitcoin and it will take you forever to reach there.

They have a premium membership which allows you to earn more bitcoin watching ads but it isn't the best deal which you'll find since the membership costs a lot more than what you're receiving from the website. You'll only end up losing more money in the end.

Is BTC Clicks a Scam?

BTC clicks is not IS a scam. It looks like a legitimate PTC site with which you can make some bitcoin by watching ads. However, the amount is very insignificant and is not worth your time since you won't make any real money with it. You're better off spending your time elsewhere.

UPDATE: A few of our readers reached the payment threshold but as soon as they tried to withdraw funds, their accounts were suspended.


BTC Clicks definitely is a scam, and you want to stay away from it! They make it look like you'll make money watching ads (and you do as per the dashboard). In reality, you don't.

Once you try to withdraw your bitcoin, it will come up with a lame excuse/ban you/suspend your account and you won't see that coming!

Looks like it's yet another ponzi scheme out there and is on the look for gullible people. Better not fall for the trap or you may regret it later. In general, anything that promises the world (get rich quick, no work, no money required) is an instant RED flag.

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