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Can You Really Make Money Online Doing Surveys?

Online surveys have been branded as among the easiest ways to make money online. But is this claim a fact? Can you really make money online doing surveys, or is it a scam?

The short answer to this is yes – you can really make money online doing surveys. But with the Internet today, it can be difficult to find out which survey sites are scams and which actually earn you money without trial and error.

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Now, thanks to us here at Work From Home Reviews, you don’t have to go searching!

We not only offer you a list of tested and passed online survey sites, but also incredible tips on how to make actual money with online surveys.

So, how can you really make money online doing surveys? Well, first things first, you must determine if you are dealing with a genuine site or a scam.

How Can You Tell If A Survey Site Is A Scam?

To the novice Internet user, or someone trying to earn money by taking surveys for the first time, it can be easy to fall into a scam. Even experienced survey takers can fall for the promise of earning a lot of money in an extremely short amount of time.

The first step to deciding whether or not a survey site is a scam is whether or not you have to pay for your membership. Very rarely will a reputable survey site make you pay to take their surveys. After all, isn’t that defeating the purpose of you earning money?

The second step is to look at how this survey site found you or how you found them. If you found them through spam in your email, they’re almost assuredly a scam survey site.

If you found them with a high rating on Work From Home Reviews, then you’ve found a survey site that can help you earn some extra cash each day.

Finally, if a survey website you go to claims that you can make thousands just in your first week, you might want to turn around immediately. Websites who claim big bucks for hardly any time at all are trying to trick you, and you’ll only get scammed out of your own money this way.

In order to stay away from the sites that scam you, it’s recommended that you use Work From Home Reviews’s rating scale to find the top survey websites and which fit you the best.

What Are A Few Of The Best Survey Sites?

Work From Home Reviews’s top recommended sites are the best out there for earning you money for performing surveys.

Here are a few at the top of the list:

Want to Make Money Online?

  • Survey Junkie: The world's largest survey site to make extra cash. Try Now for Free
  • Lifepoints: Answer questions about what matters most in life and earn free gift cards along with it! Claim Your Bonus
  • Swagbucks: Get started with your points today by shopping online, playing video games or searching the web. Claim Your Bonus

No matter which site you choose or how you decide whether it’s a scam or not, it is possible to earn money by taking surveys online.

And when you’re in need of help or are out of survey websites to try, Work From Home Reviews has an extensive list of all the survey sites that are most assuredly not scams.

But does anyone actually make money from online surveys?

Let’s go through this together.

How to Actually Make Money from Online Surveys

Surveys For Money

Although making money online with surveys sounds pretty easy and fascinating, it can be a tricky affair if you don’t know how to go about it.

Right from wasting a lot of time filling surveys that will never be paid, to getting scammed of your hard-earned cash, several things can go wrong.

Today we are determined to put everything about online surveys into the open and make it easy for you to earn some good money.

So, how do survey sites work, and how can you easily make money through them?

In essence, genuine survey sites collect data from consumers, data which companies and brands use to better their offerings. The survey sites are paid for this data, and in return, share the income with their panelists.

Through your genuine feedback, companies can alter their products and services to fit consumers’ needs, and you earn from that.

There are various online surveys that pay cash, but others reward your efforts through gift cards and other rewards.

Tips for Making Money Online with Surveys

So, how can you really make money online doing surveys? Here is how:

  • Identify a genuine site to register with: Getting the right survey company is the first and most crucial step. This will ensure that you don’t waste either your time or money. At Work From Home Reviews, we have prepared a well-researched list of the top 25 survey sites that you can try out.
  • Sign up and create a profile: Once you find a good company, sign up with them, and carefully complete your profile. Make sure the profile survey is exhaustively answered, as that’s what determines what surveys you receive. A properly filled profile can help you receive more surveys.
  • Get surveys: Most companies will send you the surveys via email, while others will also allow you to pick surveys from their websites. Targeted surveys are mostly ready to answer, while others might require you to complete a pre-qualification test.
  • Complete surveys. Once you receive the survey questions, answer them carefully, and submit them. Some surveys will include simple multiple-choice questions, while others will need more elaborate answers.
  • Earn your rewards: For every survey questionnaire you complete, you receive either points or cash rewards. Many companies will also allow you to redeem them either as gift cards or cash. Some can also decide to include you in sweepstakes and draws, where you can win even more rewards.

Sounds doable, right! While some companies will have a slightly different approach, it’s never too complicated.

Remember that apart from surveys, these companies have other exciting tasks you can complete for money. For example, picture getting paid to watch videos, play games, or even to browse. These platforms offer you a chance to earn money while still having fun.

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Can You Really Make Money Online Doing Surveys: How Much? 

Now that you know how to make money online from surveys, how much can you actually make? Can surveys be your main source of income?

Well, one thing I always say, genuine paid surveys cannot turn you into an overnight tycoon. Also, income from online surveys should always supplement your main hustle, not the other way round.

Paid surveys should be a way to make your free time more productive.

While some survey sites can earn you some good cash, and some people claim to be living off paid surveys earnings, I would recommend that you make this a side hustle.

But, exactly how much can you make doing surveys for money?

Paid survey companies reward their panelists differently. This means that some sites will make you more money than others. For instance, most paid surveys range from something below a dollar to even more than $20 bucks.

Since most of these surveys take just a few minutes to complete, it means that you can do several in a day, if they are available. With a platform like Swagbucks, which is one of the best paying survey sites around, some people are making up to $100 a month.

There have also had a few cases of people who have made even $1000.

Paid surveys are an excellent way to get that extra cash you want to cater for minor expenses or even plan for your next vacation. Also, since some companies will require you to test products, you can enjoy a wide range of free products ranging from household to personal care products.

Also, companies that enter your name for sweepstakes gives you a chance to make even more money if you win. Imagine walking away with a grand prize of even $100,000, which some survey sites offer.

This is definitely some sweet cash.

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Protecting Yourself During Online Surveys

When it comes to online ventures, taking caution is a must. These survey sites request tons of data from you, most of which might be quite personal. They will need personal information such as your age, gender, household income, address, place of work, etc.

If this information falls into the wrong hands, you never know what can happen. That’s the reason why you need to protect yourself.

But how do you protect yourself when you have no control over where your information goes?

I’ll give you some crucial tips for this:

  • First, only deal with legit survey companies: Join survey sites that have passed the legitimacy test, as mentioned earlier. We have given you a list of the best sites, but you can also research more. For any site not on our list, ensure that you conduct in-depth research before you give out any details.
  • Always check the company’s privacy policy: This will guarantee you that your information won’t be sold to any third party.
  • Avoid opening spam emails: Since you might receive numerous emails for survey invites, always make sure that you know who you are dealing with. Only open emails you are sure with.
  • Avoid survey sites that request money to register: Genuine sites pay you for your reviews and feedback. Why then should they request a prior payment? It doesn’t make any sense, right!
  • Keep your social security number to yourself: At no single time should you ever provide your social security number on a survey site. Also, don’t give full bank details. Most survey sites pay via gift cards or PayPal.

If you strictly stick to these five tips, you can comfortably make money from home, taking online surveys without worry.

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