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Is CB Automator Any Good for Creating Affiliate Websites? Here’s a Full Review

Affiliate marketing is one of the more promising business models for making money online. It has only grown in popularity over the last decade. There’s no need to have a product inventory; simply promote other people’s products and receive handsome commissions on your sales.

There are many ways to market a product; some people prefer paid traffic, and some prefer free traffic and having a blog. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS for creating websites; it powers more than 25% of websites from all over the world.

A newly launched software called CB Automator is taking the internet by storm. It claims you can set up affiliate websites (with complete product reviews) within 60 seconds. How good is it? Is it a scam or legitimate? In this review, we review the plugin and share what you should know.

What is CB Automator?

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CB Automator is a WordPress plugin launched by Ankur Shukla that claims to create affiliate websites from scratch within 60 seconds. It also says you can make up to $1,200 a week online on autopilot for promoting ClickBank products and it doesn’t require any effort on your behalf.

There’s no need to be a web designer, no need to write content, no need to do product research, no need to find the right keywords, nothing at all. When we found the product and researched it, it was quite clear it was just some junk among many others.

You sure can create affiliate websites in 60 seconds but the part that says make money with no efforts – that’s a little too deceiving, and we can guarantee you’d struggle to make a dime with it, let alone thousands of dollars.

According to the creator, this is what the plugin can do:

  • Automated product selection from the CB marketplace (the ones with high gravity and good conversion rates)
  • Automated content creation
  • Automated insertion of affiliate links
  • Each review will have done-for-you graphics, images, and videos
  • All this will be done within 60 second

Here’s The Catch

Suppose it can generate hundreds of review articles for over 3000 products from over 22 categories within 60 seconds. Why do you think people put in hours and hours of research, write manual reviews, and not use this software?

The reason is simple – software won’t write an article; it will search for articles from expired domains, copy content from other sites, or scrape from article directories and re-write it with a text spinner (a black hat content tactic) and spit it out. 

That’s your high-quality article right there if that gives you an idea of how good it can be. It may be unique and readable to search engine spiders who crawl your website for indexing but barely readable for human visitors who are supposed to buy from you.

The generated article would probably also contain references to videos and images, which may be someone else’s property. You don’t want to be issued a DMCA notice, do you?

If you know about SEO, you will instantly know these tactics don’t work anymore, and it will only waste your time. Even if you create hundreds of articles in minutes, how will you get traffic to them? To get traffic to your website(s), you must have high-quality content, which is considered important by Google for it to rank. If you don’t rank, no one will ever see it. 

You will have a hard time making $10; don’t have high hopes yet!

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The Testimonials

The testimonials are not from real users but from other product vendors who support each other’s launches. As we mentioned before, you can definitely create affiliate websites and reviews within 60 seconds, but as far as monetizing goes, forget about it. 

The content you write with this plugin won’t rank anyway (so any money!), and if it copies content from other sites (which it did), you might also get a duplicate content Google penalty. If you just want a good-looking website with many reviews, grab the plugin.

Cb Automator Reviews

The Plugin Installation

The installation is very simple and straightforward. Just upload the plugin, activate it, and you’re ready to go.

Cb Automator Plugin Installation

Once done, head over to the plugin settings add your Clickbank affiliate ID, and select the number of posts you want the plugin to generate per day.

The plugin works as intended and is easy to use, and we didn’t find any issues with it except for the practicality part. It will do everything as claimed but help you make money, defeating the purpose in the first place. We don’t think anyone would launch a WP website and install the plugin only to get a good-looking website with a handful of useless reviews.

Can You Make Money With It?

No, you can’t. Plain and simple. Having a good website and a set of reviews is one thing; monetizing is a different ball game. For example, if you have the best-tasting burger in the world, but no one knows about it except you and your family, we can bet you won’t be outselling McDonald’s anytime soon.

If you want to sell something, people must know about your product and actually like it. If they can’t find you through Google search, getting sales through these ‘bot-generated’ reviews will stay a dream.

It’s funny how the sales page only talks about making money and getting sales. Except for the quick 1-minute website creation, which some people may like, we didn’t find anything with CBAutomator worthy of a mention. The way the program is promoted is very deceiving and promises instant riches, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Is CBAutomator a Scam?

No, it can’t be considered a scam. The software is legitimate and creates legitimate reviews but miserably falls short when you expect it to bring you some affiliate commissions, which is probably why you may be considering a purchase.

If you’re wondering, we do have our affiliate link for the product because we tested it (like we test hundreds of other products), but we won’t recommend it to the readers. We don’t find it worthy of your time and can’t recommend something just because it could make us a quick buck!

If you want to learn more about creating and monetizing a website, there are legit ways to do it. Our top recommended training teaches just that and has helped hundreds of people create realistic 5-figures online (no scam, no rented apartments, and Lamborghinis here, just the truth!) Definitely check it out if that sounds like something you’re interested in.

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