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CB Passive Income Review – Can You Earn 24/7 With It or Is It a Scam?

How would you like to have someone else do the heavy lifting on your behalf and help you make money online? That’s what Patric Chan claims to do if you purchase his product CB Passive Income. Is it legit or a scam? That’s what we’ll cover in this review.

More often than not, products that claim to make your life easier by claiming to provide push-button systems turn out to be scams. Is CB Passive Income an exception? Read on to find out.

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What Is CB Passive Income?

CB Passive Income as the name suggests is a product created by Patric Chan which can help you earn some dough online. If you didn’t know Patrick is a well-known speaker and an author, that’s some credibility right there.

However, the ‘automated system’ claims scream scam because of the promises it makes. The product’s 1.0 version was launched in 2013, and it covered various aspects of affiliate marketing and email marketing. The product’s popularity leads to various updates, and now it’s at 5.0.

Also known as CBPI, it focuses mainly on selling ClickBank products as an affiliate to earn commissions. The product’s sales page makes a lot of bold claims. You don’t have to write any content, no membership website is needed, and no sales letter needed to name a few.

It goes on to say you don’t even have to put in the work. Here’s one (it looks a little shady):

Cb Passive Income Sales Pitch

Image source: CB Passive Income Salespage

We were confused the first time we saw these hyped-up promises. Patric is a household name in the industry, and we weren’t sure why he would use a lot of ‘false hype’ to sell his product. He has testimonies from leaders in the space – ClickFunnels’ CEO Russell Brunson is one of them.

Meeting At Clickbank's Hq
Patric @ ClickBank’s HQ in Boise, Idaho

He was also invited to ClickBank company’s headquarters for a reason (his skills as an affiliate). When you factor in all this stuff, it’s only natural to have high hopes for the product. Unfortunately, it falls short in a lot of departments. We’ll throw some light on that shortly.

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The Product

CB Passive Income has seen various updates in the last few years since its inception.

  • 2013: launch of 1.0
  • 2014: launch of 2.0
  • 2015: 3.0 launched
  • 2017: CB Passive Income 4.0
  • 2019: 5.0 version launch

With these updates, the product saw a handful of brand-new modules added to the system. More training material, resources/supplementary material, and tools were added to the program. In the third update, a bunch of new landing pages was added, for example.

The fourth update (version 4.0) introduced the Click-to-optin feature which is best used on Facebook’s paid advertising platform. Tap a button, and an account will immediately be connected to the list.

From pre-built landing pages to opt-in bait (a less sophisticated name for lead magnet) to sample email templates, the system has a lot to offer. Once the lead capture page is connected to your email marketing platform, you can send emails to your subscribers.

Income Potential

There’s an upper limit with earnings on this one. Now, don’t get us wrong – affiliate marketing can be very rewarding if done right. However, most methods taught in this course are either too saturated or obsolete (they don’t work anymore).

The product says it works for you because it’s more of an automated toolkit for starting and growing your business online. If you inspect the tools closely, it’s more for lead gen, and it’s somewhat identical to Power Lead System (also known as PLS).

Not sure how email marketing works? The step-by-step process can be implemented by anyone:

  • Send visitors (traffic) to your landing page/funnel.
  • Collect the visitors’ emails by offering a lead magnet
  • Build a relationship with your audience by giving away free value via e-mail newsletters
  • Send advertising emails from time to time promoting products and making money when someone purchases through your link(s).

The system takes care of everything, but the owner suggests you’ll have to take care of the first step – driving traffic. This is often the hardest step for many because sending traffic to your web properties is no easy feat.

You will either have to have a fat wallet to invest in paid advertising or invest in organic traffic training. If you take care of the traffic part, there are many programs way cheaper than CBPI which can do the trick for you and take care of the automation.

If you’d like to master the first step (getting traffic), you should check out our top recommendation instead. It’s best suited for beginners and intermediate-level marketers alike. It’s often best to learn from training and then put them to use independently instead of relying on a platform.

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Training & Resources

The system does offer traffic training, but it’s rudimentary at best. It certainly can help you get started but won’t really get you ‘leads.’ Some tactics are also obsolete, and they are no good as of this writing. Some of the traffic generation methods include:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Solo ads
  • Guest posting
  • Social media marketing (SMM)
  • YouTube

Most of the tactics taught are useless and are readily available for free on various YouTube videos. Instead of being a jack of all trades, it’s better to be a master of some when it comes down to generating traffic to your website(s).

The company does sport a physical office and has support staff. You will have 24/7 access to email support (expect replies within 48 hours at best). There’s no active Facebook group either.

Verdict: Is CB Passive Income a Scam?

We have a mixed bag of feelings about CB’s Passive Income. It definitely is NOT a scam. However, it’s not the best ‘bang for the buck product either. It offers basic training on email marketing and affiliate marketing principles, but don’t expect too much from the platform.

It does come with a 60-day money-back guarantee because the product is hosted on ClickBank. CB offers a 60-day guarantee on every product it hosts; it’s more of an advantage because of the marketplace. With CBPI, you’re sort of locked to a category/niche since it puts so much emphasis on promoting CB products. Not the best thing, right?

Thumbs Down Review

You will have to purchase an autoresponder to connect with the system, and this isn’t explicitly mentioned. Expect to shell out $15-25/m for a starter plan. Get Response is among our favorites. For the above-stated reasons, we can’t recommend the platform even though it’s legitimate.

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