ClickFunnels Membership Websites: How To Build Them? [Are They Worth It?]

Looking to start your own membership portal and have a fully-fledged members area for paying customers? You need a membership website where you can charge one-time or monthly recurring fees. It's one of the many perks you get as a user of ClickFunnels.

Before we get into the meat of the subject, let's throw some light on why you need a membership website. If you have a skill, why not monetize it? Teach something which you're passionate about and launch your own product for a one-time/recurring fee.

A good example of a membership website can be any subscription-based software service. An autoresponder can be considered once since you get to use all the features as long as you're a paying member.

If you have a skill and would like to follow a step-by-step people to build a massive following of people who would fight to buy from you, check out Expert Secrets. It's a free book launched by ClickFunnels founder Russell Brunson. It teaches how you can build a loyal tribe and sell to them.

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Why a ClickFunnels Membership Website?

It can be a huge advantage to create and host your product with CF. In case you wondered why you should be using ClickFunnels for building your membership portal, take note of these:

  • ClickFunnels is beginner-friendly and the learning curve is non-existent unlike other sales funnel builders out there.
  • Dozens of built-in templates: select a template, make edits and you're ready to go. Customization requires no technical/coding skills - you can be up and running within minutes.
  • Mobile-friendly out of the box. Design your pages once and it will look and feel great on a wide range of devices.
  • Build one, and replicate it within seconds using the share funnel feature. If you want to test drive the software for $19, ClickFunnels discount option may be what you're looking for.
  • Integration with the leading payment gateways is a breeze. PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, ClickBank, Warriorplus, JVZoo, Apple Pay to name a few.
  • All in one mailing solution under one roof: built-in autoresponder and SMTP.

Some Cons

Let's face it - no software is perfect. With ClickFunnels, there's room for improvement in the following departments:

  • Video hosting not available - as of this writing, you can't host your videos on the popular funnel builder platform. You can only integrate videos hosted on websites like YouTube and Vimeo. Integration with them, however, is seamless with ClickFunnels.
  • Tracking unavailable - you can't track users' progress (minutes watched, course completion % and other metrics). As a platform, CF is still a lot better than its competition if you factor in the hundreds of features you get with it.

Let's Build a Membership Site

If you already have a ClickFunnels account, let's get started. Follow a few simple steps to build your first membership website with the funnel building suite:

  • Create a new funnel -> Select funnel objective as 'Sell Your Product'.
  • Select a template after selecting the primary category
  • Make edits and save changes

Click on add new under the funnels tab, and start the cookbook. Once you do, you will be shown a list of various funnel types. Select membership website from the list and hit next.

You will then be promoted to select a template of your choice. Simply select a design of your choice and you're ready to go. There are a bunch of free to choose templates for membership sites, and there are also paid options from the paid funnel library.

If you're just getting started and this is one of your first membership websites, free templates are a great starting point.

Once you have selected a template (free or paid) depending on your preferences, click on 'Get Funnel'. You're free to experiment with various designs before you make the final call.

It will then be set up in a few minutes and will be ready inside the main funnels dashboard. You will immediately be taken to the newly created funnel dashboard once the basic housekeeping stuff is taken care of.

Adding Pages

Once your membership site structure is ready to go, it's time we add some pages and content.

  • Add sections -> Add lessons.
  • Once there, enter a desired name, select a template and create lesson. It helps with organizing the data/courses by distributing them. Data drip is also a feature which is optional.
  • Save changes

You can test out your members area with the Secret Sign Up URL. Simply visit it, and create your account to verify everything is working as it should. Restricting access is also possible with lessons. Simply select one and click on 'Restrict Access'.

FREE Templates and Example Funnels

To find more about the products, check out ClickFunnels pricing as well. It throws some light on the costs, and also on some unique features you get with the software.

Here's a high quality membership website funnel you can download and use within seconds:

  • Take a FREE ClickFunnels Trial if you don't have an account already.
  • Download the funnel here - it will be loaded directly into your account.

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