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ClickFunnels vs BuilderAll – Which One Should You Select?

So, ClickFunnels vs. BuilderAll: Which is the Best Funnel Building Site? In this in-depth comparison of ClickFunnels and BuilderAll, we compare both and share everything you need to know. They are similar yet so different at the same time.

You will benefit from a funnel builder if you have an online business. It will assist you in taking your marketing campaigns to the next level and doubling your ROI.

Clickfunnels Vs Builderall

With that said, let’s begin with this in-depth comparison.

What is the primary distinction between Builderall and ClickFunnels?

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The primary distinction between Builderall and ClickFunnels is highlighted on the homepage of each company’s website. Builderall says, “Create Businesses, Bring New Customers, Automate, Promote and Sell Much More with the Leading Digital Marketing Platform.”

Builderall Website

ClickFunnels says, “Getting People To Your Website And Turning Them Into Happy Paying Customers Is What We Do Best.”

Clickfunnels Website

When you compare the two headlines, the main difference becomes clear. Builderall is similar to a digital marketing agency in that it is a service that can assist you in building websites, organizing sales, creating product pages, and much more. ClickFunnels, on the other hand, creates highly effective sales funnels.

While ClickFunnels offers other capabilities, we’ll go through them later. Its main focus is assisting online entrepreneurs in collecting leads, selling items, and growing their businesses through sales funnels.

With a well-crafted sales funnel, new online merchants can take a prospect who has never heard of them, instantly earn their trust, obtain their email address, and sell to them within a few days!

Whereas a website is like handing someone a business card and hoping they take action, a sales funnel is similar to actively walking them through every stage of the sales process, from A to Z.

And this is where ClickFunnels thrives. Finally, Builderall creates websites with amazing features, while ClickFunnels creates high-converting sales funnels. That is the primary distinction.

What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels Banner

ClickFunnels is an online sales funnel builder with a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to easily create high-converting sales funnels with no coding skills.

With ClickFunnels, you can design many funnels, such as sales funnels, squeeze page funnels, opt-in/lead capture funnels, internet forums, product launch funnels, automated webinar funnels, and more.

Russell Brunson (author of prominent marketing books such as Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets) co-founded ClickFunnels in 2014 and has since assisted over 65,000 entrepreneurs in building and establishing their enterprises online.

It’s the most popular sales funnel builder in the internet marketing world, offering various unique features aimed at generating leads, closing deals, and increasing conversions.

What is Builderall?

Builderall Gives You All Tools You Need For Capture And Conversion

BuilderAll is an all-in-one digital business development and marketing platform that includes all the marketing tools needed to run a successful online business.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to put your ideas into action, BuilderAll offers a digital business building and marketing platform on the internet.

Erick Salgado founded BuilderAll in South America around seven years ago after discovering that many of his clients’ businesses lacked a strong internet presence.

He looked for a solution that met the needs of online business owners by combining all relevant online business development tools into a single platform, but he couldn’t locate one. As a result, he decided to create BuilderAll.

BuilderAll allows you to create amazing websites, blogs, landing pages, mobile apps, and sales funnels all in one place.

BuilderAll eliminates the need to purchase numerous unique marketing tools by delivering an all-in-one solution for your internet business.

ClickFunnels vs BuilderAll – Features Compared

Both ClickFunnels and BuilderAll are decent platforms. However, they appeal to a different segment.

ClickFunnels, being the more polished platform of the two, also costs significantly more. On the other hand, BuilderAll offers a lot more for a low price and is fully functional.

Let’s take a look at the highlights of BuilderAll vs. ClickFunnels:

Builderall vs. Clickfunnels: Sales Funnels

Any online enterprise must have a sales funnel. If you don’t have a sales funnel, you’re throwing money away because your visits aren’t converting into customers. A sales funnel guides your prospective customer through the buying process.

Builderall Features

Builderall offers over 20 professional sales funnel templates, including E-book Magnet funnels, Membership funnels, Survey funnels, Product Launch funnels, Bridge funnels, Fishbowl funnels, and Webinar funnels. You can also personalize them by adding your own information and connecting the pages.

Clickfunnels Gives You Everything You Need To Succeed Online

Whatever your company’s goals are, Clickfunnel can help you achieve them with funnels such as membership funnels and information product funnels. Whether you want to sell a product or a service, conduct an event, or gather leads.

Clickfunnels guarantees that your funnel will be public within 10 minutes if you follow the instructions below:

  • Choosing the best funnel for your company
  • Changing the funnel to your liking by adding or removing pages
  • If you like, you can personalize your pages.
  • Obtaining leads
  • Including digital or physical goods in your funnel
  • Setting up a split test to increase conversions
  • Publishing your funnel and using a visual chart to follow your data

Builderall vs. Clickfunnels: Email Marketing Automation

Builderall Mailingboss

MailingBoss is part of Builderall’s email marketing and autoresponder platform, and allows you to send emails to up to 10,000 contacts. You can alter the arrangement of your email sequence using the email template’s drag-and-drop features.

You can use this platform to upload your list, create autoresponder campaigns, and manage your potential consumers by using behavioral triggers and tags.

You can also use Zapier to connect MailingBoss to over 1000 other apps, like WordPress, MailChimp, Webinar Jam, Facebook, Gmail, and Shopify.

Clickfunnels Email Marketing

Actionetics is a follow-up tool created by Clickfunnels. Because it is an email autoresponder, you may use it to create, monitor, schedule, and deliver emails. Furthermore, Actionetics assists you in converting visitors into paying clients by addressing them based on their specific traits and behaviors within your funnel.

Your customers receive the appropriate communications at the appropriate time. In the following stages, you can use Actionetics to create follow-up funnels and send tailored messages to your audience:

  • Making lists using opt-in pages, registration pages, and order forms
  • Construct a multi-dimensional follow-up funnel. It allows you to contact your leads wherever they are, for example, by SMS, Facebook Messenger, emails, or desktop notifications. 
  • Actionetics encompasses all communication channels, which distinguishes it from the competition.
  • Provide your subscribers with a multi-dimensional broadcast. You can send a broadcast message by Facebook Messenger, email, or SMS.
  • Examine your data. You can see which leads took action and what action they took for each email. Clicking on landing pages, opening emails, and making purchases are just a few examples. You may also see how much money was earned per email.

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Builderall vs. Clickfunnels: Split Testing and Analysis

Split testing, also known as A/B testing, will assist you in improving your sales funnel and ensuring it converts leads. It is accomplished by creating two copies of a landing page or a website. Allow your visitors to interact with them, for example, by pairing groups A and B. The performance of each page is then measured.


Builderall offers powerful analytics for testing your funnels and pages. Use A/B testing to determine which sales page appeals to and converts the most, including which button receives the most clicks.


Clickfunnels Ab Testing

The results of your test will appear on your landing page if you use Clickfunnels. It is vital that you test continuously at each stage of your funnel to maximize conversion and revenue. It is critical to split-test your headline, pricing point, layout, and offer.-

Builderall vs. Clickfunnels: Publishing Options


You can use a free Builderall subdomain or buy a domain and integrate it into your Builderall website when publishing your Builderall site or sales funnels.


Clickfunnels offers a choice of effective publishing alternatives to meet the needs of its customers, such as the following:

  • Embed Code – Place your funnel pages within an iframe and then paste the code onto any website.
  • ClickPop Code – Use the ClickPop code to include a ClickPop version of your funnel on any site page.
  • Download HTML – Save the.html file for each funnel page and host it wherever you choose.
  • Add to Facebook – Connect and display your funnel within your Facebook page.
  • WordPress – Use the Clickfunnels WordPress plugin to incorporate your funnels into any post or page on your WordPress site.

Builderall vs. Clickfunnels: Support

Builderall Helpdesk

Builderall features an extensive knowledge base, which can be accessed through your Builderall dashboard. You may discover numerous videos about how-to tutorials and training material here to assist you in maximizing this platform.

Other support channels include:

  • Builderall YouTube Channel – This fascinating channel offers top advice, best practices, and weekly live conversations.
  • Support Tickets – The Builderall team assists you with your problems or questions. You can submit a support ticket using your Builderall dashboard, and the team will provide you with the necessary details.
  • Builderall Facebook Page – Connect with over 30,000 Builderall users, ask questions, exchange ideas, read success stories, and much more.
Clickfunnels Customer Center

Clickfunnels, like Builderall, provides a number of support options. Clickfunnels, as a well-organized help center, includes helpful advice and videos within your Clickfunnels dashboard. It enables users to comprehend the funnel-building process, ensure that they select professional sales funnels to achieve their company objectives, and understand how to capitalize on each funnel to maximize conversions.

Support channels for Clickfunnels include:

  • Clickfunnel Facebook Page – Approximately 200,000 Clickfunnels members now follow this page. It is also a fantastic resource for finding successful sales funnels businesses.
  • Clickfunnel YouTube Channel – You can subscribe to the channel to learn about Russel Brunson’s methods and strategies for increasing conversions and sales.
  • Support Tickets – To acquire answers to your questions, simply send a support ticket to the Clickfunnels support team.
  • Community Forums – You may search the Clickfunnels community forums for existing discussions or post new questions.

Builderall vs. Clickfunnels: The Drag and Drop Builder

Builderall Funnel Builder

Builderall has four drag-and-drop builders to meet various needs:

  • Drag & Drop Responsive Builder
  • Drag & Drop Pixel Builder
  • Application Builder
  • Mobile-First Drag & Drop Builder

If you use the drag-and-drop pixel-perfect builder, you must create three versions of your site: desktop, tablet, and mobile. Some users love being able to customize how your site appears on different devices. Meanwhile, some people find it challenging to have a website builder three times. 

You need to construct your site once if you use the drag-and-drop responsive builder, and Builderall will update the design and layout to ensure your site is accessible on all devices. The resting builders are useful tools for individuals who want to create mobile and app-specific solutions.

All the website builders are user-friendly and guarantee an easy and smooth design experience. Users can look through various designs and media assets you can place anywhere on a web page. You may reposition elements on the screen by dragging and dropping them.

Clickfunnels Drag And Drop Editor

Clickfunnels provides a single drag-and-drop editor for customizing all the templates and unlimited funnels. Fortunately, Clickfunnels features a separate funnel dashboard where you can set up most of the funnel settings, integrations, and other options.

You can add various design elements to your funnel when you use the Click funnels editor. Then, using the drag & drop tool, you can place and resize objects.

Furthermore, Clickfunnels allows you to upload photographs or other material and search for stock images from IconFinder, Unsplash, and Pixabay without leaving the editor. Videos from Vimeo, YouTube, and Wistia can also be embedded.

So, from this in-depth ClickFunnels vs BuilderAll comparison, it’s evident ClickFunnels is the better software out of the two. As a result, it’s also comparatively expensive.

However, it does pack a punch and offers a lot of premium features. Even at $97/month, it’s still a better choice considering everything you get with the software suite incl. the exclusive bonuses.

The education alone that you get with ClickFunnels makes it worth the investment. There’s a FREE 14-day trial with both software suites, so there’s no risk involved.

Builderall vs. Clickfunnels: Mobile Friendliness


The disadvantage of Builderall is that you must rebuild and re-tweak your funnel if you want to make it mobile. You will have the desktop version of your funnel and optimize it, but when you check on the mobile version to see how it appears, it will not look the same. It looks strange with the large spacing, and the text list doesn’t fit. As a result, Builderall’s mobile-friendliness suffers as a result.


When it comes to mobile design, ClickFunnels is incredibly mobile-friendly. You don’t have to second-guess yourself because you can double-check it by clicking on the desktop and mobile screen settings to see how your funnel will look when someone uses a mobile phone or desktop. Because mobile phones account for most of the internet traffic, this is an excellent function to have.

Builderall vs. Clickfunnels: Affiliate Systems

Builderall Affiliate System

Builderall Affiliate Program

Builderall’s affiliate program is fantastic! I believe they are more generous than ClickFunnels.

The Builderall Affiliate System allows you to earn commissions by selling things and managing a business. In most affiliate schemes, you only get paid when you make a sale. If a customer pays their monthly hosting bill, you can earn recurring monthly revenue with Builderall.

You get 100% profit on every new transaction you make. And you’ll get a 30% commission for every month the client stays active on Builderall.

Builderall also has a tier 2 affiliate program. As a result, you can earn money from those who sign up through your tiers. So, if someone signs up through your affiliate link, you profit from them, but you also profit from those who sign up through your tier one.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

As long as you have an account, you can become an affiliate. Every transaction will earn you a 40% recurring commission and a 40% on related things within Clickfunnels, such as books and continuity programs.

ClickFunnels employs a “sticky cookie” to ensure that if a customer clicks on your link, you will receive commissions on each product they purchase through the membership funnel they use.

Clickfunnels provides excellent affiliate resources to assist you to advertise their affiliate program. The DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson is a funnel book. They also have fantastic promotional webinars that you can market, and you can direct people to this webinar, and ClickFunnels will handle the purchases for you.

Finally, once you get 100 active users, ClickFunnels will pay for a $500 per month lease on your ideal car. ClickFunnels will pay you $1000 per month after you have 200 active subscribers.

In addition, when you sign up for ClickFunnels’ affiliate program, you will receive their Affiliate Bootcamp, which will teach you how to become a Clickfunnels super affiliate. The knowledge you get from the Affiliate Bootcamp can be applied to any other business you choose to start.

So, from this in-depth ClickFunnels vs. BuilderAll comparison, it’s evident ClickFunnels is the better software out of the two. As a result, it’s also comparatively expensive.

However, it does pack a punch and offers a lot of premium features. Even at $97/month, it’s still a better choice considering everything you get with the software suite, including the exclusive bonuses.

The education alone that you get with ClickFunnels makes it worth the investment. There’s a free 14-day trial with both software suites, so there’s no risk involved.

ClickFunnels Pricing Plans

Clickfunnels Pricing Plans

Even if ClickFunnels will assist you in creating high-converting sales funnels that are sure to make you a lot of money, how much will it cost you?

ClickFunnels has three pricing plans. The first is Basic, which is $127 monthly, and you’ll get 1 Website, 20 Funnels, 1 Admin User, 10,000 Contacts, unlimited workflows, pages, products, email sequences, and basic analytics.

The second is Pro, which is $157 monthly, and you’ll get 1 Website, 100 Funnels, 5 Admin Users, 3 Domains, 25,000 Contacts, unlimited workflows, pages, products, email sequences, and basic analytics. It also has API access, shares funnels, a liquid theme editor, CF1 Maintenance Mode Plan, and an affiliate program.

The last is Funnel Hacker, which is the most expensive out of the three for $208 monthly and get unlimited funnels, 3 websites, 15 Admin Users, 200,000 Contacts, unlimited workflows, pages, products, email sequences, and advanced analytics. It also has API access, shares funnels, a liquid theme editor, CF1 Maintenance Mode Plan, and an affiliate program like the Pro package.

Builderall Pricing Plans

Builderall Pricing Plans

Builderall has four different pricing packages. The first is the Cheetah Plan, which is U16.90 monthly, consisting of 1 Domain, 3 Subdomains, 2,000 Subscribers, 2GB of Disk Space, and automatic approval as an affiliate.

The second is Marketer, which is $76.90 monthly, consisting of 3 Domains, 5 Subdomains, unlimited subscribers, 5GB of Disk Space, and automatic approval as an affiliate.

The third is Premium, which is $87.90 monthly, consisting of 15 Domains, Unlimited Subdomains, unlimited subscribers, 10GB of Disk Space, all tools and templates, and automatic approval as an affiliate.

And last is the Funnel Club, which is $199.00 for the first payment and then $87.90 monthly, consisting of 15 Domains, Unlimited Subdomains, unlimited subscribers, 10GB of Disk Space, all tools, templates, and funnels, and automatic approval as an affiliate.

Builderall vs. Clickfunnels – Pros

Builderall Pros

  • All the marketing tools you need to run a successful internet business are included in the package.
  • When compared to ClickFunnels, pricing is more affordable for newcomers and novices.
  • It includes a drag-and-drop user interface for creating websites, blogs, and sales funnels.
  • The mailing boss’s deliverability is excellent.
  • There is beginner-friendly training and access to high-quality training tutorials for new users.
  • Their internet community is impressive. Get unrestricted access to the BuilderAll private Facebook community for ideas and insights.
  • They offer a money-back guarantee for 30 days. If you are unhappy with Builderall, you can get your money back within 30 days.

Clickfunnels Pros

  • ClickFunnels is a tool that allows you to build complete, multi-step sales funnels.
  • You may share any of your funnels with others using the ClickFunnels Share Funnel function. Current ClickFunnels users will have the funnel imported into their account with a single click. While non-ClickFunnels customers who sign up for the program using your share funnel link will earn you affiliate commissions.
  • You can develop membership sites with access levels determined by the products purchased by a consumer on ClickFunnels.
  • ClickFunnels has the best affiliate network on the internet, with items to pick from (not only the ClickFunnels software). You may win a luxury car and earn second-tier commissions from the ClickFunnels affiliate program, just as BuilderAll.
  • With over 190k Funnel Hackers on Facebook, they have a large and active online community.

Now that we’ve gotten all of these features out of the way, let’s have a look at the pros and disadvantages of each, which should help you decide which one is best for you.

Builderall vs. Clickfunnels – Cons

Builderall Cons

  • They have a paid affiliate program. To make money with BuilderAll by promoting the software, you must subscribe to the BuilderAll Business Plan, which costs around $49.
  • The web page builder is not mobile-friendly. BuilderAll does not create responsive websites. It is a major consideration when choosing a page builder because most of your audience will be reading from mobile phones and tablets rather than desktop devices.
  • BuilderAll requires you to create your page three times for computer, smartphone, and tablet views to look good on all platforms.

Clickfunnels Cons

  • For users on a tight budget, ClickFunnels is costly. The Basic plan is $127, while the Funnel Hacker is $208.
  • The cost is extremely costly. I wish the price were lower, but the quality is excellent. Consider it an investment rather than a burden for your company.
  • They include fewer tools. ClickFunnels has an app creator and a script creator, but you’ll have to pay to use them. ClickFunnels distinguishes itself in two ways: Being the greatest funnel builder or landing page builder software. An all-in-one marketing platform that allows you to sell and deliver your products online and has countless funnel template designs.

BuilderAll vs ClickFunnels – What To Get?

It depends on what you think is better suited to your requirements.

If you have the budget and are looking for better software in terms of features, performance, and support, go for ClickFunnels. You can check out some of our favorite ClickFunnels features here.

If you’re on a budget and still want to use marketing funnels, check out BuilderAll. If you want the best possible performance (and return on investment), ClickFunnels is a no-brainer.

Builderall Vs Clickfunnels

Get ClickFunnels (FREE Trial) >>

Final Words – ClickFunnels vs BuilderAll

That brings us to the conclusion of this brief ClickFunnels vs. BuilderAll comparison. Overall, BuilderAll’s pricing is affordable compared to the number of tools provided, yet, it lacks the advanced capability of ClickFunnels.

BuilderAll is your go-to tool if you are a small private firm or a newbie with a limited budget and time. You will receive all the digital marketing tools required to satisfy your company’s needs.

On the other hand, if you are already established and looking to genuinely develop your business, ClickFunnels is the ideal choice for you.

Although BuilderAll has many more features than ClickFunnels, it does not appear to stand out in any of them. ClickFunnels was designed primarily for sales funnels and marketing automation and performs admirably in these areas. If creating sales funnels is your primary goal, ClickFunnels is the way to go.

ClickFunnels performs admirably. It’s no wonder that many of the biggest names in marketing use and recommend the program.

So, what sales funnel builder will you pick out of these? ClickFunnels is the obvious choice for anyone not limited by budget, but you cannot go wrong with BuilderAll.

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