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CloudPeeps Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

Are you looking for a way to make extra money online? If so, then you might have heard of the freelance platform CloudPeeps. With the rise in digital nomads, the gig economy, and online jobs on the rise, it is no wonder that more and more people are turning to sites like CloudPeeps.

As a freelancer, I’ve enjoyed exploring various platforms to find new opportunities and expand my professional network. CloudPeeps is one such platform that caught my attention. Launched in 2014 by Kate Kendall, CloudPeeps aims to connect freelancers with businesses and startups, creating a comprehensive marketplace for freelancing opportunities.

With my experience navigating the world of online freelancing, I’ve come across many platforms, each with pros and cons. As someone who has used CloudPeeps, I feel confident that my insights could provide valuable information for those considering this platform.

So, is CloudPeeps legit or a scam? This CloudPeeps review’ll examine what this platform offers and its pros and cons.

What Is CloudPeeps?

Cloudpeeps Logo

CloudPeeps is a freelance marketplace that I discovered, which aims to connect clients with skilled freelancers, or “Peeps,” as they call them. Founded by their CEO, Kate Kendall, the startup was established to provide opportunities for independent professionals seeking remote jobs in various fields, such as content writing, social media management, and more.

As a San Francisco-based company, its headquarters are in a city known for its booming tech industry. Their platform offers a wide range of services for freelancers and clients, ensuring quality work through careful selection and management processes.

In my experience with CloudPeeps, clients post job listings, and freelance professionals bid on these projects. The platform accommodates a diverse group of talented individuals offering their services, along with clients searching for skilled freelancers to complete their projects efficiently and effectively. The platform seems focused on promoting quality work from their “Peeps.”

Being a part of the CloudPeeps community, I noticed that they’ve designed their platform to benefit freelancers and clients. By connecting quality professionals with clients needing their expertise, they create a mutually beneficial relationship that allows freelancers to work on projects they’re passionate about while clients receive quality work tailored to their needs. The platform also provides tools such as invoicing and time tracking to help streamline the process between freelancer and client.

Services Offered

Couple Looking At Laptop Computer Together
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At CloudPeeps, I found a wide range of services being offered to meet the demands of various businesses. This freelance marketplace helps connect clients with skilled professionals across several domains, ensuring businesses find the right talent for their projects.

One of the key services I noticed is marketing. CloudPeeps offers access to professionals skilled in marketing, including SEO, public relations, and social media management. This allows businesses to improve online presence and reach a wider audience in an increasingly digital world.

In addition to marketing, design services are available through CloudPeeps. This covers everything from graphic design to web development, enabling businesses to create visually appealing and functional websites or promotional materials that effectively convey their brand message.

Content is another area where CloudPeeps excels. They provide professionals skilled in writing, content creation, and copywriting, making it easy for businesses to develop and maintain a consistent content marketing strategy. Furthermore, having access to experienced writers ensures the content is high quality and engages the target audience.

Finally, I found that CloudPeeps also caters to businesses looking for development services. This includes web development as well as other technical skills, allowing businesses to develop and maintain their digital infrastructure efficiently.

Overall, CloudPeeps offers a comprehensive range of services catering to various business needs, making it a convenient platform for businesses to connect with skilled freelancers.

For Freelancers

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Creating a Profile

As a freelancer on CloudPeeps, the first step is to create a profile. My profile showcases my skills, experience, and the type of work I specialize in. A well-crafted profile helps me stand out to potential clients. It’s important to include relevant past projects, certifications, or testimonials demonstrating my expertise.

Finding Jobs

On CloudPeeps, there is a variety of remote job listings that suit different skills and experience levels. As a freelancer, searching for jobs that match my skills and interests is crucial. I regularly browse through categories like marketing, social media management, SEO, development, design, and more, applying confidently to jobs and knowing that my profile demonstrates my capabilities.

Pricing and Packages

As a freelancer on CloudPeeps, I control my pricing and the packages I offer. I base my rates on my skills, experience, and project complexity. It’s essential to price competitively yet fairly to attract clients and maintain a sustainable freelance career. While CloudPeeps does not charge a fee for freelancers to join, it’s important to note any applicable fees for specific job listings and plan accordingly.

For Clients

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Posting a Job

As a client, I found that posting a job on CloudPeeps is relatively straightforward. I needed to sign up for an account and create a job posting detailing my project requirements, budget, and desired skills to get started.

One feature I appreciate is that I can specify whether the project is a one-time gig or an ongoing collaboration, which helps attract suitable freelancers for my needs. Additionally, CloudPeeps caters to various fields, including marketing, design, writing, and more, making it suitable for various types of businesses and startups.

Here are some tips on crafting an effective job posting:

  • Clearly state your project scope and objectives.
  • Specify the skills or expertise you’re looking for.
  • Mention your preferred communication style and frequency.
  • Set a realistic budget and timeframe.

Selecting Freelancers

Once my job posting went live, I soon received proposals from interested freelancers. To select the most suitable candidate, I considered the following factors:

  1. Experience: I chose freelancers with a proven track record and relevant work samples.
  2. Rates: I compared their rates to my budget and what I believed was fair for the project scope.
  3. Availability: I considered their availability and ability to dedicate time to my project.
  4. Communication: I gauged their communication style and responsiveness during initial conversations.

CloudPeeps made it easier for me by featuring a clear profile view for each freelancer, showcasing their skills, rates, and client reviews. The platform also has a messaging feature, enabling me to communicate directly with prospective freelancers and gauge our compatibility for working together.

With these tips and CloudPeeps’ helpful features, I found the process of posting a job and selecting freelancers both efficient and effective, allowing me to focus on growing my business while relying on talented professionals for support.

Payment Process

When it comes to the payment process on CloudPeeps, I found it to be quite efficient and straightforward. To manage the transactions, CloudPeeps has partnered with Stripe, a well-known payment gateway that ensures safety and reliability. Before I could start taking on projects and receiving payments, I needed to create a Stripe account and connect it to my CloudPeeps account.

Once my Stripe account was connected, I had various payment options. I could choose direct deposit or select the most suitable payment method from the list, according to my preferences. The platform processes payments weekly, ensuring a consistent freelancer cash flow.

However, it’s essential to know the fees associated with using CloudPeeps. The platform charges a service fee ranging from 5% to 15%, depending on the project’s scope and duration.

This fee is automatically deducted from the amount paid by the client, so I didn’t have to make any manual calculations. Additionally, Stripe charges a standard processing fee for each transaction. But even with these fees considered, I still found the overall earnings potential on CloudPeeps satisfactory.

The payment process on CloudPeeps is user-friendly and efficient enough to satisfy freelancers. By utilizing Stripe as a payment gateway and offering multiple payment methods, the platform ensures a smooth and reliable experience for freelancers and clients. Although fees are a part of the process, my overall experience with the payment system on CloudPeeps has been satisfactory.

Membership Benefits

As a member of CloudPeeps, I’ve discovered many benefits that make it a valuable platform for freelancers. One of the key advantages I’ve experienced is access to a thriving community, including an active Facebook group. This online gathering is beneficial for networking, getting advice, and sharing experiences with other freelancers.

In addition to the community aspect, CloudPeeps offers a concierge service for its members. This service assists in finding and pitching to potential clients, making my work as a freelancer easier and more efficient. The concierge team uses their expertise and resources to match my skillset with the best opportunities available, saving me time and effort in the job search process.

Another noteworthy benefit of CloudPeeps membership is the exposure to affiliate marketing opportunities. I can sign up for the affiliate program and promote CloudPeeps to other freelancers and potential clients.

In return, I receive a commission for each new customer I bring to the platform. This is an excellent way to diversify my income and build a passive revenue stream while focusing on my primary freelance projects.

CloudPeeps provides steady work opportunities across various industries and niches, catering to diverse skill sets. I can browse through job postings, apply to projects that interest me, and even pitch directly to clients for work that may not be listed on the platform. This way, I can optimize my potential for finding suitable jobs and creating long-lasting professional relationships with clients.

By offering a supportive network, professional help in finding job opportunities, affiliate marketing options, and a wealth of work opportunities, CloudPeeps has proven to be a worthwhile platform for my freelancing career.

How CloudPeeps Supports Freelancers

Skill Development

As a freelance community manager, I’ve found that CloudPeeps is dedicated to ensuring its independent professionals’ growth and skill development. They equip freelancers like me with the necessary tools and resources to sharpen their skills and stay competitive.

CloudPeeps offers various learning opportunities, like webinars, articles, and access to expert advice, which helps me enhance my English and expand my niche skills.

Community and Networking

Another notable aspect of CloudPeeps is its strong emphasis on cultivating a supportive community. As a freelancer, I’ve always struggled with finding a sense of belonging in the gig economy.

But, CloudPeeps bridges that gap by bringing independent professionals together to share ideas, tips, and experiences. This networking aspect has expanded my professional network and provided me with invaluable strategic insights from fellow freelancers.

Within the CloudPeeps community, I’ve connected with other community managers and professionals spanning various industries, making it easier to stay informed on the latest trends and opportunities. The platform encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing, fostering a sense of camaraderie among members—undoubtedly, a defining feature that sets CloudPeeps apart from other freelance marketplaces.

Success Stories and Earning Potential

While exploring CloudPeeps, I’ve encountered many success stories of freelancers finding fulfilling projects and clients on the platform. The variety of freelance jobs on CloudPeeps is impressive, from content creation and social media management to web development and design.

As a platform dedicated to connecting freelancers with businesses, CloudPeeps has managed to streamline the process of finding work and negotiating contracts for both parties involved.

One of the major advantages of using CloudPeeps is the opportunity for potential earnings. Freelancers can set hourly rates or project-based fees, allowing them to negotiate compensation based on their skills and experience. This allows for higher earnings than other platforms, which may have set pay scales or take a larger percentage of the freelancer’s income as a commission.

Another notable feature of CloudPeeps is the transparency of fees associated with using the platform. As a freelancer, I appreciate knowing there are no hidden costs when bidding on projects and accepting client payment. CloudPeeps charges a reasonable 15% commission on all completed work, and this fee covers payment processing, platform maintenance, and customer support.

However, it’s important to mention that success on CloudPeeps, like any other freelance platform, is not guaranteed. The earning potential varies among freelancers based on their skills, experience, and ability to market themselves effectively. Persistence and patience are key to finding the right fit and securing freelance jobs that align with your expertise and desired compensation.

In summary, my experience with CloudPeeps has shown that the platform offers freelancers a variety of job opportunities and the chance to negotiate fair compensation for their work. With transparent fees and a focus on building lasting connections between freelancers and clients, CloudPeeps presents a promising option for those looking to grow their freelance careers.

Pros & Cons Of CloudPeeps

How Cloudpeeps Works

One of the main advantages of using CloudPeeps is that they have relatively low fees compared to similar platforms like Upwork or Fiverr. They also have a large pool of clients looking for freelancers, so you can easily find work if you’re starting as a freelancer.

The downside of using this platform is that there are fewer opportunities than other platforms since it’s still relatively new compared to more established websites like Upwork or Freelancer. Additionally, not all projects listed on the site are paid – some are volunteer positions which can be quite limiting for full-time freelancers who need reliable income from their work.

Review and Legitimacy

I have tried CloudPeeps, a freelance marketplace that launched in 2014. The platform was founded by Kate Kendall and is designed to connect freelancers with clients, allowing startups and established businesses to hire skilled professionals freelance instead of full-time employees. Users can find decent job offers in the marketplace, which is considered helpful for experienced freelancers.

In terms of legitimacy, CloudPeeps appears to be a genuine platform for finding freelance work. The marketplace offers various job categories catering to various skills and talents. Many users recommend it because they have found valuable job opportunities through the platform. The overall impression is that CloudPeeps is a solid choice for freelancing.

To ensure a better understanding of the platform’s legitimacy, it’s essential to note that there have been no alarming red flags or scam accusations. CloudPeeps operates as a reliable freelance marketplace for many professionals across various fields.

To sum up the key points:

  • CloudPeeps was founded in 2014 by Kate Kendall.
  • The platform caters to experienced freelancers and offers various job categories.
  • It creates an opportunity for freelancers to work with startups and established businesses.
  • CloudPeeps is considered to be legitimate, with no notable scam concerns or red flags.

Final Thoughts: Is DesignPeeps Legit?

I’ve taken a close look at CloudPeeps, which is a freelancing platform connecting freelancers with clients. From what I’ve gathered, it seems that CloudPeeps is, in fact, a legitimate platform where people can earn money online by taking on various freelance jobs. Additionally, it has been around since 2014 and has helped many freelancers and clients establish working relationships.

However, it’s important to note that not every platform is perfect, and CloudPeeps is no exception. While it does provide freedom to work with clients of your choice and pace yourself, it appears that there could be a lack of oversight on the platform. This means that, as a freelancer, you may need to do your due diligence when selecting projects and clients to ensure success on the platform.

As for the concern of DesignPeeps being a scam, it’s essential to distinguish between CloudPeeps and DesignPeeps. From the information I’ve gathered, there is no mention of a platform called “DesignPeeps.” As such, I cannot vouch for its legitimacy. However, the legitimacy of CloudPeeps as a freelancing site seems clear.

While CloudPeeps is a legitimate platform, it may not fit everyone best. Each freelancer must weigh the pros and cons and exercise caution when selecting projects and clients to work with. As for DesignPeeps, I cannot confirm its legitimacy, given the lack of available information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of using CloudPeeps for freelancers?

As a freelancer, I find CloudPeeps particularly advantageous due to its curated job listings and the variety of industries it covers. The platform focuses on connecting experienced freelancers with clients who value quality work, resulting in better job opportunities and the potential for long-term relationships.

Additionally, CloudPeeps offers “Peep” or freelancer profiles, allowing me to showcase my expertise, previous work, and client testimonials, which can increase my chances of securing projects.

How do CloudPeeps job listings work?

CloudPeeps job listings are posted by clients looking to hire freelancers for specific projects. These listings typically provide a brief overview of the project requirements, skills needed, and desired experience level.

As a freelancer, I can browse these listings and submit proposals for projects matching my skill set. Once my proposal is accepted, CloudPeeps offers an escrow payment system, ensuring I receive payment upon completing the project.

Is there a sign-up fee for CloudPeeps?

There is no sign-up fee to join CloudPeeps as a freelancer. However, suppose I decide to upgrade to a Pro Status plan. In that case, a monthly fee comes with additional benefits such as increased visibility, priority project invitations, and a faster response time from the CloudPeeps support team.

How does CloudPeeps compare to other freelancing platforms?

From my experience, CloudPeeps stands out from other freelancing platforms due to its commitment to connecting skilled freelancers with high-quality clients. This dedication results in better job opportunities and allows me to earn fair rates for my work.

Although the platform may have fewer projects than larger platforms, the quality of projects and clients is generally higher on CloudPeeps, making it a solid choice for experienced freelancers.

What types of services are offered on CloudPeeps?

CloudPeeps offers a wide range of services across multiple industries. As a freelancer, I’ve encountered job listings in marketing, web development, design, writing, social media management, and virtual assistance. This diverse selection keeps me engaged and allows me to explore various opportunities that align with my skills.

Can I find remote jobs daily on CloudPeeps?

While CloudPeeps regularly updates its job listings, it’s important to remember that the platform focuses on quality over quantity, so I may not find new job listings daily. That said, the projects available are usually well-defined and offer fair compensation.

As an experienced freelancer, I consider CloudPeeps an excellent platform to use alongside other sources when searching for remote work opportunities.

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Ease of Use




Customer Service



  • Have relatively low fees compared to similar platforms
  • Have a large pool of clients looking for freelancers,


  • Fewer opportunities than other platforms since it’s still relatively new
  • Not all projects listed on the site are paid

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