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Clout Bucks Review – Scam or a Legitimate Website for Banking With Social Media?

Can you make hundreds of dollars a day just by inviting friends from social media? As per a platform called Clout Bucks, you can make $10 for referring per person.

On top, you can get a $25 sign-up bonus just for registering with the website for free.

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Now, you may be wondering if this is even true or if it is another one of those dirty scams. Doing some research always proves to be beneficial since it can help you avoid scams and also aid in finding legit programs that don’t disappoint.

In this Clout Bucks Review, we reveal everything you need to know about this platform. Whether or not it’s legitimate or a scam, we’ll soon find out.

What Is Clout Bucks?

Clout Bucks is a website that claims you can make up to $500 a day with social media. As per the website, you get $10 for referring every person. However, many reviews on YouTube are flooded with comments that claim you cannot cash out/withdraw from the platform.

Clout Bucks Logo

As per the website, this is how the process works:

  1. Sign up: Get started with the platform, and get your unique referral link to share with your friends and other connections on social media sites.
  2. Share: Get people to join the platform via your referral link. Receive $10 for every successful signup.
  3. Cash out: Once some amount is accrued in your wallet, you can cash out via CashApp, PayPal, Western Union, or Bank Transfers.
Clout Bucks Steps

The process looks easy, but it’s just a bait to get someone to complete the free registration process. None of that is true though, and you’ll certainly not be receiving any payouts.

Clout Bucks Fake Payment Notification

Fake payout notification on the Clout Bucks website

Once you apply for a withdrawal, this happens:

  • You will be asked to wait for some time (as the process takes several weeks).
  • Your payout request will be rejected – the CB website will claim you sent fake referrals, and as a result, you will receive nothing.

Their Facebook page (now deleted) also had tons of comments from unhappy users. Here’s some:

Clout Bucks Facebook Page
Website’s Facebook page (now taken down/deleted)

Okay, so the official CloutBucks page has 224 likes. The main website says otherwise. It claims they have well over 185,000 members and 63,000 followers. With that number, you would expect the page likes to be much higher – in the range of 10,000-15,000 at least.

Clout Bucks Fake Counters
Fake counters on the main website

There are various counter plugins available on the WordPress platform. A website owner can fake a number and make their image look better than how they are actually doing.

Income Potential

The income potential is non-existent. Well, that’s because the platform doesn’t pay. The moment you cross a certain payment threshold, you will be asked to wait for a while and then have your request declined.

This is how the website operates:

  1. Gets you to sign up for free as a member.
  2. You’re given a referral link.
  3. You promote the platform, and the website (from the member’s area) makes it look like you’re earning real money with ease.
  4. When it’s time for a payout, they will come up with lame excuses and never pay.

So, all that’s happening is you’ll be wasting a lot of time thinking you’re making money. You will continue to promote the platform, and when you try to withdraw, it will go dark. It’s an obvious scam, so that you won’t make a dime with them.

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Inside the Members Area

The registration process is free, and anyone can get started. To begin, enter your name and email, and set a username.

Since it’s a shady program, use it with caution. There’s a chance it’s doing data harvesting behind the scenes and adding your personal data into a database. It’s best, to begin with, a dummy/secondary email address.

Clout Bucks Members Area

It has a legit-looking members area (the screen you see after logging in). It will also show an account manager to make it look like the real deal. You get a referral link that you’re supposed to spread on social media. However, it’s of little use since you’re not going to get paid anyway.

There are three videos in the help sections, but those are all deleted. It’s free to register with the website, but it won’t make any sense to join. After a lot of digging, we didn’t find any user who received payment.

Once you apply for a withdrawal, you will be asked to wait for a few weeks. Once the waiting period is over, this is bound to happen:

Clout Bucks Denied Withdrawal

The Domain

The website claims it’s 10 years old, but it was registered in 2019, as is evident from the following:

Clout Bucks Domain Information

This is a fresh domain that’s due to expire in a year’s time from its registration date. The website is hardly a decade old, and everything they say is a lie.

The domain has an anonymous registration as well, and there’s no information on who owns this site. If it was a legit platform, why even hide your true identity?

The Ugly Truth

  • It’s a scam – it never pays, and you’ll waste a ton of time. When you ask for a payout, it will decline your request and deny you your hard-earned money.
  • There’s no support because it’s not a legit program. There’s a Skype address available on the back end, but it’s an unresponsive one and will never respond to your queries.
  • There’s no information on who owns this website. This domain didn’t even exist until before 2019, and it is hardly 10 years old as the site claims.
  • Fake testimonials, fake payment proof, fake everything – Nothing that this program claim is true. It’s all hyped up for a reason – so people start believing and eventually fall for it.
  • Since the program doesn’t ask you to purchase a product on the main website, it’s probably operating as a data harvesting scam. It may collect your personal data and eventually sell the database to other con artists who are doing the same.

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The Good

  • There’s not much to like about the platform except that it’s free to get started. The registration process is free, but you do have to enter your name and email though. It won’t make any sense to start, though, because it never pays.

Final Words – Is CloutBucks a Scam?

Clout Bucks definitely is a scam you need to be wary of. Everything the website claims is an obvious lie; they haven’t been around for 10 years either.

Thumbs Down Icon

We have an update, and the website doesn’t even exist anymore. It’s apparently been taken down, and since it was a scam, it may be re-launched under a new domain and a new program name. It’s in your best to avoid CloutBucks and other companies that resemble this one.

All the testimonials on the website are made-up, you never receive any payouts, and there’s no information on who owns this website. On top, since you’re signing up with your personal information, they may collect it inside a database which may then be sold to other websites.

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