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Can You Make Some Money With Club Cash Fund or Is It a Scam?

Welcome to this Club Cash Fund review. Can you really receive free money in your mailbox on autopilot? All that without lifting a finger or without promoting a product. Just create an account, and let the system do all the work for you.

Doing some research can take you far since it can help you find legit programs that don’t disappoint. It can also help you steer clear of online marketing scams. 

From a distance, this shares characteristics with some of the obvious scams out there. They rely on making deceitful claims and making things look too easy. Is this another scam or a legitimate product you should consider? That’s what we’ll be uncovering today.

What is Club Cash Fund?

Club Cash Fund is a cash gifting scheme that claims you can receive dozens of cash checks for free with the system. People will pay the program money and hope others join after them, do the same, and send cash their way via direct mail.

Club Cash Fund Logo

This looks like a pyramid scheme where you send a payment without actually buying a tangible product and then hope others go the same route down the road. However, there are a few things where this cash gifting scheme is slightly different (and more automated):

  • Unlike other programs, this system will take care of everything once you’re onboard.
  • Pay an $80 one-time fee to buy a position, and you’re eligible to earn commissions.

If you directly recruit someone, you will receive $20 out of the $80 they pay to the website. The remaining $60 goes to your upline (the person who referred you).

This site makes things look too easy. In reality, it isn’t that easy to get loads of referrals (and ultimately commissions). You have to invest in proper internet marketing training and learn how to drive traffic/visitors, and get commissions.

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How does Club Cash Fund work?

The system’s functionality is pretty straightforward:

  • Set up your account by paying $80 one-time
  • Get others to do the same

If you were asked to join the program by someone else, they might have reached out via social media or the email channel. The pitch talks about an amazing life-changing offer that can send numerous cash checks your way without you doing any work.

This is one of the entry points to the funnel (the link an associate will send over):

Club Cash Fund Get Started Now Button

This ‘Get Started Now.’ button will take you to another page that prompts you to submit a form. It will ask for an ‘Access Code’; it’s a unique affiliate code used to identify who sent over the referral.

Club Cash Fund Sign Up

Once you’ve entered your name, email, and the unique access code provided by your referrer, it will take you to the main Club Cash Fund website.

Club Cash Fund Instruction

Image source:

The main site presents a quick sales video that encourages you to start with a simple 3-step system. When you tap on the red button, it will come back with a few recorded voice messages.

Once all set, you can ask for your starter kit by submitting a form.

Club Cash Fund Starter Kit

Upon receiving the starter kit, you must pay an $80 membership activation fee. Just paying the fee doesn’t guarantee you any results, though. You will have to go out and learn how to recruit people and bring them onto the system.

This will be slightly unethical, though. That’s because this website hardly has a tangible offering, and you’re paying a sum just to be able to make some dough – pay to play, in other words. 

Income Potential

There’s definitely some income potential with the system, that’s if you’re good at recruiting. If you’re a seasoned network marketer and love building connections, this may work for you.

Club Cash Fund does offer some elementary training on online marketing, but there are far better products out there. The ones that are all about offering sheer value to the customer. Cash gifting is hardly a legitimate business model, though.

You’re sending an $80 gift to someone just to be able to receive ‘gifts’ from other people. In some countries, this is even considered illegal. Rub salt in the wound by adding a multi-level marketing structure on top. These may eventually face the wrath of FTC and, as a result, be taken down.

Things To Consider

  • Cash gifting is not even considered legit in many countries. If you’re looking to start anyway, make sure to have a word with your local attorneys first.
  • This is hardly autopilot, and you certainly won’t be receiving loads of checks in your mail without doing anything. You have to recruit; only then will the system take care of the rest.
  • It has Pay to play characteristics since you’re required to pay some money to receive some. You don’t get any real product for your money except for some basic training.
  • These programs eventually fade away and most people flock to the next ‘shiny object’ in line.

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Final Words – Is Club Cash Fund a Scam?

No, Club Cash Fund cannot be considered a scam since you’re going to receive some money via mail if you’re good at recruiting and pay the initial fee. Thanks to the pay to play scheme, and many other factors, we cannot recommed this system to our readers.

Thumbs Down Icon

You can’t just pay the fee and start receiving checks. It all depends on you – your skills as a network marketer. People who are great at building teams/downlines would love it. Cash gifting is still not considered legit by many, and you wouldn’t want to get into it and instead abide by the laws.

Out of 10 people who delve into multi-level marketing, only 1-2 make it for obvious reasons. Unless you’re a fan of chasing people, this is not for you.

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