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CourseReel Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

What is CourseReel? Is it a legit video course creation app? These are just some of the questions that this CourseReel review will tackle.

Video course creation is a rapidly growing industry. In fact, by 2025, Research and Markets forecast that it will be worth $325 billion.

Creating video courses is the backbone of online teaching, and many are making good money in this knowledge industry. This is as people shift towards gaining knowledge via the internet.

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However, an ordinary person who wants to create their very first video course may face challenges. For example, they may lack a professional camera, the ability to create a perfect presentation or to put everything together to create a high-quality video course.

Plus, video course creation can be pretty time-consuming and expensive. That’s why affordable, easy-to-use video apps or course creation software is crucial.

CourseReel is a platform that claims to help create and sell video courses without breaking a sweat – recording/editing videos. According to their website, this software makes video creation easier and more affordable. That is, if you want to make your own video courses, it will automatically create and edit videos for you.

But is that really the case? In this review, we’ll take a closer look at how CourseReel AI works and how it can benefit your video creation process. Also, we’ll provide our verdict on the software based on our experience. So if you’re looking for an honest CourseReel AI review, read on, and let’s uncover the hype behind this system.

CourseReel Review – An Overview

  • Vendor Name: Abhi Dwivedi (an entrepreneur, software developer, innovator, and direct response marketer).
  • Product: CourseReel AI
  • Price: $62 Starter or $67 Pro package
  • Homepage:
  • Recommended: NO

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What is CourseReel?

Coursereel Review

CourseReel is a cloud-based software that can supposedly turn your ideas into high-quality video courses. The app can turn voice, text, or old videos into proper videos with text, slides, and much more. 

With CourseReel, you don’t need to take a lot of time to come up with a:

  • A course topic,
  • Ideas for your video content or course,
  • Creating content and scripts,
  • Create videos for every chapter from zero.

Here, everything is done within minutes and is fully customizable.

Launched in 2020, CourseReel is a new online video course platform that promises to revolutionize the industry. And according to the program creator, Abhi Dwivedi, creating video courses has never been easier.

On this platform, you can create videos pretty fast. All you need is to upload your thoughts in an audio format or via old videos/text. CourseReel’s artificial intelligence will take care of the rest.

According to their site, you only provide the CourseReel AI with the audio or input a keyword. It will then make topic suggestions and create a course outline, each chapter’s scripts, and slides with images and music.

After that, you can record your voice or allow their AI auto voiceover creation technology to create a speech. And that’s all! From there, your course is ready to download, share, export, or sell.

They say that it helps convert any ordinary video into a profitable one. You get engaging, awesome video creation services for all your videos, whether for learning, business, or entertainment. And the best thing? You get it in a fraction of the period it usually takes to create videos on other software (20x faster).

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, we will uncover everything there is to know about this video course creation software pretty soon.

Here are some primary highlights of the CourseReel AI platform according to

  • Requires no technical skills or existing course creation knowledge
  • Works with copy-paste text or audio files
  • The process of creating professional video courses doesn’t take more than 60 minutes of work
  • It lets you use your own content or somebody else’s content
  • It has a timeline feature similar to programs like Camtasia
  • Ability to create up to 50 videos per day
  • It lets you create video sales letters for selling profitable video courses
  • Comes with license rights for commercial usage
  • It can be useful in transcription work.

CourseReel also supports multiple languages and comes pre-packed with built-in graphics, icons, and other media files. And to use it, you simply log into your account, upload text/old videos, and your new video will be ready to be deployed in minutes.

The video will contain slides, background images, text, and animation. In other words, it is a complete video that’s ready for use.

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How CourseReel AI Works

How Coursereel Works

According to the site, CourseReel AI helps create amazing videos in just minutes. However, you must buy the CourseReel AI first to use it. And they provide you with a demo video to test the waters before diving in fully.

After purchase, you get instant access to the dashboard, where you create amazing videos quickly. The process is easy to follow; according to their site, even a 12-year-old can hack it. In their own words, they claim, “they can’t make dinner for you but will help you create a video course by dinner tonight.”

Also, their team creates video training materials that can help anyone navigate the dashboard. They also have pdf guides to help when stuck.

So how is the process?

Step-by-Step Guide to Using CourseReel AI

The first step when creating video courses with this platform is choosing a video template. Here, you can upload a video or your own audio recording or record audio from inside the app’s dashboard.

CourseReel’s personal video clip library can sort you if you prefer to use their video templates. After that, you only need to pick the ideal template from the 10k plus royalty-free video clips that can help you create just about any video.

Next, the software auto-creates slides from your uploaded audio or uses the extracted audio from your uploaded video.

CourseReel AI then transcribes the audio into text format and breaks it into sentences. It then creates numerous slides with text, images, and background music you add to it.

The platform integrates with multiple Stock Images sites and access to images in a personal library. You can choose the ideal ones to use with over 50k royalty-free best Stock Image sites to choose from.

Also, the platform has access to over 1000 background music videos that you can choose from in their music library. This way, you don’t have to spend hours browsing the internet for the ideal backing track for your videos.

After video creation, you can customize it to your preference. Here, you use the ReelEngine timeline-based video editor to edit or customize your slides. It will also help you to add video clips, format the text, or even add more video images.

Next, automatically add voiceovers. You can use your voice or their text-to-speech technology.

Then, add your business logo or watermark. If you have multiple watermarks and logos, you can add them as well.

Finally, download or export the new video course to your preferred platform. Then use it as desired on your YouTube channel, website, or social media platform.

CourseReel Key Features

The CourseReel AI site claims that this tool can help you create beautiful, engaging course videos for any audience. Whether you’re a business owner, online coach, marketer, or YouTuber doesn’t matter. The platform lets you create video courses in the twinkling of an eye.

CourseReel has ideal features for anyone looking to create their own video courses and course content. These include;

1. Creates True High-Quality Videos

Coursereel, High Quality Videos

CourseReel AI creates high-quality videos. Quality is crucial when making videos for business or e-learning. CourseReel claims to create HD videos of up to 15 minutes in length.

2. Record Your Audio Inside the Platform

According to this platform, you can make video clips from your audio. If you record an audio clip using the app, you can turn it into a video in minutes. How amazing is that?

This feature makes the whole video creation process extremely easy! And isn’t that what everyone is looking for?

3. Create 100 Videos Weekly with Less Hassle

CourseReel promises to turn you into a video-creating machine. With the platform, you can make 100 videos weekly, which means over 400 monthly and 5,200 yearly.

Now, these are many videos. However, since the process is significantly easy, you will undoubtedly enjoy making them.

4. Upload your Audio to Create Videos

According to the CourseReel website, you create videos from audio recorded in the app or upload those recorded on your devices. From old podcasts to live recordings, you can create videos from that. With this feature, you absolutely have no reason not to make high-quality videos.

5. Create Up-to 20 Minutes Long Videos

20 Minutes Videos

The length of one video clip can go up to 20 minutes. With CourseReel, you can create up to 100 videos a week, which means you can have up to 34 hours of video time.

Given that the average course takes 7 to 8 hours and 10 hours maximum, you can have an average of 4 to 5 courses completed in a week. Now, that’s a lot.

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6. Upload Videos and Use their Audio to Create New Videos

If you have a video with poor quality that you want to recreate, CourseReel comes in handy. You can recreate your video into a brand new video.

Interestingly, you only need to upload it to the platform. The platform will then extract your audio and convert it into text. Then, you may use it to create new proper video content.

7. Access to Over 10k Video Clips

The CourseReel video library has over 10,000 video clips that you can use in the video slides. With that, you can create just about any video without extra costs.

Consequently, it means you don’t need any extra investment to get the video clips you need. You have everything paid for with your CourseReel package.

8. 50k Images in the Stock Library

CourseReel integrates with multiple Stock Image sites, giving you access to over 50,000 images to choose from. You can use these royalty-free images in slides to give your videos the best visual touch.

9. Free Music Library

If you want to add some background music, you can use the over 1000 royalty-free music available on the app. The music ranges from classical to soft rock. Whatever your preference might be.

10. Share Your Videos on Facebook Directly

After you create a video, you can share it on social media platforms like Facebook. You can export the video straight to Facebook for entertainment, business, or teaching. And since social media has become the best place to find an audience, this feature makes it easy to get your videos in front of your potential or existing customers.

11. Export Direct to YouTube

Most content and video course creators use YouTube to share their work with their audience. According to CourseReel, you don’t have to download or upload the video on YouTube.

Instead, you upload videos to YouTube directly from inside the app. The app allows you to upload as many videos as you want.

12. Text-to-Speech Technology with Speech Realistic Voices Included

CourseReel text-speech technology lets you convert text into realistic speech voices. So, if you don’t want to speak or use your own voice, you can use voiceovers from the various speech options and voice accents to reach any audience.

This means anyone can make great videos and include audio without worrying about their voices. Your voice doesn’t have to limit your video creation, as the platform has you covered.

13. Access to 100+ Fonts

Coursereel Features

With CourseReel, you can gain access to over 1000 fonts to use on your slides. And with that, you can customize the appearance of your transcripts the way you want.

14. Training Hub

You cannot get stuck while using the CourseReel app. CourseReel has a training hub that contains easy-to-follow training material, videos, and pdf guides. These help you better understand how to use the app.

So, as we pointed out earlier, you don’t need any experience or skills to use the app. Their training materials will get you up to speed on how the platform works.

15. Use on Android and iPhone

CourseReel app is compatible with smartphones. You can download the app on any Android or iPhone smartphone.

That lets you create videos and video courses on the go. And that’s convenient.

16. Includes 200 Minutes of Transcription

Since videos with a transcript tend to get more shares than those without, CourseReel offers all its user up to 200 minutes of free transcripts. Even better, if you use the Google API account, you get unlimited minutes of transcription.

17. Add Your Own Watermark and Logos

CourseReel lets you and your business create logos and watermarks to customize your videos. This helps uphold your brand and is a smart way to prevent unlawful video reuse.

18. Cloudbased, Windows and Mac-compatible, and Available as a Mobile App

CourseReel is cloud-based and is also available for Windows, Mac, and as a mobile app for iPhone and Android. That means you can use it anywhere and anytime to create profitable videos.

19. Regular Updates and Dedicated Support

The app’s customer service desk is always ready to respond to all your queries. Also, it has made regular updates to ensure the software is working optimally.

20. Approved Whitehat Software

Approved And Whitehat

According to their site, the app is approved, and they don’t get involved in underhand tactics. The software is compliant and fully vetted.

CourseReel Plans

The pricing of CourseReel is categorized into two. They have a starter package and a Pro one. You can purchase using your MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Paypal account.

Both packages include different features. But the Pro Package includes all the Starter package features and more. Here are the key features included in the packages:

CourseReel AI Starter Package

The CourseReel starter package costs $62 (previously $197), a one-time payment plan. It helps you:

  • Create VSL for video courses,
  • Create Videos courses,
  • Make Up to 5 minutes long HD videos,
  • Create Video courses with commercial rights allowing you to sell them anywhere,
  • Make 5 videos weekly,
  • Get Full rights with no CourseReel watermarks,
  • Access to video clips,
  • Use the Drag-and-drop timeline video editor
  • Have the ability to record your audio inside the app,
  • Download your videos,
  • Access training materials, including Video and PDF guides,
  • Get regular updates and dedicated support,
  • 14-Days money-back guarantee,

CourseReel Pro Package – $67

Coursereel Plans

This package costs $67 (down from $197), and it helps:

  • Create VSL for video courses
  • Make video courses,
  • Make up to 15 min long HD videos,
  • Add video clips to your videos
  • Get up to 50 videos in a week
  • Create and sell your courses,
  • Edit your videos with a drag-and-drop timeline video editor,
  • Create videos with no CourseReel watermarks,
  • Record your audio inside the app,
  • Create and convert YouTube shorts, Facebook stories, Tiktok videos, and Instagram stories to reel videos using the TrimReel video shape feature,
  • Over 75 animations styles,
  • Copy-paste text to create a video,
  • Create video content from audio or voiceover recordings
  • Multi-lingual voiceovers,
  • Repurpose other videos to create a new video,
  • Upload any audio to create a video,
  • Upload a video and use its audio to come up with a new video,
  • Auto voice overs creation for your videos,
  • Choose from millions of stock image sites online,
  • Choose a music background from a thousand music genres,
  • Get English, Hindi, and Spanish support,
  • Upload to YouTube channel directly,
  • Upload to Facebook directly,
  • Get regular updates and dedicated support,
  • Download your videos,
  • Get detailed training from video and PDF materials,
  • 14-Days money back guarantee,
  • Get bonus training on how to make money quickly using CourseReel,
  • Another bonus of an article 2 voice creator,
  • Another bonus of SEO software Pro,
  • Finally, a bonus of Courseable TrafficBlaster.

All these features are included in your one-time paid package. You get to make amazing videos for a lifetime.

CourseReel Primary Users

This CourseReel review wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t elaborate on its target user. So, who Is CourseReel For?

The video creation program works best for:

  1. Affiliate marketers – you can convert blog posts, emails, or text reviews into complete videos with proper slides.
  2. Video marketers – Can help turn podcasts into videos in a jiffy to increase your reach. Also, create captivating video sales letters and courses to resell and upsell your offers.
  3. Newbie Marketers– With CourseReel, you can easily create your first video course and sell it. The app does not need technical know-how to create and edit videos; even newbies can hack it. You also don’t need guesswork or to start from scratch. All you do is input a keyword, and the AI will create a video course that you can sell on Udemy or Teachable.
  4. Local businesses – can turn text into equivalent videos, which can be helpful to a lot of businesses.
  5. Blogger & YouTubers -It helps create videos easily. You can convert your blog posts into educational videos within no time.

CourseReel also offers a few upgrades/upsells:

OTO1 of CourseReel will let you create unlimited videos with the program.

OTO2 of CourseReel will get you 5 custom created videos for your courses

OTO3 of CourseReel will let you translate videos into other languages and have a global reach.

OTO4 of CourseReel offers a done-for-you YouTube business site with checkout. Also included is access to virtual assistants, DFY client contract templates, and 100+ FB ad templates.

OTO5 of CourseReel will give you access to PlayerNeos PRO, a cloud-based interactive video creator application. It can help you add buttons, subscription forms, logos, and custom thumbnails.

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CourseReel AI Pros and Cons

CourseReel UpSide

  1. It is easy to use and 100% newbie friendly
  2. Easily customizable
  3. No experience or tech skills required
  4. Cloud-based and compatible with windows, Mac, and mobile apps
  5. Dedicated customer support
  6. Makes regular updates to make it better
  7. Step-by-step tutorial and training materials
  8. Create and monetize video content and courses in different niches
  9. The app creates a topic or title from your keyword instantly
  10. CourseReel AI converts each script into a separate video
  11. The app writes all the scripts for you section by section to create a cohesive video course
  12. Upload audio or record in the app and create a video automatically.
  13. With free commercial rights, you can sell your course anywhere
  14. Export all your video courses directly to popular social media platforms, including Facebook and YouTube accounts, with just a mouse click.
  15. It provides a one-stop shop for video creation; you don’t have to use any other audio software.

CourseReel Review – The Ugly Truth

Even though CourseReel is a decent application for creating videos, it is simply not the best. It pales in comparison to apps like Filmora and Camtasia Studio.

And while these apps are expensive, they come packed with features that will make video creation a breezeJust creating a video with audio recordings and text won’t work very well, either. To taste success as an instructor online, you need engaging content.

Just having a few slides here and there with a few animations won’t work. Headshot videos work and connect better with the audiences for obvious reasons.

For these reasons alone, CourseReel is not our number one recommended video course creation app to make money online.

CourseReel AI Alternatives

As mentioned above, CourseReel has an ugly side that could make anyone consider alternatives. Here is a list of software that we can recommend as the best CourseReel alternatives:


A top competitor of CourseReel is Coursesify. It was also launched in 2022 and founded by Ayush Jain and his partner Pranshu Gupta. The best part is this fully cloud-based software can help you create and sell multiple courses and retain 100% full rights and profits.

The platform costs only $17, and there is no experience or skills required to start using Coursesify. The platform is loaded with numerous awesome features to help in course creation, including:

  • Ability to connect your domain and use its web-based system,
  • In-built affiliate system for free traffic and promotions,
  • Members area with pre-loaded 250 done-for-you courses,
  • No monthly or yearly fees,
  • Create unlimited sites and add unlimited content and courses,
  • Full training and step-by-step video guides are provided,
  • Ability to sell courses to an unlimited number of students and keep 100%profits,
  • Upload and monetize your own courses and other peoples’ courses if you have the PLR license,
  • Accept Paypal, Clickbank, JVZOO, and Warrior plus payments,
  • In-built SEO optimization for free SEO traffic,
  • Fully protected and secure content,
  • In-built HD video player,
  • 30-Days money-back guarantee,
  • Effective support response,
  • Built-in support ticketing system.

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2. Academiyo

This is another main alternative to CourseReel AI. Just like Coursereel, Academiyo is a platform that helps an ordinary person build and sell courses online.

Like Coursesify, this software is also by Ayush and Pranshu. It gives users a 100% commercial license to start selling courses to students and keep all the leads and profits.

With Academiyo, you can build your own pro academy starting at $17. It offers you the following features:

  • No technical skills are required,
  • Fully-cloud based and newbie friendly,
  • 10 DFY courses to use as your own,
  • Branded Members area for all your client and students,
  • Built-in ticketing system,
  • Built-in lead management system,
  • Marketplace and 100% SEO and mobile academy,
  • A blog for affiliate and lead promotions,
  • Sales page builder,
  • Easy integration with payment systems like JVZOO, Paypal, Warrior plus, and Clickbank,
  • Monetize your site with banner ads for extra profits,
  • Autoresponder integration,
  • Ready to use affiliate system,
  • Mastermind FB group,
  • SMO ready with social icons that you can enable to grow your following on social media,
  • Customer support and live chat,
  • Track progress in percentage.
  • Autoresponders integration


Another alternative to Coursereel is the Klickcourse. Founded by Kimberly de Vries and her partner Danny De Vries, this is a cloud-based software and an all-inclusive course builder and multi-feature membership platform.

It is unique because it builds courses and memberships and lets you license other WordPress themes & plugins, web apps, and desktop software. It starts at $47 and includes features such as:

  • Premium DFY videos to help you create numerous income sites without your content,
  • 1-click course builder,
  • 3-step membership builder,
  • Unlimited domains,
  • 1-Click domain tracker,
  • Built-in sales processing system,
  • Regular updates and dedicated customer support,
  • 1-click backup, import, and export membership data,
  • Supports over 15 third-party payment processors,
  • Fully featured member management,
  • Supports several autoresponders,
  • Build memberships from your dashboard for your clients,
  • Pre-load with 8 preset themes,
  • Multiple types of payments types,
  • Built-in notification system for members.


With Courserious, you can build your own brand and online business of selling courses in minutes. Created by Eric Holmlund and Firelaunchers, Courserious is a cloud-based software that allows you to upload and sell courses in any niche on your own marketplace.

With Courserious, you can launch your own academy sites with just a click of a few buttons, sell your courses and keep 100% of the profits.

Starting at $37, some of the best features of Courserious include:

  • Comes with 550+ DFY courses (eBooks) in different niches,
  • Branded member area for students,
  • Manage students, courses, and payments from one dashboard,
  • Built-in ticketing support system,
  • Advanced course manager,
  • Free hosting for documents,
  • Own branded marketplace,
  • Detailed report system,
  • Social media sharing,
  • Mobile-responsive and works on any mobile device,
  • All-in-one e-learning business solution for the creation and sale of courses online,
  • Video tutorials included and step-by-step guidelines from login to profit,
  • Robust data privacy.

Is CourseReel Legit?

The above CourseReel review has given us all the features that CourseReel offers and how it works. But is the platform legit? Is it the real deal for people looking to create profitable video courses?

Well, for starters, CourseReel is undoubtedly legit. People and businesses are using it and making money from its easy-to-create videos. So, if you were worried about its legitimacy, you now don’t have to.

The only drawback is that there are other platforms that offer more features than CourseReel, meaning it’s not the best. But if the above-listed features match your needs, it certainly can be an excellent platform.


Is CourseReel the best platform for creating your own video courses?

It depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for an easy and fast way to make video courses, then Coursereel can be your platform. But if you want a platform that guarantees videos that sell, you might want to evaluate the alternatives.

Can you make real money with video course creation?

Yes! More and more people have adapted to internet knowledge. As such, you will always find people looking for these online courses to broaden their knowledge base. And this means money for you.

Is creating video courses hard?

Yes, it’s not easy, especially for someone with zero skills. However, with the various video course creation platforms, the process is pretty easy. As long as you can input the necessary data, the AI does the rest of the work.

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