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Creating a Website for Dummies – Everything You Need To Know

There are many reasons why one may want to build a website. It could be an affiliate website, one for showcasing your portfolio, or an e-commerce store. The list goes on and on.

Thankfully, it isn’t 1997 anymore, and if you can click around and drag/drop elements, creating a website will be a cakewalk.

In this updated guide, we walk you through the process and share everything you need to know.

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With that said, let’s begin.

#1 Get a Domain

A domain is where your website will live. It will usually look like the one you see below.

Work From Home Reviews Website's Domain

This website’s domain

It can end in .net or .com or any other TLDs of your preference. Some people prefer to use a country-specific TLD (top-level domain) such as or or .ca.

It can be bought for as little as $15 one-time and then $10-15 per year if you want to renew it. There are many domain registrars out there, and Namecheap is among our favorite ones. 

However, you don’t have to buy the domain yet, there’s a way to get one for free. Check step #2.

#2 Select a Web Hosting Service

A web host is where your domain will live. Think of it as a garage for a car. We use and recommend Bluehost ($3.95 a month), and you can get a domain for free with your web hosting plan.

>> Get Started With Bluehost Here (and Claim Your FREE Domain)

Simply visit the website, enter the details and choose a free domain of your liking. Another reason we love Bluehost is because of their famous 1-click WordPress installation.

Once your account is set up, simply tap on install WordPress, and it will be taken care of in a jiffy.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS/content management system or simply a software platform using which you can manage your website. Just log into your website as you would with any online account, and manage everything with an easy-to-use interface.

Wordpress Logo
Image source: WordPress

With it, you can create new pages, and new posts, upload images, and also manage comments. Updating existing content is also a breeze since it requires no technical prowess.

#3 You’re Ready To Roll!

Yes, from signing up to Bluehost to selecting your free domain to get your website live using WordPress – we’ve done it all. That too in less than 30 minutes’ time.

Just to recap:

  • Get a domain
  • Get a web host (with Bluehost, you get a free domain)
  • Use their famous 1-click installation to install WP

Once the website is live, the sky is the limit to what you can achieve with it. Will you build a sales page for a product or a blog or, perhaps, a combination of both?

If you’d like to dive deeper into WordPress, more specifically into setting up themes/plugins, check out our full guide here. This guide was built with affiliate marketers in mind, but it should be just as helpful even if you want to build a great-looking website in general.

Next Steps

1-2-3, and it’s done! That brings us to the conclusion of this guide. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, you shouldn’t have any issues setting up your website from scratch.

What type of website will you build using this guide?

Did you use Bluehost’s popular one-click WordPress installer?

Or did we miss anything?

Either way, let us know by leaving a quick comment down below.

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