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Cutouts Empire Review

Welcome to this Cutouts Empire Review.

Cutouts Empire is a brand-new opportunity that you can use to bank hard-selling printables, that too without much competition.

Let’s explore the system and see if it’s the real deal or if it’s a scam you should stay away from.

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Cutouts Empire Review – An Overview

Vendor name:

Alessandro Zamboni, Andreas Quintana

Product:Cutouts Empire

Cutouts Empire is a program that teaches how you can make money online by selling PDF documents filled with free images.

The 11 step-by-step videos show how you can make money selling PDF files (printables) on the Etsy platform. If you’re the creative type, this can be your break.

However, it’s basic at best, and there are far better options, even if you’re a beginner.

How Cutouts Empire Works

Cutouts Empire is geared towards the printable niche, a huge market that appeals to kids. As per Alessandro, the industry is untapped, and the competition is non-existent.

This is how the process works in a nutshell:

How Cutouts Empire Works

The 11 step-by-step videos cover the following in great detail:

  • Getting creative – coming up with unique ideas
  • Creating the product from scratch, even if you’ve never created one before
  • Marketing your product and getting your first customers
  • Also included are 4 done-for-you niches that you can use if you’re unsure of where to start

Is Cutouts Empire Worth It

It depends on many factors, one of them is – are you the creative kind?

If not, you may not enjoy creating printable files after going through the training program. Even though the process supposedly takes minutes, it won’t be something you would fancy.

Cutouts Empire 3 Easy Steps

Once these files are ready, they can be sold on creative marketplaces like Etsy or Fiverr.


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Cutouts Empire – Upsells

Cutouts Empire also offers a few upsells/upgrades to help you make the most out of the program:

OTO1 of Cutouts Empire shows how you can build digital paper dolls.

OTO2 of Cutouts Empire offers 100+ done-for-you stock images you can use in your PDF files.

OTO3 of Cutouts Empire offers a set of previous printable products for additional knowledge.

Cutouts Empire – Pros & Cons

Let’s explore the pros and cons of the Cutouts Empire video training program.


  1. Beginner-friendly method – even if you’re starting out, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to apply what you learn from the video course.
  2. PDF files can be created in a jiffy since the process is very straightforward.
  3. The training offers several tips you can use to make the selling process on Etsy a breeze.
  4. It covers Etsy tag secrets, as the program creators call them.
  5. Inexpensive but also basic at the same time – you get what you pay for.
  6. If you’re looking for a decent income on the side ($100-300 per month), this is a legit business model and is an option you can consider.


  1. Even though the training is beginner-friendly, you can’t get instant results.
  2. Etsy is a competitive marketplace where you’re up against creative professionals with decades of experience designing books/covers/banners, and other stuff.
  3. If you’re not creative, you won’t enjoy this.
  4. Like with any other marketplace, it takes a lot more to get the first few sales.
  5. This market has some competition and some money as well. However, it’s not what you think, and it’s still very limited compared to other markets.
  6. With freelancing, you’ll have everything but time freedom. As opposed to what Alessandro (the system creator) claims, this is hardly a decent option for generating a passive income.
  7. Selling on Etsy requires you to shell out a tiny listing fee. Just like with any other business out there, it takes money to make money, and then again, there are no guarantees.
  8. It will take more than 10 minutes per day – create your product, market it, and then have a decent advertising capital if you want to promote it (and make money).
  9. Fiverr has a lot of creative professionals willing to do this work for $5 one-time if that gives you an idea of how much money is in the niche.

Cutouts Empire – The Ugly Truth Revealed

Even though it’s a legit program for learning how to produce PDFs and then sell on Etsy, the information is elementary, and you need a lot more than that to close sales.

Cutouts Empire Sales Pitch

The knowledge shared in the course is readily available elsewhere on the internet for free.

Unless you’re a beginner, you won’t find much value in the Cutouts Empire training course. It’s hardly as autopilot as you would think, as it’s a real business and will require a lot of effort.

You’ll have to commit to it fully and then not expect any results for the first few months while giving it your best shot simultaneously. For these reasons, we cannot recommend Cutouts Profits to anyone, regardless of your experience with online businesses.

Other business models are a lot more rewarding, provided you put in the work.

Cutouts Empire Review – Final Words

At best, Cutouts Empire is a basic course for learning how to do Cutouts and sell creative stuff on platforms like Etsy.

The 11 videos cover enough ground to help you get started, but to make it online; you need more.

If you’re looking to get started online, it will be a wiser option to get started with a real step-by-step training program that covers everything in great detail. Misinformation and false hype are one of the main reason that keeps people from succeeding.

Simply acquire the right skills, and put in the work to get real results. Working on your foundation will pay dividends for years to come and will help you get one step closer to financial freedom.

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