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Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate a Scam? (Review)

There are many affiliate marketing courses out there that cost less than $20 one-time and promise the world. Deadbeat Super Affiliate by Dan Brock is one of them.

Is the program any good or is it just another flash in the pan? Does it teach real relevant stuff or is it a waste of 20 bucks? This review will provide the answers. First off, give yourself a pat on the back for doing your research; this is a surefire way to find legit programs and avoid scams.

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Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review

Dan Brock’s inexpensive affiliate marketing course claims to get you up to speed as an affiliate marketer. The 5+ hour training program covers various topics related to online marketing and spans 20+ videos.

Surely it’s cheap and teaches the basics, but it totally beats the purpose. The tactics taught in the course are as outdated as it gets, and they won’t help you make a dime working online. There are many legit ways to make money. However, this probably won’t work for you.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate Training

To make some, you need a perfect blend of cutting-edge tactics (the right education), an advertising budget (or patience), and some luck. The program is now re-branded and is promoted as Deadbeat Super Affiliate Reloaded. It covers various affiliate networks and also Amazon’s referral program.

The updated version also shows how you can ‘potentially’ make a few bucks with ClickBank. The system shows how you can design eye-catching websites and get to rank higher on search engines. This free traffic can bring you loads of referrals.

There’s nothing wrong with the concept here, but it’s anything but easy. The process is simple but takes much more work and requires real skills. Skills that a $20 course simply can’t teach. After all, if the process works and is super easy to implement, why is the pricing dirt cheap?

Earning thousands of dollars each month working online is possible, but if you have these goals, be ready to invest in yourself. Invest in proper training and put in countless hours of work. If Amazon’s FBA program is something you’re interested in, check out Amazing Selling Machine instead.

How Deadbeat Super Affiliate Works

Purchase the program, acquire the skills, and bank. That’s the process in a nutshell. However, these skills won’t serve you well in the long run. If you want full-time results, expect to put in ‘full-time’ work and not just treat it as a hobby.

The program is inexpensive at $17 one-time which will get you instant access to the 5+ hour video training. The videos cover everything from joining a network to choosing a category/niche to set up a website. Apart from WordPress essentials, it also talks about YouTube advertising.

The videos are well produced, and the program definitely covers the basics very well. You will also be presented with a few upgrade offers (upsells) after a successful purchase.

Deadbeat Traffic Blaster is the first OTO or one-time offer. It’s a software that will generate content and post on free article submission websites like Tumblr and Blogger. This strategy used to work back in the day, but not anymore.

Other upgrades include Done-for-You (DFY) content including ready-to-go affiliate websites and monthly community membership. If the active community is what you’re interested in, there are better free forums if you know where to look.

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Things We Liked

  • Well-structured training material – step-by-step content should help beginners. Videos are also well-produced.
  • Active community – this is only available with monthly pricing which is one of the upsells. The community is an active one, and Dan can often be found.
  • I can help you get up to speed with WordPress. This won’t directly make you money, but web design is among the most in-demand skills today. This should serve you well in marketing.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • False income claims – the results shown on the sales page are anything but typical. The website makes this clear in the disclaimer yet relies on false hype to ‘sell’ the product.
  • Outdated training material – for instance, they recommend Google Sniper for getting organic traffic from Google. The product is obsolete and stopped working at least a decade ago. The product has been relaunched with updates, but it still uses old, outdated content.
  • Upsells are useless/expensive (and don’t work anymore, either)

Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate a Scam?

No, Deadbeat Super Affiliate is not a scam. The video course is well-produced and inexpensive. However, it teaches dated strategies that don’t work anymore. For basic education alone, the product can be worth the money spent.

Thumbs Down Icon

The website uses false hype to sell the product with income screenshots. It’s possible to earn as an affiliate, but those results are not typical. It often will ask for a lot of work and patience to see ‘some’ results.

Don’t expect to make any money with the product, though. Also if you look around, you can easily find dozens of high-quality videos on platforms like YouTube for free. There are many great free resources that can be had if you’re up for some digging.

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