Is DS Domination A Legit Dropshipping Training Or A Scam?

If you want to make money online and have done some research, you might have encountered the dropshipping business model. Utilizing this model, you can sell products at a retail price and make profits.

With a surge in the popularity of e-commerce, there's a surge in programs which claim to teach dropshipping.

DS Domination is one of them. You might be wondering if it's a legit system or a scam. In this review, we will take a closer look at the training program and share things you need to know.

What is DS Domination

Dropshipping Domination, also known as DS Domination is an online training program which was launched in 2013 by Roger Langille, Hitesh Junega, and Kevin Hokoana.

It teaches how you one can make money online with dropshipping which is one of the most popular e-commerce business models lately. There are a lot of people who are doing well with ecommerce and drop shipping, it can definitely be profitable if you know your numbers and have some capital to invest in your business.

DS Domination, however isn't the best program that you can find. The program teaches strategies that worked in 2013 (with a few updates). Things and technologies change within months, if you try to implement methods that worked a decade ago, the chances of you succeeding are slim. You always have to adapt to the new environment and keep up with the latest trends and strategies.

The Obsolete Information

Right now, most dropshippers use AliExpress to select products, which is a China-based wholesale supplier website. You can get products for cheap (often with free/under $5 shipping) which you can sell at a good price to your store customers.

However, DS Domination still lives in the bygone era and focuses on teaching strategies which are obsolete now. To succeed, you need the right mentorship, right tools and resources. If you miss a few important things, your business may fail miserably and cost you a lot of money.

They suggest you to go to Amazon to select products. Fun fact: most sellers on Amazon are already selling things at a retail price! This means if you take their advise, you're destined for failure from the first day.

If you buy from Amazon at a retail price and sell on other platforms at a slightly higher price, this method probably won't work unless the visitor has done absolutely zero research on the product. If they find it cheaper on Amazon, you lose business in a jiffy.

Other than this, if you buy from Amazon to fulfill orders, the buyers will receive the product in Amazon packaging which is not a good thing at all. They will definitely know you're just 'reselling' and this may result in refunds/payment disputes.

Not many people will fall for this, and this isn't the best (and the most legit) way to do business either.

The Product

It sports an MLM structure utilizing which you can make money. Recruiting people into the system can be profitable if you're a network marketer and enjoy what you do. The training comes with a number of upsells:

  • Pro - $19.95 a month
  • Elite - $99.95 a month
  • Unleashed - $249 one-time
  • Monopoly - $499 one-time
  • Genesis - $1,499 one-time

Different levels come with different training modules and resources. Following is how the company's compensation plan looks like:

To be eligible to get commission from an up-sell, you must have purchased the product yourself. This is how most pyramid schemes work - they push you to pay more money and buy upgrades just to be able to promote it as an affiliate.

If you want to learn how to drop ship, you'd do a lot better with Shopify, make sure you check out their free resources which are also updated from time to time.

The process isn't legit either since they teach you to dropship with Amazon. It's against Amazon's T&S too. If that's something you're interested in, you should instead check out Fulfillment by Amazon (Amazon FBA), which is a different business model. DS Domination has a no refund policy and that doesn't help either.

Is It A Scam?

It can't be considered a scam because you do receive some training for what you pay. The training isn't the best one out there but it's a product at least which you can consume. It's just that the strategies they teach you won't help you make any money at all so it totally beats the purpose.

Most people struggle to make money because of bunk programs and scams. If you're looking for a legitimate way to make money online, you should instead check out our top recommended training for working from home. It teaches affiliate marketing which is one of the profitable business models today.

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