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Earnapp Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

Passive income is all the rage—and for a good reason: the prospect of earning income without working appeals to many. The United States Census estimates that 20% of American households earn passive income from various sources, including property rentals, investment dividends, and more.

If you need more resources to make such significant investments, you might think passive income is out of your reach. Thankfully, there are many accessible ways to earn passive income—and Earnapp is one of them.

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Earnapp, a platform that allows you to share unused internet bandwidth, promises to bring passive income opportunities to more people. It also offers a comprehensive referral program aimed at helping you start earning faster.

But is it legit, or is it a scam? I downloaded, installed, tested, and evaluated Earnapp to help determine the answer to this question—and I’ve laid out my findings in this Earnapp review so you can do the same. 

Short Version

EarnApp is a legitimate platform allowing you to earn passive income by sharing your unused internet bandwidth with third-party businesses seeking market research. The installation process is easy and the support options are many. I loved EarnApp for its ease of use, flexibility, and multiple income stream offerings, and I recommend it to anyone seeking to maximize their monthly income.

Review Methodology 

I began this Earnapp review by reading as much about the platform as possible. First, I researched the company and gathered information about its policies, privacy practices, etc.

Then, I read reviews of the company and the app. There are many other reviews available online. 

I downloaded and installed the app and tested it out myself. Then, I got other people to try it out with me! To offer the most well-rounded review, I explored every feature and capability within the app.

Lastly, I tested for potential issues and drawbacks, which I’ve included here. 

What is EarnApp? 

Earnapp Logo

EarnApp is a platform that facilitates the transfer of digital data and unused internet bandwidth between individuals and businesses. The app allows you to earn passive income by sharing your internet bandwidth with significant companies worldwide. Those companies will, in turn, pay you for your unused internet bandwidth, allowing you to quickly and efficiently generate passive income. 

When you join EarnApp, you allow its parent corporation, Bright Data, to use your IP address to collect public web data from the internet. Other companies then pay to use your IP to conduct market research or learn more about consumer behavior.

All you need to get started is a PC, Linux, Raspberry PI, Android, or iOS device to get started!

How EarnApp Works

How Earnapp Works
EarnApp / EarnApp

There are two ways to earn passively with EarnApp. First, you can sign up and share your IP address with the app, which uses the best security measures available in the industry to protect your data. You can earn an average of $54 simply by sharing unused bandwidth across your devices and apps. 

Earnapp Sign In Section
EarnApp / EarnApp

You’ll earn passively through three payout methods: Wise, PayPal, and Amazon gift cards.

You can also become a referral partner with EarnApp. You’ll sign up and:

  1. Create an offer that fits your audience.
  2. Generate a referral code and share it. 
  3. Earn passive income through PayPal, Wise, or Amazon Gift Cards.

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The Company Behind EarnApp

About Earnapp Page
EarnApp / EarnApp

Bright Data Inc. owns EarnApp, the world’s leading web data platform so you can count on the legitimacy of its products.

The company aims to expand the global network of people who can benefit from sharing digital resources and earning additional income. 

Bright Data Inc. also prioritizes open web data and encourages transparent and communicative digital business practices. Its mission is to create a digital structure that contributes to the open sharing of data-driven facts so businesses worldwide can make better strategic decisions. 

Who Should Use EarnApp? 

Earnapp  For Developers
EarnApp / EarnApp

EarnApp is an ideal platform for most users seeking to earn extra money

If you have a device and an internet connection, you can use EarnApp and get paid.

Because it leverages existing resources, you likely won’t need to invest in any products or services to take advantage of this app.

EarnApp is ideal for: 

  • Passive Income Seekers: EarnApp is a great way to earn upwards of $50 a month, so it’s a great way to claim passive income.
  • Beginners: EarnApp boasts a user-friendly interface and is adaptive to the needs of novice users. 
  • Multi-Device Owners: If you have multiple devices, you’re an excellent candidate for EarnApp, since you’ll earn more money over time.
  • High-Speed, Reliable Internet Connections: You should use EarnApp with an internet speed of 50mbps or more to ensure smooth traffic.
  • Content Creators & Digital Publishers: If you spend lots of time on your device and want to monetize your activity, you can partner with EarnApp’s referral program to promote the app.

EarnApp Features 

Before investing valuable time and energy into an app, getting a clear idea of its features is essential. I’ve tested EarnApp’s features and capabilities individually to provide the most well-rounded and comprehensive review possible. Consider the following list of features before choosing to earn money with EarnApp.


Earnapp Availability In Different Devices
EarnApp / EarnApp

EarnApp boasts an incredibly intuitive user interface, making learning and adapting to the platform quick. I downloaded the EarnApp mobile app and used the computer application; both were very accessible.

You can track your performance from within the app and connect or disconnect devices. You can also let the platform run without checking the app, making this one of the most accessible passive income platforms.

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Earnapp Earnings Factors
EarnApp / EarnApp

EarnApp works in most countries, though your pay will vary depending on your location. This is an advantage over other apps since most are limited to specific geographic locations. As of 2023, EarnApp partners with over 72 million IP addresses and has over 15,000 business customers worldwide.

Passive Income Opportunities

Earnapp Passive Income Opportunity
EarnApp / EarnApp

EarnApp offers two opportunities for earning income through the platform. First, you can share unused internet bandwidth by providing your devices’ IP addresses through the app. Companies will leverage your unused bandwidth and pay you for it.

You can also partner with EarnApp’s referral program to promote the platform and earn money from commissions. If you follow expectations properly, you can earn a pretty penny by capitalizing on high rates Since both methods are relatively easy and accessible to most, this is an efficient way to earn extra cash.

Multiple Payout Methods

I like EarnApp because I can choose from several different payout methods. This allows me to diversify how I receive funds and optimize according to my preferences.

EarnApp allows me to choose between Amazon gift cards, PayPal, and Wise. I like PayPal best because I can complete instant transfers to my bank account. I also often use Amazon, and I like having Amazon gift cards. 

Wise is ideal for those interested in sending or receiving money abroad. You can also use the auto-redeem features to automatically obtain payments directly in your bank account, saving you time and money. Lastly, EarnApp has no payout threshold, so you won’t have to worry about meeting a minimum withdrawal amount like you would with other passive income apps. 

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Security Features 

Earnapp Security Features
EarnApp / EarnApp

The main concern I had with EarnApp was its safety. However, EarnApp proved to be highly safe. The app does not share your data or information with third-party websites or companies.

Bright Data is highly transparent about its operations and practices, and you can find a detailed report of the site’s extensive security measures on the website. EarnApp has an Appestream Certificate, which verifies its compliance with industry-leading standards.

Bright Data also uses leading antivirus engines, including AVG, McAfee, Microsoft Defender, and more, to protect you against viruses. Lastly, the app receives an audit every three months to ensure compliance with regulations and integrity, so you can ensure the highest-quality security protocol available.

Customer Support 

Customer support is one of the most important considerations when using an app or software service. Many things can go wrong when connecting to digital platforms, and you’ll need a responsive customer service team to address any concerns you may have.

EarnApp has a relatively responsive customer support team, but you can currently only reach them using the dedicated form on the website.  Thankfully, EarnApp has an extensive FAQ database that answers most questions. I personally relied on the FAQ database for most of my questions and didn’t feel the need to contact the site. 

EarnApp Pros & Cons

There are significant benefits and drawbacks to consider when using EarnApp. Consider the following before making your final decision. 

Pros of EarnApp

The benefits of using EarnApp are the following.

  • Tight Security: EarnApp offers a more secure security protocol than most other apps, so you don’t have to worry about compromising your data or personal information.
  • Easy to Use: EarnApp is intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to earn passive income quickly and without much effort.
  • Multiple Income Streams: With EarnApp, you can choose between two passive income opportunities, so this app offers more diverse income streams than most.
  • Promotes Transparency: EarnApp’s mission promotes transparency and open-sourced sharing, and the site has a track record of strict compliance with transparent business practices.
  • No Minimum Withdrawal Threshold: EarnApp doesn’t have a minimum withdrawal threshold, so you can earn additional passive income without worrying about making big money. 
  • Earn Money Guaranteed: Unlike other apps, EarnApp almost certainly guarantees that you will earn some money—provided you have unused bandwidth to share. 

Cons of EarnApp

The drawbacks of using EarnApp are as follows.

  • Variable Pay: The amount of money you can earn with EarnApp will depend on several factors, including your geographic location. This can be a disadvantage if you live in an area with a low payout rate.
  • Battery Life: EarnApp will drain some of your device’s battery life, so you may want to keep it plugged in. This can also affect your overall profits since you may pay more to charge your devices longer.
  • No Sustainable Income: With EarnApp, your income is variable, so you can’t count on earning a certain amount per month. EarnApp is likely not a suitable supplement for a full-time job. 
  • Customer Service: Although the EarnApp team is friendly and responsive, there are a few easy ways to reach them. 

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I’ve rated each of EarnApp’s main features below for your convenience. Consider each rating to make your decision.

Ease of Use: 5/5

  • EarnApp is incredibly easy to use.
  • It takes 30 seconds to sign up and get started, and you can download the platform directly to your computer or mobile phone for easy tracking.
  • From there, the interface is intuitive, and it is very little for you to do. 

Features: 4.5/5 

  • EarnApp has an excellent yet limited range of features.
  • Bright Data does an excellent job of optimizing the available features. In the future, I’d like to see more opportunities for diversification and alternative passive income streams.
  • Overall, EasyApp has top-quality features.

Customer Service: 3.5/5 

  • EarnApp scores lowest for customer service since I needed help locating a phone number to contact.
  • The customer service team typically replies to form requests between 24 to 48 hours, which is a relatively short turnaround time—unless you have a security emergency. 
  • The company could continue to improve its customer service offerings to optimize the app.

Value for Money: 5/5

  • EarnApp is free to download and install, offering excellent value for your money.
  • Ultimately, you only stand to gain from using EarnApp, and my time using the app was well worth it. 
  • I will likely continue to use EarnApp since it costs me nothing and continues to contribute to my monthly income. 


EarnApp is a legitimate passive income app, allowing me to generate nearly $75 monthly from passive income alone. The app is secure, reliable, and backed by a legitimate and trustworthy company.

It offers multiple revenue and payment methods, so it fits the needs of diverse users. Best of all, EarnApp is accessible to beginners and advanced users alike. 

For the above reasons, I recommend EarnApp to people with multiple devices and a consistent internet connection. After all, what do you have to lose? 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Consider the answers to our most frequently asked questions below for more information on EarnApp.

Is EarnApp Legit?

EarnApp is a legitimate platform for earning passive income. The company behind EarnApp, Bright Data, uses transparent business practices and high-security protocols to protect your data.

How Much Do You Make With EarnApp?

EarnApp maintains that most users earn an average of $54 a month in the United States. However, most users report earning between $10 and $30. Ultimately, your earnings will depend mainly on where you are, how many devices you have, and other variables.

Is EarnApp Secure?

EarnApp is a secure platform. The company behind EarnApp uses top-quality security software and anti-virus capabilities.  You can earn $100 for submitting a vulnerability report if you spot a vulnerability.

How Does EarnApp Make Money?

EarnApp’s business model is simple.  Earn App connects regular users with third-party businesses to leverage unused resources. It works across every country and can connect people to other countries.

It is a legit way to make lifetime earnings simply by sharing your bandwidth. 
EarnApp currently works with over 15,000 companies like banks, social networks, vendors, etc. These websites need IP access to assess market metrics and conduct business practices. They pay EarnApp, and Bright Data then pays you! 

How to Get Started with EarnApp?

Getting started with EarnApp is easy. Simply navigate to the website and download and install the software you need.

Choose your download according to your device model. You’ll then create an account and get started right away. 

How Can I Maximize My Passive Income with EarnApp?

To get the most out of EarnApp, consider the tips below.
– Connect all of your devices to EarnApp
– Keep your devices online for as long as you can.
– Use the most vital internet connection possible (LAN is best)
– Prevent your device from going to sleep (you can adjust this in  “settings”)

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Ease of Use




Customer Service



  • EarnApp offers a more secure security protocol than most other apps
  • You can choose between two passive income opportunities
  • EarnApp almost certainly guarantees that you will earn some money—provided you have unused bandwidth to share


  • amount of money you can earn with EarnApp will depend on several factors, including your geographic location
  • EarnApp will drain some of your device’s battery life
  • With EarnApp, your income is variable