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Easy1Up Review – Scam or a Legitimate System for Making Money Online?

Welcome to this Easy1Up review.

Can you make hundreds of dollars a day (and sometimes up to $2,000 a day) with it? If so, is there a catch that comes with it? You may have a lot of questions in your mind right now. Today, we shall explore this multi-level marketing opportunity in great detail.

There’s also a funnel that’s spreading like wildfire as of late. It’s called Profits Passport, and there’s a fair chance you were introduced to Easy1Up through it. It promotes a dozen MLM programs at once, and if you decide to enroll, it may cost a fortune depending on how you ‘position’ yourself.

If you’ve come across the multi-level marketing platform, you may be wondering if it’s a legit one or a scam you should stay away from. It always pays to research since it can help you find legitimate opportunities that don’t disappoint and avoid online scams.

What Is Easy1Up?

Easy1Up ( claims to be an online marketing platform that can help you get up to speed as an internet marketer. It says you can build your own profitable online business with them even if you’re a beginner.

Easy1Up Logo

Source: Easy 1Up website

They offer various training programs, and to sell one (let’s say the one that costs $50), you must purchase it yourself. Without being an actual buyer, you cannot actively promote it. In a nutshell, you’ll re-sell the exact make-money online video training to others.

  • Purchase the training
  • Sell it to others
  • Encourage them to do the same (so you earn override commissions through their efforts)

Easy1Up Founder

It’s always nice to have more information about the person who launched a platform. Through the website’s About page, we learned it was launched by Peter Wolfing. On a previous site version, his name wasn’t publicly visible, and it was probably added after some people inquired.

Peter Wolfing

Peter has a knack for creating a range of shady multi-level marketing programs like Business Toolbox, Turbo Cycler, Infinity 100, National Wealthy Center, and Pay Me Forward. These have all died over the years, with National Wealthy Center being an exception.

Easy1Up shares much in common with these scams, and it’s not hard to notice the similarities.


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As soon as you join the platform, you will be encouraged to buy a membership level and get the associated training that comes with it.

To make money with the system, you must buy yourself a position first.

Easy1Up Alert

Without buying a level, you cannot promote the system, nor do you get access to any training. There are various options to choose from (depending on your budget):

Easy1Up  program Level

It’s obvious this program has pay-to-play characteristics

There are various program levels available for this writing:

  1. Elevation ($25 one-time) + $5 admin fee
  2. Elevation Elite ($100 one-time) + $10 admin fee
  3. Vertex ($250 one-time) + $50 admin fee
  4. Vertex Elite ($500 one-time) + $50 admin fee
  5. Vertex Pro ($1,000 one-time) + $100 admin fee
  6. Vertex Live ($2,000 one-time) + $500 admin fee

No matter what option you select, you’re supposed to send a check to the person who referred you. If you used John’s referral link to sign up for Easy 1Up, you must send some funds to John.

Easy1Up  Vertex Membership

Buying a position is a must if you want to make money with the system

As per Easy1Up, you will get all the training modules and content from the lower levels. If you have Vertex Pro ($1,000), for example, you will get the cheaper programs’ content for free. However, if you decide to upgrade to Vertex Live ($2,000), you must pay for the membership in full.

Elevation $25

The basic level is all about covering the basics of online marketing. This one is also the cheapest at $25 one-time. It includes:

  • Basic lead generation strategies using social media
  • Email marketing automation for affiliate marketing with an autoresponder
  • Building a capture page
  • An introduction to Network Marketing

Elevation Elite $100

It will give you video training to drive traffic to your affiliate links using video marketing. More specifically, using Udemy, Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube. It also shares a brief introduction to Solo Ads, one of the more profitable (and targeted) paid advertising models.

Vertex $250

This is where the training content starts to get advanced. If you’re not a beginner to online marketing, this is where you may learn something new.

Even though Easy 1Up is an MLM program, Vertex training is focused on affiliate marketing, one of the more profitable business models. This also discusses crafting an irresistible offer and product launch via joint venture (JV) partnerships.

Vertex Elite $500

Dropshipping and generating free traffic online are two topics taught in this training. Dropshipping is a nice touch; it makes no sense to include it since it’s a different business model altogether.

If you’re running out of ideas and would still like to make a living working online, this may help.

Vertex Pro ‘Connect’ $1,000

This one features Whatsapp marketing, Tumblr training, Instagram marketing, Reddit marketing, and FB ads in great detail.

Unless you’ve been at it for a while, this training can get quite overwhelming in no time because of information overload. It does cover a lot of ground, just that there aren’t any live case studies that go with it. Having a few in place would’ve been a nice touch.

Vertex ‘Live’ $2,000

This is the flagship position/training available at the moment. With it, you get access to content from all the previous levels and the following:

  • Maximizing ClickFunnels
  • Launching a product with SEO
  • CPA marketing
  • 2 entry tickets to an event of your choice
  • Access to additional events at a discounted $295 one-time pricing

Compensation Plan

It uses a reverse 1up compensation plan. You will get paid for all your sales except for the 2nd one. It will be passed to your upline (the sponsor). Likewise, your downlines’ second sale will pass up to you. That’s why you’re encouraged to help your downlines make money.

For every sale you get, you receive 100% commissions except for the 2nd one that gets passed up. The program charges a hefty admin fee; that’s probably one reason why the commissions are instantly sent to you via Stripe.

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The Ugly Truth Revealed

#1 There Are No Refunds

Once you’ve made up your mind and have made a purchase, there are no refunds.

This is told before you purchase a level, and you must agree to the Terms & Conditions before making a payment. If you’re not sure, better stay away from this program than regret it later.

There isn’t much information on what’s included in what package except for a basic overview; a free trial or an inexpensive trial period would’ve been a better option, as you could test out the system and see if it’s a good fit.

#2 Ridiculous Admin Fee

Since Easy1Up gives away 100% commissions, the 10% admin fee (except for 20% on the first level) can be ridiculous with the higher levels, and that’s probably how Peter gets his share.

With the $2,000 Vertex Live level, you’ll pay $2,000 and then $500 as an admin fee. For a maintenance/administration fee, that’s ludicrous if you think about it.

#3 It’s a Pyramid Scheme

It’s a pyramid scheme. That’s because the system sells you the membership with a promise that you’ll be receiving payments because of it. Unlike legitimate multi-level marketing programs, there are no tangible products for us except for basic training.

To make money with it, you must buy a position and then recruit others/encourage them to do the same. The cycle repeats till the time it breaks, and the program is eventually shut down. MOBE was one such platform that was taken down last year because it focused heavily on recruiting.

There’s a reason Easy 1Up is offering some training content with the associated levels. That’s to make sure the program survives for a while. If it were all about recruiting and didn’t offer any products with it, it would have been offline/dead by now.

In case you’re wondering, here’s a quick video that shows how you can identify pyramid schemes:

#4 Tons of Negative Reviews

If you research the platform, you’ll notice the negative reviews far outweigh the positive ones. Upon doing a quick Google search, it was found most of the reviews for the platform are negative. The only other site found on this page was the main Easy1Up website.

If 10 out of 10 people have had a bad experience with a platform, what do you expect? It’s surely something you don’t want to test (by making a payment) since there are no refunds. Moreover, if you’re from the future (which you probably are), this opportunity may not be available anymore.

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Final Words – Is Easy1Up a Scam?

Yes, Easy1Up is surely a scam. From the focus on recruiting others to sell a membership mostly about just positioning yourself, there’s not much good to talk about this platform. Moreover, buying a level doesn’t mean you’ll make any money promoting it.

Thumbs Down Icon

Unless you’re a seasoned network marketer and can send a flood of traffic to it in no time with your promos, it’s like draining your money down the sink. Moreover, recruiting isn’t something most people enjoy doing, and if that’s you, you need to look elsewhere.

It’s a shady MLM program, and for the many reasons mentioned in this review, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Because of its tactics, it may go down before you see it coming. Unfortunately, there aren’t many reasons to recommend this system to anyone. You better look elsewhere. 

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Check it out if this piques your interest.

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