Ecom Cash Code Review – Scam or a Legitimate Money Maker?

Can you really make money by 'plugging in' a simple code? That sounds too good to be true. Doesn't it? That's what Ecom cash code claims.

The website claims you can get rich exploiting a little-known trend in e-com, simply plug-in the system and let the cash rain begin.

The irony is that they use 'Is this too good to be true?' in their sales letter! We hate false hype but for now, let's talk about the system.

What Is Ecom Cash Code?

Ecom cash code is a product by Teo Vee, it talks about using a secret code that can help you in making money online with e-commerce.

Name: Ecom Cash Code
Owner: Teo Vee
Price: $47
Recommended: No

It's popping everywhere for some reason, they are using some sort of a script which can create duplicate copies of the same website. That's a black-hat tactic right there.

Essentially they are using the same copy and hosting it on multiple domains. It's a strategy which scammers use. In case one of their websites/web properties get shut down, they can come up with another in no time to scam people out of their money - yet again.

Reality is harsh, and you can't simply 'plug in' and 'follow the code'.

In the sales video, the owner says this works quickly and easily using this weird 'loophole' that no one talks about. Just like your typical get rich quick schemes.

He claims this lady generated $80,000 with this system.

This hardly is a real review from real users like us, this lady is a spokesperson, she's just doing her job and providing her voiceover services.

The product owner however, is talking about the affiliate marketing business model in the sales video. That's how you would promote the system and make money when someone joins under you and decides to make a purchase. Affiliate commissions will be sent to you once you cross a specific payment threshold.

The affiliate link will come with a special tracking code which will track all the visitors you send and the actions they take on the website.

How It Really Works?

The product is a bit hollow to be honest. The only goal of their sales page is to collect your email somehow (so you can be spammed later). Once you're through, you're get to see the checkout page which is generic looking and you won't find any mentions of ecom cash code!

Apart from this, none of the testimonials we came across were from real users. They are all full of deception and promise instant results which is another red flag.

We found some trust badges on the websites which is just a PNG image and is not clickable! Again, that's a shady tactic people use on their sales letters to get attention and improve their sales conversion rate.

Is Ecom Cash Code a Scam?

No second thoughts here, it definitely is a scam. From fake testimonials from actors to fake trust badges to hype, we didn't find a single evidence which could prove the product is promising and is worth a shot.

If that wasn't enough already, the fact they have a lot of 100% clones (from the salespage to the checkout page to the product) doesn't help much either. We believe these clones are meant for backup purposes, in case one website goes down, they can come up with another right away.

A business is based on trust and everything this system has is misleading. It's better you stay away from ecom cash code and save that $47 instead.

Legit Way To Learn & Earn?

9 out of 10 products we come across are all hype and are backed with absolutely ZERO results. Their only goal is to rob you off your money and they provide little value.

Fortunately there are legit ways to work from home and ultimately fire your boss. Definitely not instant results, but if you work for it, and have some patience, it can potentially replace your 9-5 day job. Anything which promises instant results is an indication of it being a ponzi scheme.

The best part? Our top recommendation is for everyone provided you'd go in, watch the videos, learn and take consistent action. Remember - Nothing will work unless you do.

The business model this free training teaches is affiliate marketing. Do check out our recommended tools & resources if you need a jump-start. We understand you may be low on budget if you're new to all this, that's one reason we decided to include both free and paid tools.

The goal of the tools is to supercharge your online marketing business and also save your time which is your greatest asset.

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