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edUpay Review

Welcome to this edUpay review. edUpay is a software that can create an e-learning portal similar to Udemy. The program claims it can also update content simultaneously and help you make commissions on autopilot.

Let’s see if it’s the real deal or a scam you should avoid.

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edUpay Review – An Overview

Product name:


Vendor Name:Dan Green
Required Skill Level:All Levels

edUpay is a software that helps you create an e-learning site like Udemy, Coursera, and Skillshare.

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Once you’ve logged into your account, select one of the 10 niches/categories, and your site will be up and running in no time.

However, the courses it contains are all PLR-grade and are hardly actionable. Moreover, you won’t get any sales since it takes much more to get free traffic from search engines like Google.

How edUpay Works

This is how edUpay works in a nutshell:

How Edupay Works

The categories are selected by the product creators, and you have very little control over what you can do. Moreover, the site quality is barely acceptable.

Udemy, Lynda, and Skillshare also have dozens of categories instead of ten pre-selected ones in edUpay. Here are some highlights of the software program:

  • One-click setup
  • Integrates with Udemy so you can promote their courses as an affiliate
  • The software automatically adds new courses to the site each week
  • It can help build an email list as it happily connects with various autoresponders.

Is edUpay Worth It

edUpay is an option if this is what you want to do – build an e-learning website in no time, and populate with some Udemy courses as an affiliate.

However, the platform isn’t very polished, and with automated bot submissions, you won’t get any real results (affiliate sales).

However, the software does what it claims. It can build a site for you in a jiffy.

Edupay Highlights

Most of the claims it makes are ridiculous. Having a site full of courses is just a piece of the puzzle, and to get sales, you need to promote your website actively.

Just having a bot program automatically add scraped/copied content from other sites will probably penalize you because Google and other search engines hate duplicate content.

So, if you have high hopes from the system and believe you’d rank, you’re in for a rough ride!


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edUpay – Upsells

edUpay also offers a few upsells/upgrades to enhance your experience with the platform:

OTO1 of edUpay will let you create unlimited sites (includes unlimited hosting).

OTO2 of edUpay offers done-for-you DFY e-learning platform creation.

OTO3 of edUpay offers Ninja video training.

OTO4 of edUpay will get you an agency license that can be used by multiple people.

OTO5 of edUpay gets you the resellers license that you can use to sell the product as your own.

edUpay – Pros & Cons

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of edUpay.


  1. edUpay can create a site in minutes, and the process is beginner-friendly.
  2. It integrates with Udemy; all you need is your Udemy affiliate ID which can be had after signing up to promote the courses as an affiliate.
  3. It comes with ten-course categories/niches – you can promote a wide range of courses that fall into these categories.
  4. It can automatically update content and add more courses to your website weekly.
  5. Even though it’s inefficient, it’s still 100% automated.
  6. Inexpensive at $27 one-time (the front-end software’s pricing, that is). If you hire a web designer and get web hosting, it could easily cost more than $200.
  7. Connects with various autoresponders, so building an email list is always an option.


  1. Just having an e-learning platform means nothing. It’s just like having a store in the wilderness, if no one’s there to make a purchase, it’s useless. You need to have a platform, and then you have to promote it to get visitors actively.
  2. Since it’s automated software, all it will do is copy the latest course listings from Udemy and paste just that on your new site. This creates duplicate content, and without proper attribution, this may eventually hurt your site and de-index it from Google, let alone rank it.
  3. If you want to have an online course website in any of the niches/categories not available with edUpay, you’ll be disappointed.
  4. You won’t be making any money with it, only losing some (the product’s price).
  5. Since it’s an inexpensive automated tool, hundreds of others may have identical sites, and that will create unnecessary competition. In the end, it isn’t a win-win for anyone.
  6. Getting commissions through course sales is possible, but the way this product is all about false hype, it will leave you disappointed in the end if you have high hopes for it.

edUpay – The Ugly Truth Revealed

edUpay does what it promises. It can create an online learning portal in minutes.

Edupay Platform

However, it only goes far and is very limited. Not only does it have 10-course categories to choose from, but since it’s an automated tool, it cannot create fresh content (to help you rank on Google).

Search engines hate bot-written content (spun content and other gibberish). It’s more likely to do you more harm than good if you even rank at all for a brief while.

Software programs like these have their place and can help to an extent with automation. However, they cannot replace the human efforts you may have to put into ranking a site you own.

edUpay Review – Final Words

That brings us to the conclusion of this article. edUpay works as promised, but it’s software at the end of the day, and it won’t help you earn commissions as an affiliate.

It can create an automated site for you, but it cannot bring in visitors (and sales).

To get conversions (leads and sales), you need to master the fundamentals of online marketing. It will pay dividends for years if you consume the right training and take action.

It’s all about acquiring the right skills from the right step-by-step training and then coming up with a plan and execute on it daily, and you’ll get results. It may take a while, but it will be worth it in the end.

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