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Elite Marketing Pro Review – Is Tim Erway’s System Legit or a Scam?

An internet marketer named Tim Erway launched a system in 2013 called Elite Marketing Pro. Tim has been doing affiliate marketing for approximately 10 years.

Our first impression was that it’s yet another MLM system and provides little to no value. Some say it’s a great system; some call it a pyramid scheme. There is a mixed bag of reviews for his platform.

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In this Elite Marketing Pro Review, we reveal everything you need to know about this website.

What Is Elite Marketing Pro?

The 2020s saw the renaming of Elite Marketing Pro to Attraction Marketing. EMP events are still listed for this year. They are still operating under the Attraction Marketing name.

Elite Marketing Pro offers training through its system. It helps network marketers generate more leads and recruit prospects. This uses cutting-edge online marketing practices (attraction marketing formula). Attraction marketing is different than the tired MLM tactics of the ’80s and ’90s. Elite Marketing Pro functions as a platform or online business training community. It is similar as other Affiliate Marketing platforms. Resources are available to help you learn how to make money online.

It’s an online hub for learning about attraction marketing. Its courses stress the importance of promoting your business online. Of course, it discourages the usage of traditional offline methods.

You will get live webinars, videos, private coaching, and a community forum with this program. It also offers a wide range of additional resources. They really do provide a wide variety of items from which you can promote and earn a commission as an affiliate.

The goal of these tools is to help you use digital marketing to launch your own lifestyle business. The program’s target audience is MLM companies and professionals such as network marketers. Using a new recruitment method, it plans to double the number of potential candidates.

EMP is a multi-level network marketing business. Here you would focus on building your downlines using various lead acquisition strategies. You will learn these strategies in their training. In other words, Elite Marketing concepts pyramid scheme.

You’d make money with Elite Marketing Pro by promoting the system. You can also promote different opportunities to the audience you would be building.

After you log in, you will have to review the training modules thoroughly – they are all in the member’s area. The following videos are unlocked only after you’ve completed the current modules. Not many are fans of the ‘drip feed’ approach, though, us included.

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If you pay for something, you would expect to get the full content immediately. But that’s not the case with Elite Marketing Pro. A coach will also be assigned to you – they can help you get started with the system. It will be your referral or someone with a higher rank in the system.

Elite Marketing Pro Trainingmodules

Your membership level with the company will decide your commission rates and the accessible products. The more you pay to the company, the more your earning potential is.

What is Attraction Marketing?

Lead generation is the backbone of attraction marketing. It can help your network marketing or other online business succeed. So, one tactic to have a steady stream of leads is to use an attraction marketing strategy.

Network marketers and network marketing firms can choose from various attraction marketing methods. Attraction marketing is used by successful multi-level marketing businesses, websites, and marketers to draw in new customers and clients. This tactic has been proven successful over time. Thus it is now widely employed by businesses (not just network marketers).

Attraction marketing (attraction marketing technique) is an efficient method of promoting a business. It allows you to target only those who are likely to be enthusiastic about what you offer. The focus of the lead-generating system is on the intended demographic.

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Who are the people behind the Elite Marketing Pro platform?

Elite Marketing Pro Founders

Elite Marketing Pro was established by Tim Erway, Ferny Ceballos, and Matt Crystal.

Tim Erway

Tim Erway is an accomplished businessman who has written a wide variety of books and courses on the subject of making money online.

Tim Erway, an Internet marketer, launched Elite Marketing Pro (EMP) in April 2013. They were operating from Indian Harbour Beach, Florida.

Tim has been involved in internet marketing since the early 2000s, when he was the CEO of Money Dynamics. In 2006, he became a partner of Magnetic Sponsoring. It was founded by Mike Dillard, a well-known and recognized figure in the field of online marketing.

His association with Elite Marketing Pro is indirectly bolstered by the fact that he has interviewed marketing greats like Seth Godin. He also sat down with personal development gurus like Tony Robbins on his self-help podcast.

Tim has a solid reputation as an expert in the field of digital marketing. He teamed up with Ferny Ceballos and Vince Reed to incorporate My Internet Traffic System into Elite Marketing Pro in 2016. He joined the Elite Marketing Pro company in 2017.

Ferny Ceballos

Former aerospace engineer Ferny Ceballos is the Chief Marketing Officer of the Elite Marketing Pro team. He is now a network and internet marketer, trainer, and author. He has a computer science degree from MIT. He also finished Electrical Engineering at the University of Southern California.

After 5 years as an aerospace engineer, he decided to follow his dream of being his own boss. He entered the world of network marketing and internet promotion. Since he left Aerospace in 2008, his firm has generated over $5.5 million in online sales over the previous six years. He has assisted countless clients in generating 6-and 7-figure incomes through internet promotion.

Matt Crystal

Technical efficiency is a priority for Matt Crystal. With extensive experience in direct response marketing and web development, he is the system’s primary architect and the man behind Elite Pro Marketing.

VP of Operations Matt Crystal is the Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer of He has been EMP’s quiet partner until now. He has ensured that everything with the marketing systems has been running smoothly and precisely as planned. Matt was the system’s primary designer and technical instructor for all of Elite Marketing Pro’s new users. Matt comes from a long line of professionals who have worked in web design, copywriting, and direct response marketing.

Story Behind (formerly Elite Marketing Pro)

In 2005, Mike Dillard initiated a change. He launched an educational firm and wrote a book titled “Magnetic Sponsoring.” This started a new era of digital network marketing.

Mike invented the term “attraction marketing” in his book Magnetic Sponsoring. This describes how this approach to network marketing differed from traditional methods. “Changing roles from hunter to prey.”

After much consideration, he decided to team up with his former professor Tim Erway in 2006. Their efforts aided aspiring network marketers in becoming multimillionaires. They assisted established network marketers in taking their businesses and brands online. Mike left the network marketing sector in 2010, and Tim Erway has since taken the reins.

Former rat racer and MIT-educated aeronautical engineer Ferny Ceballos was one of their first students. With the knowledge of attraction marketing, Ferny left his job in 2008 and made 6 figures in his network marketing business in 2009. By 2012, he had established a 7-figure training business. This featured the No Excuses Summit, the first-ever digital network marketing live event.

CMO Ferny Ceballos and COO Matt Crystal formed a new company called Elite Marketing Pro, LLC. This is to carry on the work of Magnetic Sponsoring after Tim’s departure in 2014.

Elite Marketing Pro shifted its focus. From producing informational materials, they went to coaching and mentoring network marketers worldwide. This transition occurred over 4 years when the company grew 7 times its original size. Over 50 people worldwide are now a part of their team. They work remotely to assist EMP’s students as they get their businesses online.

Elite Marketing Pro changed to in 2020. This is to better reflect its heritage and provide a central hub for network marketers. Today’s most successful network marketers use attraction marketing to grow their brands, fan bases, and teams. They do this without divulging their strategies.

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How does Elite Marketing Pro work?

As the name implies, Elite Marketing Pro is a marketing system designed specifically for network marketing. The main focuses of Elite Marketing Pro are lead generation and marketing to attract customers. It’s called “attraction marketing” because it attracts customers already in the market for what you’re selling.

Creating new potential customers, known as “lead generation,” includes many activities. The next step is to convert these leads into actual customers.

The lessons in Elite Marketing Pro will show you how to turn the tables and have customers come to you. Elite Marketing Pro provides instruction through various mediums. These include videos, textual help, private coaching, live webinars, and community support. This means that there are options for people with various learning preferences. The great thing about their training is that both MLM and affiliate marketers can use it.

With Elite Marketing Pro, you can find out how to generate leads and prospects that actively seek you out rather than pursuing them. You’ll also learn how to sell without actually having to do any selling. It can help you discover the lead-generating strategies you may implement with your marketing knowledge.

Additionally, you will learn how to construct effective sales channel and make advertisements. This program will teach you how to get more people to visit your lead capture pages. Learning marketing tactics is guaranteed. These include creating landing pages for data collection, developing and expanding your contact list quickly, and turning your leads into sales.

At Elite Marketing Pro, you’ll find a cooperative group of freelancers from around the world who are running small businesses and need assistance. Their ultimate goal is to create a business that allows them to work remotely and earn an unlimited salary.

Elite Marketing Pro Website

Landing Page Of Elite Marketing Pro Website

The home page of Elite Marketing Pro shows that they have been renamed to This website still has some content, but their other site ( is more active.

Homepage Of

You can see that their website on is more updated and looks more pleasing to the eyes. While there are only 5 tabs on the former website, there are 6 on the new one, including a shop and an additional search button.

Elite Marketing Pro Products tab vs. Attraction Marketing Shop tab

Elite Marketing Pro Products Page Attraction Marketing Formula

Clicking the Products tab in the old Elite Marketing Pro platform site will lead to the Attraction Marketing Formula product description. This is the only product on this page with little to see. Shop

On the other hand,’s Shop has different kinds of merchandise. They sell T-Shirts, Headwear, Sweaters & Hoodies, and Drinkware. I admit I was surprised when I saw this because this is entirely unexpected for a platform used to sell courses.’s courses are sold on its homepage.

Elite Marketing Pro Products

Elite Marketing Pro Products

Elite Marketing Pro regularly rolls out new versions of its products. They may have limited-time specials at a different price than what’s shown here.

To receive the most up-to-date information on products and pricing, your best bet is to get in touch with them directly. If you’re currently an EMP member, you can chat with your EMP coach.

Then, the many front-end offers, upsells, and downsells make up Elite Marketing Pro’s product lineup.

Elite Marketing Pro Attraction Marketing Formula

The Attraction Marketing Formula is an accessible training program that teaches newcomers how to generate “red-hot” leads and build a successful MLM business. It is a guide on how to make an online prospecting and recruiting machine that works by itself. Attraction Marketing Formula costs $47.

With Attraction Marketing Formula, you will learn how to build a large customer base for your Network Marketing company. You won’t have to cold-call anyone! You will know how to easily sponsor people online, putting an end to their rejection and frustration. You’ll learn the one-two punch of using email to expand your client base automatically. You will also forge new connections while simultaneously boosting your income.

In addition, you will learn the most effective method for weeding out casual browsers in favor of committed customers. You will also know how to generate revenue outside of recruiting new members for your Network Marketing organization. You will also have access to a private Facebook group.

Social Retail and Enrollment Blueprint

The Social Retail and Enrollment Blueprint training aims to increase the client base of your network marketing business. This also aims to increase the number of people that join your team. It is selling for only $147 while having a worth of $1000.

Using Social Retail and Enrollment Blueprint, expect to learn marketing tactics like the following:

  • A straightforward 4-step technique for using videos to immediately engage the attention of the people who are both most likely to join and most likely to make a purchase
  • The quickest and cheapest way to make professional-looking videos that attract attention and increase interest in your product
  • Four types of videos will give the finest representation of your goods.
  • What to do if you’re having trouble thinking of ideas for videos that would “knock their socks off” and bring in your ideal customers
  • How to make videos that instantly establish unbreakable trust and a strong sense of connection
  • How to use videos to quickly generate leads and convert them into paying customers, even if you’re just starting out

Elite Marketing Pro Insider Membership

Pricing for the Pricing for the Elite Marketing Pro Insider Membership is $597. According to the source, the worth is estimated to be above $6,000. As an EMP Insider, you will have access to a variety of many resources, such as:

  • Exclusive Elite Training program. In-depth, 5-step, member-only training program for making money
  • Private Mastermind Group. Join a group where you may get answers to your concerns and comments from people who have experienced similar things.
  • Live Traffic Training. Weekly live sessions on paid advertising strategies for promoting your business. 
  • Marketing Tools And Traffic Generation. Construct a fully functional website in 5 minutes with an all-in-one visitor capture, content marketing, and blogging tool. 
  • EMP Insider Monthly. Webinars with top Internet marketing experts once a month to increase your knowledge Elite Marketing Pro Insider Membership is $597. The worth is estimated to be above $6,000, according to the source. As an EMP Insider, you will have access to a variety of multiple resources, such as:

10-Minute Traffic Machine

With this method, you will learn how to generate a “flood of laser-target traffic” and market your business via email.

This add-on is a 5-week, in-depth course that teaches you everything you need to know to get qualified leads for your business. In addition, it has these benefits:

  • Elite Marketing Pro Membership. Total marketing system that may be used to start multiple web businesses.
  • Page Creator Pro. Easily generate unique personalized capture web and sales web pages with this convenient software.
  • 10-Minute Traffic Templates. Promotional materials, landing page layouts, sales funnel diagrams, etc.
  • Traffic Jump Start. Get instantaneous site visitors with the help of a coach on one-on-one implementation calls.
  • Group Coaching Calls. Weekly coaching calls for a whole year to ensure that all questions are answered, and needs are met.
  • EMP Insider. Monthly workshop on growing high-quality traffic to stay abreast of the latest successful methods.
  • Private Mastermind. A bustling hub where marketers of all stripes can come to ask questions, receive responses, and make new connections.

The Ultimate List Building System 2.0

Suppose you avail of The Ultimate List Building System 2.0. In that case, you will have access to a video series that teaches you how to build a lead-generation funnel. You will also get fill-in-the-blank copywriting templates and lead magnet templates.

$30 Million Video Sales Letter Workshop

When you buy this course, you’ll get access to a 90-minute video training with Tim Erway himself! You’ll also get a sales letter template with 25 points, and a book titled Power Words That Sell. You will also have access to the Millionaire Swiple Slides. It is a collection of five video sales letters that you can use instead of a traditional swipe file.

The 90-Minute Profit Machine

When you purchase the 90-Minute Profit Machine, you’ll receive a blank webinar template you can customize to suit your needs. A video tutorial, advice, and methods will help you replicate the process.

The Copywriter’s Guild

If you join, you will learn how to create advertising and capture and order pages through multimedia. You will also get a step-by-step guide comprised of 7 modules. They will also share with you copywriting techniques, methods, and shortcuts. Additionally, the program will teach you about A/B testing so you can compare two versions of a product.

The Ultimate Email Profit Machine

For the price of this product, you can find out exactly what to include in your first autoresponder message. You will learn how to compose effective emails in general. 15 approaches to emailing and 5 tested methods for writing subject lines are included. In addition, Ben Settle, an expert email copywriter, will be available to you for a two-hour session!

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Ignition Coaching Program

If you buy the Ignition Coaching Program, you’ll get access to 12 courses. These will walk you through starting and growing your own online business, regardless of your area of expertise. In addition, you will get three private sessions with a business mentor to examine the lead generation machine setup.

LinkedIn Recruiting Playbook

If you buy LinkedIn Recruiting, you’ll have access to a 5-step procedure for finding highly qualified prospects and converting them into paying customers/team members in record time. Create a fantastic, non-spammy LinkedIn profile by learning how to connect with your audience and gain their trust. You will also learn how to avoid the number one error made by network marketers on LinkedIn. Aside from these, they will teach you to establish yourself as an industry expert even if you’re starting. You’d get to showcase your wares and promote your brand at no cost.

Additionally, you’ll find out why you shouldn’t ever call yourself a “Network Marketing Professional.” You’ll also learn how to make a minor change to your profile that will give you a lot more favorable position in the eyes of prospective clients.

Aside from the training, you’ll get templates, and “Mastering Conversions that Close” eBook. You will learn how to use LinkedIn to showcase and promote your brand without spending money on ads.

The LinkedIn Recruiting Playbook comes with a ton of extras. These include the Attraction Marketing Formula. You’ll also gain access to the Private Mastermind Community and the Ignition Coaching Program.

Premier Affiliate Program

Members who wish to promote EMP products in exchange for larger commissions and quicker payouts can do so through the Premium Affiliate program. Most of your time and energy will be spent recruiting new members for Elite Marketing Pro.

Besides the decent income, it’s an attractive option because you’ll learn valuable skills in your chosen field: promoting EMP. Promotional strategies and methods for EMP are comparable to, and in some cases identical, those used to market products in other markets.

This affiliate program is one of two available. Affiliate marketing has two different levels of service: basic and premium. The premium affiliate program has a $500 fee but offers higher commissions and quicker payments.

Commission rates for the average affiliate program range from 20% to 40% (40%) for Black Friday deals. Some items can’t be promoted using regular affiliate channels. The commission rate for the top affiliate program ranges from 5% to 70%.

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Elite Marketing Pro Events

Elite Marketing Pro Events

Along with a wide range of products and services, EMP also hosts several events, workshops, and webinars throughout the year to entice network marketers. Due to the pandemic, online seminars will play a significant role in 2020 and the first half of 2021.

There will likely be more in-person events like the $497 No Excuses Summit and the $1,000 VIP cocktail party as the world opens up again and people can assemble. Digital Networker Live was an example of one of their in-person events, with registration fees ranging from $197 to $3,997 (including hotels and transportation costs).

Elite Marketing Pro Support

Elite Marketing Pro Support

The platform appears to have active customer service, so you can send a ticket if you have any issues or queries concerning the platform, courses, live events, or anything else. Elite Marketing Pro staff can be contacted via phone or email if you’d prefer to contact them immediately.

Exclusive Community

If you join Elite Marketing Pro, you may connect with other professionals in the field by joining a private Facebook group. 109K people are currently part of the Facebook group as of this review’s publication. The daily material updates by the moderators and the thriving nature of the community are both positives.

Guaranteed Refunds

There is a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee on both courses that can be found on the site now. However, the Elite Marketing Pro platform will feature upsells, advanced coaching, and live event offers. There is no way to get a refund for these events. Only the initial purchase price of the goods can be refunded.

The products presented up to this point are often essential software or optional extras. They are necessary steps toward the more expensive options presented further down the page. It’s a large sum of money; for some, it might be a game-changer.

Elite Marketing Pro VIP

A VIP road map, VIP traffic curriculum, weekly traffic mentorship hot chairs, 3 personal VIP coaching calls, and a VIP Facebook Marketing Group are all included with Elite Marketing Pro VIP.

The Ultimate Leaders Marketing Library is also included in this package. The Ultimate Webinar Bootcamp, The Expert Branded Enrollment Funnel, The Master Audience Attraction System, The Passive Prospecting Formula, The Social Media Enroller, and The Irresistible Info-Marketing Blueprint are all included.

That’s not the final chapter. In addition to front-of-the-line VIP support, free future events, and the Attraction Marketing Turnkey Website Solution (completely hosted for one year).

Acceleration Coaching and Mentorship Program

Learn the distinction between tactical and strategic marketing, emphasizing Facebook PPC with EMP. You can also learn Google AdWords, social media advertising, and YouTube SEO with the help of the Acceleration Coaching and Mentorship program. This program will also teach you presentation skills, marketing metrics, direct response advertising, and copywriting fundamentals.

EMP Elevation Coaching and Mentorship Program and Renewal

Participants in this program often have an established firm and a salary in the middle six figures.

If you’re just starting and need to figure out if internet marketing is for you, it’s wise to lay the groundwork with Elite Marketing Pro’s beginner courses before investing $ 35,000 in a coaching and mentorship program.

Elite Marketing Pro Membership Options

There are multiple levels available in the system. Each comes with its training modules, support, and tools. The higher levels enable higher commissions.

  • Free Membership – Not much is included with the free plan. You get instant access to a few free webinars and some content readily available on the internet. Any module not included will show you an upsell video in which Tim will encourage you to upgrade. You’re also eligible to earn 20% on the sales you get.
  • Standard Membership – Comes with a $1 trial or a $37 first month/$47 monthly option. You get instant access to the following. With this option, many goodies are included that you may find useful. Again you’re eligible to make up to 20% commissions with this level.
Elite Marketing Pro Standard Membership Inclusions

  • Standard Annual – Costs $297 one-time. Same as the above option, but you can earn 20-40% depending on the products you promote. When someone purchases the ‘attraction marketing e-book,’ which is more of an ethical bribe, you earn the full $1 commission. That essentially qualifies a visitor as someone willing to spend some money with the system – not many companies want freebie seekers anyway.
  • VIP Member – Everything is unlocked with this plan, and you can earn 70% on the sales you bring. You get instant access to the following.
Elite Marketing Pro Vip Plan Inclusions

You get access to all these products. Some claim the company even gets a sales team behind you, and they follow up with your leads 1-1 through phone calls and emails. This way you can earn up to $18k per prospect!

If people are willing to get the flagship option and they find value in it, it’s really a win-win situation in this case.

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Elite Marketing Pro Review: Pros and Cons

Pros of Elite Marketing Pro

  • Many different ideas to help your online business grow
  • You will learn through an entire process. As you go through the program, you’ll have access to more and more in-depth training modules and coaching calls.
  • Different ways to make money. You have the chance to sign up as an affiliate for Elite Marketing Pro. Here, you can make money off of network marketing leads from people who aren’t looking for a new business.
  • Success Stories in Attraction Marketing. Many success stories show that the strategies taught in the program work. The main idea is to make a Facebook fan page, set up a funnel, and run ads to that page.
  • Made by a successful web marketer
  • Coaching is available for
  • A program with a group of Internet marketers through whose Affiliate Commissions you can make money.

Cons of Elite Marketing Pro

  • Not easy for beginners to use.
  • Pricey. There are too many upsells in the program, and you could end up spending thousands of dollars. Building a Facebook fan page and using Facebook ads to promote a funnel are also not cheap. You have to be able to spend hundreds of dollars on ads every month. If you want your business to make you money, you have to run it like a business. This means you have to spend money on it.
  • Misleading: You will learn how to get people to visit your funnel by telling network marketers that they won’t have to prospect to build their business. You’ll get new leads from people who want to move up in their company. They will soon figure out that they are actually learning how to promote the Elite Marketing Pro platform.

Conclusion – Is Elite Marketing Pro Legit or a Scam?

Elite Marketing Pro is not a scam. If you have the budget and are willing to learn some new skills (driving targeted traffic) and take action on it, you can give it a shot.

Thumbs Up Icon

Their traffic training does include generating organic traffic with Google and YouTube. We liked how they included some free traffic generation strategies.

With that said, Elite Marketing Pro is not for everyone. The right people could make a killing with it – no doubt about it. Most people struggle to make a dime online because they are being misinformed and there are a bunch of bunk programs that provide little value.

However, there is a way for the average joe to make a killing working online. Truth be told – it’s not easy, but if you’re willing to do the work, you’ll get results. You will have to invest some time into learning a real skill and then put in the work to get results.

Looking To Make Money Online? Try Affiliate Marketing.

We got your back. If you’re looking to work from home, we can help you get started in the right direction. Affiliate marketing is one of our favorite business models and for a good reason. It can help you achieve financial, location, and time-freedom in time.

It’s one of the fastest-growing business models out there and is among the best ones as well. The benefits if you may ask? You don’t have to own a product, nor do you have to deal with the hurdles you’d face promoting a physical, tangible product.

Affiliate Marketing Illustration, Woman With Magnet And Megaphone To Attract People

Simply select a product of your choice (the one you like), and get some sales. Moreover, unlike most multi-level marketing programs that have pay-to-play characteristics, you don’t have to pay a dime to be an affiliate for a product. At least not to legitimate affiliate marketing programs.

You’re also never married to a product in any way. Since you don’t have to pay to promote the system, you can always switch between different products. You can even ditch the ones you don’t want to promote at any point as there’s no risk involved.

Our top recommendation has helped hundreds of people escape their 9-5 day jobs and has helped them earn a realistic 4-5 figure per month online. It has been going strong for more than a decade now, and the strategies have stood the test of time.

It will ask for some investment of your time and efforts though. If you’re ready to start your own profitable online business and finally increase the monthly cash flow your businesses generate, we highly recommend you give it a shot. If you ask us, it’s totally worth it.

Definitely check it out if this piques your interest.

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Is Elite Marketing Pro a scam?

Elite Marketing Pro is legitimate. This could be a good fit for you if you are considering getting into network marketing or a similar lifestyle company.  A successful network marketing enterprise can be established. However, MLM isn’t the only option for business growth.

Is Elite Marketing Pro legit?

Although it is very pricey and despite the fact that many people doubt it, Elite Marketing Pro is legit.

Can you make real money with Elite Marketing Pro?

Indeed, you can! In case you’re willing to shed some blood and sweat. Plus, you could lose a significant amount of money (up to $25,000, to be exact).

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