Is Evolution Travel a Scam?

It's an entrepreneur's ultimate dream to make money while travelling. There's one Las Vegas, Nevada based biz op named Evolution Travel which says you can travel and make money at the same time.

Is it a scam or a legit program? In this review, we explore the business opportunity and reveal the secrets to you.

What is Evolution Travel

Evolution Travel was founded in 2015 by David McCovy. It claims to be a home-based travel business and you get access to required training, customer support and additional help with closing sales. They say their training can help you make money online while you travel.

There's a lot of hype surrounding the travel agency, but at the root level, it's merely an MLM company. The company doesn't have products of their own either, all they do is provide travel discounts, vouchers and various packages on Hotels, Flights, Park Tickets, and Car Rentals. If you came across PlanNet Marketing, you'll know there's a striking resemblance between the two.

Evolution Travel

Evolution Travel has joined hands with Archer Travel Service, Inc and they provide specialized travel/tour packages together. The company does offer a membership through which you can opt to become an agent and promote the company as an independent distributor.

Can You Make Money With It?

Yes, you can. There are a few ways:

  1. Either sell the travel packages as a distributor.
  2. Recruit people under you and get them to promote the program.

In either case you will need to sign up as an agent which will cost $30 one-time and $69.95 recurring every month. This professional travel agent package is ridiculously expensive if you think about it. Most legitimate programs don't charge you a dime and it's free to sign up as an affiliate.

As an independent distributor, you get 90% commissions from the travel package sales, a basic WordPress website, video training, and some discount coupons which you can use in your next travel.

However, recruiting isn't something most people enjoy. No one likes to pitch people all the time and push them to join a program. The company even encourages to to make a list of your family members and friends so they can be 'pitched' at one stage which is a very bad idea.

Tired of MLM schemes? You don't even need them. This video training enabled a lot of our students to go from 0 - $6,000 per month without recruiting.

Most agents rely on deception to get sales and share false incentives. This is not true with everyone, though. The program relies mostly on recruiting to generate revenue which is a red flag and it's just a matter of time before FTC takes an action against them.

Is Evolution Travel a Scam?

Evolution Scam is not a scam but it does have a few signs of a pyramid scheme. Most of the money they make is through recruiting. You can definitely make money promoting the travel biz op but the odds are stacked up against you.

Then there are some who recommend you stay away from the Evolution Travel scam, but that's mostly because they've probably had bad experience as a distributor (for insert reason here).

If FTC shuts them down, you will lose all your earnings in a jiffy, and it's never a good idea to stick to programs which are all about recruiting. MOBE was one such program, FTC took it down last year.

There, however is a legitimate way to make money online. The training teaches how you can start your own profitable online business, which is also our top recommendation for working from home. It shouldn't surprise you but a real business will require some commitment from your end. Definitely check it out if you're ready to put in some work!