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Expert Secrets Review – Ultimate Guide to Building an Online Business?

Can a book help you get started in the right direction and help you build a loyal following? Can you learn a skill and have people who will pay any amount for your services? That’s what Russell Brunson’s US best-selling book Expert Secrets claims to teach.

Is it still relevant in the changing times with the changing technologies? This review of Expert Secrets will provide the answers.

Spoiler alert: Skip this paragraph if you can wait for a little while. If not, the short answer to the question: “Is the book still relevant today?’ is YES. It teaches timeless principles and strategies which should stand the test of time.

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That being said, let’s take a closer look at the book and get started with this Expert Secrets Review.

What Are Expert Secrets?

It has gathered a lot of attention in recent times. One of the best testimonies came from Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki who also wrote the preface. He goes on to say this is the shortcut of the new rich in the 21st century!

This isn’t Russell’s first book. Dot Com Secrets was his first, which is also one of the US best-sellers.

Expert Secrets Book

It’s a tool that can help you turn your specialized knowledge into an automated business that will run independently using a step-by-step plan. If you wondered, you don’t even have to be an ‘expert’ to have a business. As long as you’re better at a skill than your prospect, you’re good to go.

Since you possess a skill and have more knowledge of something than your potential customer, you can charge them and get paid. The customer also receives the desired service: a win-win for all.

Expert Secrets – A Sneak Peek

The book Expert Secrets contains multiple sections, each of which serves a different purpose.

  • Creating a mass movement – the first section discusses creating an attractive ‘persona’ that people can relate to and an opportunity. If you’re missing pieces of the puzzle as far as leadership is concerned, this book will pave the way. 
  • Finding a cause – without a cause (a strong desire or a painful problem that needs to be rectified), you will have difficulty finding prospects for your service. If you can get people from where they are to the desired state, you will attract many followers.
  • Creating beliefs and dispelling doubts – this will help you connect better with your audience. The book contains several scripts which you can use to accomplish this. It also focuses on dispelling the three doubts that your prospects may have; this should skyrocket your conversion rate.
  • Closing a sale – talks about how you can sell your product by highlighting the benefits. This section also contains various timeless strategies which should easily tenfold your results.
  • Implementation of funnels – this section bridges the gap between the concepts and a real-world model by getting you up to speed with funnels. It shows how you can implement a unique strategy into a funnel and let it spit out semi-automated money.
  • Traffic – it is the lifeline of an internet-based business. This module talks about how you can get traffic to your sales funnel and close more sales.

Expert Secrets vs Dot Com Secrets?

If you’ve read DotCom Secrets before, you might wonder how this book is any different and if it’s worth a read. The answer is – Yes. Both books are focused on a different topics. Expert Secrets revolves more around mastering a skill and building an audience.

Vs Icon

Expert Secrets Review – Comparisons with DCS

Once you have a glowing service and an audience, you can then sell the service. For the latter, DCS should serve you well. If you’re just getting started and are not sure what book to read first, start with Expert Secrets first.

ES will help you create a message that resonates with your target customers, and DCS will help you ‘sell’ it to your prospects using various online marketing strategies.

They are both unique books in their own right, but since they serve different purposes/teach different strategies, a comparison won’t do much justice here.

Expert Secrets Pricing

You can get the book for FREE. Yes, you read that right. You can get Expert Secrets hardcover without paying for the actual book; just cover the shipping which is $7.95 US and $14.95 INTL.

Expert Secrets Sales Pitch

Expert Secrets Review – Is It Worth It?

If you’re yet to read any of Russell Brunson’s books, you should get the black box instead. It comes with both DCS and Exp Secrets in one box. Just click on the following button, and opt for the black box bundle. The $37 box also comes with several booklets that can help with your online business.

There’s another upgrade – Storytelling Secrets which would cost $37 one-time. Russell is a storytelling expert, and he reveals his secrets in training. Definitely recommended if you’re relatively new to running an internet-based business and could use some guidance.

If you’re not a big fan of reading books, listen to books instead! Audiobooks have been growing in popularity for a reason – not many people fancy reading books, but we can all listen to them on the go! You can grab the audiobook for as little as $47.

Should we tell you a secret? For a limited time, if you buy Expert Secrets’ audiobook for $47, you will get Dot Com Secrets audiobook free of cost!

It comes with another upsell/upgrade. It’s called Funnel Evolution System. It offers valuable Funnel Builder Secrets training and 12-month access to ClickFunnels software. The book will definitely help you succeed if you learn the fundamentals and take action.

Final Words – Is the Book Worth It?

Expert Secrets is definitely worth a read. Even if you already have a business, you will greatly benefit from the book. The secrets contained in the book will help you scale it to the next level. If you have a skill and are looking for a way to monetize it, this is what you’re looking for.

It breaks down the process from idea to business in a step-by-step easy-to-follow manner. It will help you create a message that connects with your prospects, build a tribe (as the book suggests), and change the world (improve lives for the better).

Add a cherry on top – as of this writing, you can get the book for Free. Just cover the shipping and wait for the hardcover version of the book to arrive at your doorstep. Considering everything, you’d be doing yourself a great disservice if you didn’t give it a read. So, what are you waiting for?

What did you think of this Expert Secrets Review? Let us know by leaving a quick reply down below.

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