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EZ Money Team Scam Exposed – Best To Stay Away from It?

A business opportunity named EZ Money Team relies heavily on some bold claims to find gullible people who are interested in making money online. The claims are misleading for the most part, but it’s a bit too early to conclude if it’s a scam.

We did a test drive of the product and found some decent content that teaches the basics of affiliate marketing. Some of their misleading claims push it to the limit – ‘click three buttons and the money will pour in’ and ‘everything is done for you.’  

A lot of bunk programs rely on hype and not on the product’s quality. Not forgetting that this website was registered as an anonymous user in 2016 makes it look a bit suspicious. Unlike most EZ Money Team reviews, this one will be as transparent as possible.

What Is EZ Money Team?

EZ Money Team logo

It’s a 4-module course on affiliate marketing which also comes with a few upsells. As you go through the training videos, you’d be asked to upgrade to make this system work.

Often the owner makes commissions off your purchases when you decide to upgrade and get all those sketchy products. They say you can make thousands of dollars weekly with their system but never really demonstrate how. It’s like draining money down a hole.

This is how they sell the product

  • Show you how much money is there to be made
  • Fake news videos and fake testimonials to add some social proof
  • Lures you into sharing your email with them (so they can spam you later)
  • It shows scarcity (only a few copies left) – which is NOT true!
  • Focus on selling the dream
  • No clear outline of what the course will teach

The Product

After you’ve gone through the ridiculous payment process (the timer keeps resetting to zero!), you will reach the member’s area. To our dismay, we could find the same exact videos on their YouTube channel for free – Yes, FREE!

EZ Money Team 24 hours Site Shut Down

You lost some money already because you didn’t search for the videos on YouTube before; they are all public videos. The videos teach affiliate marketing but something that could have worked in 2010 but not anymore. They rely on black hat strategies which will hardly work today. Better not try them; you’ve been warned! This is what they teach in training:

  • Build a landing page (it’s funny how they call it a website – a website will most definitely sport multiple pages and not ONE!)
  • Collect the visitors’ emails
  • Spam your subscribers with junk offers from time to time (similar to this one)
  • You’re lucky, someone may buy, and you make a commission!

For traffic, they teach paid to advertise but only show you places from where you would only get bad traffic (non-targeted) which won’t do you any good.

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It can start costing you money if you’re relatively new to paid ads because it can cost a fortune if you don’t know what you’re doing. Just create an ad somehow, and let it run – that never works! There is an endless string of upsells which says you can make even more money with the product. The truth here is – the owner does, not you!

Is It a Scam?

There are no second thoughts here – EZ Money Team definitely is a scam. Don’t just take our word; here are a few facts proving that.

  • There’s no Jeffery Hart – We instead found a guy called Oscar Oritz’s YT channel after digging deeper. It seems like Jeffery is just an alias name he uses.
  • Testimonials are 100% fake – He talks about Sarah in the videos which went from rags to riches. That’s again a lie because Sarah is just a stock photo and is easily searchable on Google.
EZ Money Team Fake Testinmonials

  • Endless upsells – it looks like the guy is only after your hard-earned money. The upsells don’t seem to end.
  • Massive price drops – when you reach the sales page it shows $67 and falls straight to $9. What quality would you expect from a $9 product, after all?
  • Unrealistic claims – no one can make money overnight. Passive income is a result of focus, hard work, and patience.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

A legitimate online business will require the investment of time, money, and effort. There’s no shiny object in existence with which you can make money instantly. There’s a learning curve, and you have to put in the work to get results consistently.

If you have the willingness to learn and are ready to take action, you can absolutely smash it online but not with products like EZ Money Team. You’re better off saving your money here.

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