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EZ Money Team Scam Exposed – Best To Stay Away from It?

An online business opportunity named EZ Money Team relies heavily on some bold claims to find gullible people interested in making money online. The claims are misleading for the most part, but it’s a bit early to conclude whether EZ Money Team is a scam or not.

We did a test drive of the product and found some decent content that teaches the basics of affiliate marketing. Some of their misleading claims push it to the limit— ‘click three buttons and the money will pour in’ and ‘everything is done for you.’

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A lot of bunk programs rely on hype and not on the product’s quality. Not forgetting that this website got registered as an anonymous user in 2016, making it look a little suspicious. Unlike most EZ Money Team review posts, this one will be as transparent as possible.

What is EZ Money Team?

Ez Money Team Logo

Before we continue, we want you to understand that this review is not about EZ Money payday loans, online loans, payday loan lenders, or installment lenders.

EZ Money Team is a 4-module course on affiliate marketing that also comes with a few upsells. As you go through the training videos, you will be asked to upgrade to make this system work.

Often the owner gets commissions off your purchases when you decide to upgrade and get all those sketchy products. They say you can make thousands of dollars weekly with their system but never demonstrate how.

You can look at it like draining money down a hole. This is how they sell the product:

  • Show you how much money you can make.
  • Fake news videos, fake testimonials, and fake reviews to show some social proof.
  • Lures you into sharing your email with them (so they can spam you later).
  • It shows scarcity (only a few copies left) – which is NOT true!
  • Focus on selling the dream.
  • No clear outline of what the course will teach.

How Does the EZ Money Team System Work?

Question Mark Signs On A Table

Once you’ve purchased into the EZ Money Team system, you are meant to be able to replicate Jeffery’s results by simply watching some video modules and copying them. Basically, with these videos, he shows you how to start an affiliate marketing business.

You learn about the affiliate marketing process and how to promote the EZ Money Team for profit. However, you will find that the training is basic and out-of-date. You will be completely let down. Here is an overview of the EZ Money Team system’s video modules:

  • Module 1: This module demonstrates how to create a WordPress site from scratch and the process of purchasing a domain name along with hosting.
  • Module 2: It demonstrates how to create landing pages and how to incorporate tools like autoresponders into your campaigns to gather leads.
  • Module 3: In this module, you learn about website traffic. You also learn how to buy Solo Ads and upload content on WebFire to receive free traffic. A warning about Solo Ads: a few who have tried it say it is a total scam!

The EZ Money Team training ends here. The FAQs are a bonus module that you do get. In this bonus video, they ask you to have a one-on-one phone chat with an expert.

This call is merely a sales call in which the expert pressures you to buy more pointless training courses. All in all, the mechanism that generates income online for Jefferey Hart, and not you, is called EZ Money Team.

The Product

A Screenshot Saying That This Site Will Be Shut Down In 24 Hours

After going through their ridiculous payment process (the timer keeps resetting to zero!), you will reach the member’s area. To our dismay, we could find the same website training videos on their YouTube channel for free – Yes, FREE!

You lost some money already because you did not search for the videos on YouTube before; they are all public videos. The videos teach affiliate marketing, but something that could have worked in 2010 but not anymore.

They rely on black hat strategies which will hardly work today. Better not try them; you’ve been already warned! This is what they teach in those training videos:

  • Build a landing page (it is funny how they call it a website – a website will most definitely support multiple pages, and not just ONE).
  • Collect website visitors’ emails.
  • Spam your subscribers with junk offers from time to time (similar to this one).
  • You’re lucky, someone may buy, and you make a commission!

For traffic, they teach you paid advertising but show you places from where you will only get bad traffic (non-targeted), which won’t do you any good. Looking for a 100% SCAM-FREE way to make money online and want to skip the guesswork?

It can start costing you money if you are relatively new to paid ads, and it may even cost a fortune if you don’t know what to do. Just create an ad somehow, and let it run – that never works!

There is an endless string of upsells claiming you can make even more money with the product. The truth here is only the owner makes money, not you!

Is It a Scam?

Scam Alert Written On A Black Paper

There are no second thoughts here – EZ Money Team is definitely a scam. Don’t just take our word; here are a few facts proving that:

  • There’s No Jeffery Hart: We instead found a guy called Oscar Oritz with a YouTube channel after digging deeper. It seems like Jeffery is just an alias name he uses.
  • 100% Fake Testimonials: He talks about Sarah in the videos, who went from rags to riches. That’s again a lie because Sarah is just a stock photo and easily searchable on Google.
A Screenshot Of Fake Testimonials
  • Endless Upsells: It looks like the guy is only after your hard-earned money. The upsells never seem to end.
  • Massive Price Drops: When you reach the sales page, it shows $67 and falls straight to $9. What quality would you expect from a $9 product, after all?
  • Unrealistic Claims: No one can make money overnight, but if some website claims it, they are promoting get-rich-quick scams. Passive income is a result of focus, hard work, and patience.

More Fake Claims from the EZ Money Team

Jeff guarantees that you will earn $1 million in the next year. Making such revenue claims is against the law, but the people behind EZ Money Team do not seem to care. They are aware that it sometimes takes authorities years to look into these frauds. And these websites do not stay online for very long. Once they have taken advantage of enough people, they completely shut down.

EZ Money Team isn’t a new company. They have previously advertised their fraud on a different domain name. After receiving several complaints and scam reports, they switched to a new address. Despite the new address, the swindle remains the same. Unfortunately, with EZ Money Team, you will never make a million dollars in the next year.

When watching their promo videos, you get repeatedly informed about joining the program for free. However, when you prepare to enter the program, they will charge you $47. 

Furthermore, it will not stop there as they will try to convince you that you must pay a one-time $97 fee to become a platinum member. If you’re serious, you may then sign up for the premium membership, which costs just $197. 

Additionally, if you want to hold a gold membership, you must pay $30 per month to upgrade. That works up to a fee of almost $340, with an extra $30 that you need to pay every month. Let us remind you once again- they ask you for all the fees before you even know what the program is all about.

Other Programs By The Same Person

A Man With An Empty Wallet In His Hands

You can identify similar programs created by the owner if you carefully look at the disclaimer page, terms and conditions page, and exit popup pages. Other websites that the owner maintains under the names Oscar T. Ortiz or Jeffrey Hart include the following:


You can only assume that the owner is not the man in the website photos, as when you google any of these names, all you get are some other “EZ Money Team Scam” review sites. Also, you cannot locate this individual on social media or through an image search.

Five Reasons You Will Never Make Money with EZ Money Team 

Check out the five reasons below why you will never make money with the EZ money team:

1. The Training Modules are Outdated and Ineffective 

Highlighted Outdated On A Paper With Green Sketch Pen

When you enter the training area for the EZ Money Team, it looks somewhat like this: each training module is created to benefit the trainer rather than you, and all the training videos are freely accessible on YouTube.

Even though we just gave you full access to the EZ Money Team training, we still don’t advise you to watch them. Why? Because the techniques they teach will only make you fail!

If you follow their training program, you will wind up paying hundreds of dollars to create a landing page that looks fraudulent and promotes poor-quality Clickbank items in the hopes of generating a sale. 

You should never build your long-term financial success on this approach! You will do far better by enrolling in a high-rated affiliate marketing course, which includes legit training sessions that walk you through each step.

2. The So-Called ‘VIP Coaches’ are Just Pushy Salespeople

A Man And Woman Discussing Something

When you join EZ Money Team, you are given a “personal success coach” who intends to show you the way and guide you through the process. It sounds fantastic, right?

But the opposite happens! Their only aim is to determine your degree of commitment, discover your credit limits, and then take full advantage of you.

Taking their advice is equivalent to asking a burglar under which mat you should hide your keys. It is easier for them to extort money from you the more you trust them.

3. The EZ Money Team Makes You a Spammer

Someone Is Sending Emails From The Phone

Once your advertising budget is exhausted, they will compel you to use social media sites like Facebook to gain free traffic. The training’s fourth module asks you to lure readers in with exaggerated clickbait titles like ‘Make one million in the next three days doing nothing!’ This is not only immoral but is also ineffective.

When was the last time you gave out your credit card details by clicking on a spammy link on Facebook? Exactly the point! Additionally, is that really what you want? Promote fraud on Facebook? We do not think so!

4. You Pay for Poor-Quality Traffic that Does Not Convert

Thumbs Down Signal

You can pay for email marketing and landing page software. But if no one visits your pages, you have no one to spam and no means to earn money.

So what ground-breaking strategy does the EZ Money Team training teach to attract traffic? Solo advertisements. Yes, you will have to pay a solo advertisement vendor with thousands of email addresses to distribute your poor-quality offer to his list.

This is not just costly, but any traffic you receive will not convert since it’s not targeted. The worst traffic strategy a scammer can recommend to someone just starting is using solo advertisements since it is expensive, high risk, and absolutely worthless.

5. The EZ Money Team Just Focuses on Racking in Money

Someone Is Counting Money

This is a system that only intends to take money out of your pockets and put it into the wallets of the founders of the EZ Money Team scam, with an entire training course and plenty of upsells focused on getting you to sign up for more products.

Additionally, frauds like The Pay It Forward System, Million Dollar Replicator, and 6 Steps To Freedom are the work of prolific con artists like Oscar T. Ortiz. They choose to go by aliases to protect their anonymity and prevent their deception from being discovered.

Do Not Trust the EZ Money Systems

Trust Alphabets On A Table

The seller claims in the sales video, ‘If you have watched the video this far, we know you are very serious.’ No, you are not serious because we know you have better things to do.

EZ Money Team is a product that directly aims at individuals with no prior experience or understanding of generating money online. The seller is hunting for unskilled individuals who still think there could be legal ways to steal money from other people.

If you even have a little bit of understanding, you must be aware that everything you gain has a price. So whether you are directly selling something or earning a commission as an affiliate, you must know how to encourage customers to pay. Nobody is charitable. Therefore, stop believing the following phrases when you see them online:

  • Profit within 24 Hours: This is only achievable if you have a lot of prior experience with similar programs. Without the necessary expertise, it will never happen.
  • Copy and Paste Technique: You will never get paid for a task that a 5-year-old can complete.
  • Get Money in Your Bank Account Every Hour: This is impossible, and it will be a complete waste of administrative and transfer fees. Your profits are only paid out by affiliate networks once per week or once per month.
  • We’ve Done All the Hard Work for You: When they claim this, they will never let you have anything for free. Also, they may have massive hidden service fees.

Never trust any programs that advertise themselves as ‘easy money systems.’ The only way you can succeed in making money is to work diligently and smartly!

Do You Still Want to Join the EZ Money Team?

An Arrow Pointing Downwards On A Wall

We are not involved with the EZ Money Team system, and hence, it makes no difference to us whether you join them or not. However, we will still urge you to avoid this system since, in our opinion, it is a total fraud.

After providing your credit card details, you will discover that the EZ Money Team website has done nothing more than try to sell you thin air. Yes, you do receive some ‘training,’ if you can even call it that, but it is utterly meaningless and will never result in you earning any money. Overall, this website offers nothing but false hype.

We recommend that you guard your money and resist falling for the deceptive claims made by the EZ Money Team scam. There is just one minor plus if you have already invested in the EZ Money Team method, and that’s the fact that ClickBetter (a platform that handles the money processing) is often decent at handling refund claims. In other words, there is a high possibility you will get your money back if you get in personal touch with them.

Final Thoughts

legitimate online business requires an investment of time, money, and effort. You will never find any shiny object with which you can make money instantly. There is always a learning curve, and you must put in the hard work to get the best results consistently.

If you are willing to learn and are ready to take action, you can surely smash it online but not with products like EZ Money Team. You’re better off saving your money here. If you are looking for an actual way to make money from home, you should check out our #1 recommendation (ZERO upsells and 100% scam-free).

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