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Facebook on Fire Review – A Scam or Can You Make $3,475 Per Day With It? [Update]

Interested in making up to $300 a day goofing around on Facebook? Or, grab 500 bucks just for watching a sales video till the end? Well, that’s what Facebook on Fire promises!

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is! If you have mixed feelings about FOF, don’t worry. Our updated review will cover what you should know today.

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What is Facebook on Fire?

FB on Fire or FBonFire is one of the newer systems that claim you can make big money with the social media giant Facebook by doing the usual stuff like sharing, liking, and posting.

  • Name: Facebook on Fire
  • Website:
  • Cost: $47 one-time

Facebook On Fire

The owner, Joseph Magnum, claims he found the biggest money-making gem since the internet was first introduced in 1997. In the sales video, he claims to have overheard Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates talking about a ‘secret loophole’ on their platform when they were at a restaurant in a meeting, and he was waiting tables back then.

Facebook On Fire Sales Pitch

So he slipped on his mobile phone and recorded their conversation when they had their meeting. Soon after, he recovered his phone and uncovered the ‘money-making loophole’ that allows people to make $250- $1000s per day online.

Most importantly, since he literally has the golden goose now, he’s feeling generous enough to share the information he has with 100 lucky people for a one-time dirt-cheap payment of $47! Does that not sound like total BS to us – it does

Facebook On Fire Sales Pitch Offering $500

In the sales pitch, he offers you $500 to get to the next step, and then you’re soon told to watch the full video to claim your money.

We watched the video till the timer raced to zero and guess what happened? We never received the $500 and were instead asked to purchase the system for $47! That’s what we call a scam.

100% Fake Testimonials

People check out testimonials for social proof which plays a big role in whether or not a product will do well in sales. We watched the video closely and found a bunch of actors whom you can hire on freelance websites like Fiverr. Here are a few we found.

Facebook On Fire Fake Testimonials

As you can see, the testimonials are absolutely fake! That screams scam big time. It’s not the actors’ fault, though; they’re only doing their job for which they are getting paid.

We were not able to find any real testimonials. If a system is that good and you can make a lot of money using it, where are the real case studies then?! We are unsure why a legitimate system will have to hire actors to get their testimonials.

Is Facebook on Fire a Scam?

Unless you skipped straight to this section of our review, you already know the answer. Yes, FB on Fire is a scam. No doubt about it. We didn’t find a single thing about the system or the testimonials which can show it’s legit.

Facebook On Fire Scheme

Unfortunately, many systems out there don’t work, and they are on the lookout for gullible people so they can use fake testimonies and scam them day in and day out. There are red flags all over the place here; you should definitely stay away from them.

Final Verdict

Facebook on Fire is definitely a system you want to avoid. It offers nothing useful. Also, if you can make millions from it, why is the owner giving it away for $47? It’s plain hype sugarcoated with BS.

We also tried to get to the checkout page, and the domain said – this site can’t be reached. They probably ditched the website (and want to move to a new domain with a new name)—another red flag.

Most of these programs promise the world, and they end up falling short. Thankfully, there’s a legitimate way with which you can build a sustainable online business and ditch all this BS.

Looking for a LEGIT way to build a profitable online business and finally make money online?

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