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Federal Rent Checks Review – Legit or a Scam?

Welcome to this Federal Rent Checks review.

Chances are you’re wondering if receiving over $1,800 per month via Federal Rent Checks is as easy as they make it appear. The platform claims to be affiliated with the government and supposedly gives away thousands of dollars each month.

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Is that even true? It’s only natural to be skeptical, thanks to the ridiculous claims. Doing some research can take you far since, with it, you can discover legitimate products and also avoid scams at the same time.

Read on to learn the ugly truth behind this platform.

What Is Federal Rent Checks?

Federal Rent Checks is a program that impersonates a government site and claims you can receive checks worth thousands of dollars each month. All that’s needed from your end is an investment in their rented offices.

Federal Rent Checks Logo

As soon as you land one of these money-maker sites, you’ll encounter a 51-minute video. It’s recorded by D.R. Barton, and he claims you have the ability to collect more than $1,795 or more per month.

The tax money is used for the construction and maintenance of govt buildings. You also pay for social security, and there’s a chance you may never even use it. Through government rent checks, hundreds of federal agencies must pay rent for every property they acquire.

All this comes from the Federal Buildings Fund, and the money is accumulating in the treasury department. Unfortunately, you won’t be getting any of it, as the video will eventually familiarize you with an agency named Money Map Press.

What Is Money Map Press?

It’s an investment firm that offers financial advice to its customers. Supposedly led by Mike Ward, Money Map Press lists D.R. Barton as a financial advisor for the company and a best-selling author.

The agency has been around for quite some time but has a mixed bag of reviews online.

A Sneak Peek

To receive these ‘Federal Rent Checks,’ you only need to complete a few steps.

For the occupied buildings, the firms have to pay rent. Several companies have signed contracts with the government to act as private agencies. The federal buildings fund is then used to transfer rent payments directly to the companies.

Once the private companies have their shares, they will then forward them to their shareholders via Federal Rent Checks. For this, you will have to invest a significant amount and be a shareholder. After the quick 10-min process, you can pick your department.

The available options will vary depending on your investment size, and this will make you eligible to receive anywhere around $1,800 per month, which may increase over time.

Getting them isn’t a cakewalk, though. You’re supposed to subscribe to a program named 10 Minute Millionaire by D.R. Barton Jr through Money Map Press. It costs $39 per year or $78 for 2 years, depending on what you select.

Only then will you be able to get a clearer picture of the process of how to redeem your check(s).

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The Truth

Federal Rent Checks is merely a marketing gimmick used to sell you the annual subscription. Money Map Press can get you detailed instructions on going about it, but you must make a purchase first.

Handing Over A Check

The actual process is slightly confusing and a lot different as well. It’s not meant for anyone, though, and you’re better off without it. The company’s sole focus is to sell subscriptions here.

Things To Look Out For

Definitely keep these in mind at all times since they suggest otherwise.

1. Misleading Information

Everything they mention about Government Rent Checks is false and rather misleading.

You shouldn’t be required to pay $11 to learn more about Federal Rent Checks, and such a concept doesn’t exist in reality. You shouldn’t be required to subscribe to an investment newsletter.

2. Fake Testimonials

The 51-min video contains a handful of testimonials. These people claim to have made thousands of dollars with the system.

Federal Rent Checks Fake Testimonials

Ridiculous income claims

That couldn’t be further from the truth, though.

Federal Rent Checks User Stock Photos

These are merely stock photos.

Upon some digging, it was discovered that these two images are simply stock photos. You visit a stock photo website like Shutterstock, and you can buy a commercial license for using these.

It looks like these were just used to come up with a convincing story, so people won’t hesitate to sign up with the newsletter service.

3. An ‘Endless’ Loop

There’s no way you can bank $2,000 per month with a measly investment of $11. With that, you will receive pennies at best. To make real money with it, be ready to invest a fortune.

Looks like Federal Rent Checks is just a sales funnel that’s used to sell you the annual subscription to the newsletter. People have a strong reason to sign up, and that’s the lone goal of the funnel.

Conclusion – Is Federal Rent Checks a Scam?

Even though it shares misleading info, Federal Rent Checks still cannot be considered a scam.

Thumbs Down Icon

It leverages legit government schemes and uses them to sell your subscription to an annual newsletter service using a marketing funnel. However, it incorporates a lot of deceptive strategies to promote the newsletter and uses tons of made-up testimonials as well.

The use of false marketing tactics and other red flags is more than enough to keep a distance from it.

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