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Best Logo Designers on Fiverr | How to Choose Top Option

A great logo is important for every business. If you’re looking for a good but affordable logo design, the Fiverr logo design can be the perfect solution. I have listed some great options in this article.

A logo is your brand’s identification, no matter whether you’re running a small business or a YouTube channel. You need an experienced logo designer to craft something that truly represents your ideology or mission statement.

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Luckily, like every other freelance service, Fiverr has a ton of logo designers to choose from. But, be careful! Sellers on Fiverr are also known for scamming buyers with copyright images, clipart pasting, and basic templates taken off the Internet.

Fiverr Homepage

How to get a logo on Fiverr without facing disappointment? How do you avoid scams while getting a Fiverr logo design? That’s what you’ll learn in this article.

Best Options for Fiverr Logo Design

If you’re looking for the best logo designers on Fiverr, here are some top-notch sellers that are worth your time and money.


Grandpa-Designs has eight years of experience and a 4.9 rating of Fiverr. He has linked his Dribble account in the gig description, where you can see his portfolio.

Grandpadesigns Fiverr Logo

Plus, he has taken Fiver’s skill test for Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, ranking among the top 20%.


With over 14 thousand orders and a rating of 4.9, Rroxx is the top-rated seller in the niche. His average response time is two hours, so you’ll always have him on your beck and call. Also, the seller has over a thousand reviews, most of them positive.

Rroxx Fiverr Logo

In his gig description, he mentions his preference for minimalistic logos.

Here’s another tip: always get a gist of the seller’s aesthetic before placing an order. You can either determine it through their samples or read the gig description to learn more.

For example, if your vision is something funky and bright, but the seller’s specialty is minimalist white logos, you’ll never be satisfied with what they do no matter how good it is. Instead, you need to opt for someone with a more vibrant aesthetic.


Mniluka is a multidisciplinary designer who specializes in logo design. The logo designer also has over a thousand reviews and a 4.8 rating. Like Rroxx, he works on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Mnlluka Fiverr Logo

Reading through the reviews, you’ll quickly pick up that the seller lacks a bit in terms of communication, although their work is impeccable. Take this as an example to see how reviews help you decide if you’ll be comfortable working with a designer or not.


Spark4Hope has been working as a logo designer on Fiverr since 2012 and has completed 10,000 orders since then. With over a thousand reviews, her rating stands at 4.9.

Spark4Hope Fiverr Logo

As you go down to her gig description, you’ll see that she has completed the following Fiverr courses:

  • Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals
  • Adobe Illustrator Mastery
  • Personal Branding

These additional credentials give her an advantage over other sellers. Since she has mastered Adobe Illustrator, you can be sure of satisfactory work quality.

Even better, the Personal Branding course must have equipped her with the necessary tricks of the trade – seller communication, responding to revisions, etc.

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LogosKing has been a member since 2012 and has an impressive rating of 5 with over a thousand reviews.

Logosking Fiverr Logo

In their gig description, they mention having worked for an advertising agency for more than 17 years. Even better, you get a logo for under $50.


Diplomadon has also been a member since 2012 and has a clean rating of 5.

Diplomadon Fiverr Logo

In his gig description, he mentions owning an IT company and having eight years of experience in graphic design. Over eight thousand people vouch for Diplomadon’s services.


Arundaksm is a top-rated seller who has completed over seven thousand orders and has a 5-star rating. The gig description tells you that he has been doing this for 12 years, so you can proceed with confidence knowing that he won’t mess up.

Arundaskm Fiverr Logo

You’ll notice that Arundaskm chargers much higher than average sellers – around $80 to $100.

But his work justifies the price. If you choose top-rated sellers, you should be prepared to pay more as they’re the best in the niche.


Cre8iveartwork is a top-rated seller who has finished over ten thousand orders. With a rating of 4.8, they have taken about 29 courses on Fiverr.

Ceativeartwork Fiverr Logo

For instance, one of their courses is Stories That Sell: 7 Secrets to Create Killer Content. Thus, if you work with this seller, your logo won’t only look good but will also prove valuable while branding.

When you come across such sellers, discuss your business strategy with them to get multi-faceted support. In some cases, they might charge you $10 or $20 for extra perks.


Alex-Logos is a Level Two seller who has a rating of 5 and over a thousand reviews.

Alex Logos Fiverr Logo

He has five years’ experience designing logos for personal use, business, and events.


Ilovenish is a Level Two seller with a 4.9 rating and 7-year work experience. With over five thousand near-perfect reviews, her work is liked by many. One of the best things about her profile is the linked accounts – they add credibility.

Ilovenish Fiverr Logo

You can access her Dribble and Vimeo profile through these links. Plus, she has taken the Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator skill tests, ranking among the top 20%.

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Tips for Selecting a Fiverr Logo Designer

When choosing the best logo designer on Fiverr for your business and style needs, it’s crucial to consider a few tips. Although they’re not always 100% effective, they’ll keep you out of scams’ way in most cases.

Refrain from New Sellers

Yes, it sounds a bit cruel, and you may feel like an awful person for not giving a chance to newcomers. However, in some cases, new sellers are inexperienced people who’re just trying to make quick bucks with MS Paint-level work quality.

The trend is pretty much the same across all platforms, whether it’s a multi-gig one like Fiverr or a design-specific site like Design Hill, 99Designs or Design Crowd.

On Fiverr, you can determine the expertise of a seller by checking their Seller Level. The platform has different goals that a seller needs to accomplish to reach the next level.

Thus, if a seller is at Level 1 or 2, you’d know that they’ve completed a certain number of Fiverr logo design orders.

Plus, sellers can only upgrade to the next level if they haven’t violated Fiverr’s Terms and Services in a set period. That further indicates their reliability.

You should only opt for a new seller if their gig sounds promising. Even then, ask for a draft before paying. Newbies often offer extra perks to score clients and make their place in the niche.

Check the Gig Image

The gig image on Fiverr is most often the creative’s own work unless specified otherwise. Since this is the first thing most buyers see, sellers try to put up their finest work as the gig image.

However, it’s quite possible that the logos don’t belong to them or have been taken off the Internet. You can confirm this by doing a reverse image search on Google.

You’ll often find that amateur designers have taken logos created by professionals and merely tweaked them a little to pass them off as their own.

Also, some gig images are rip-offs of logo designs that are readily available at Canva and related sites.

Beware of these things. Don’t be tempted to place an order by simply looking at the gig image. A Google Image search will quickly show you who the logo belongs to.

Observe the Portfolio

Once you click on a gig image, you’ll be directed to the next page where the seller has written a gig description and showcased their portfolio. In the Live Portfolio, you’ll see the logos designed by the seller for previous clients.

Fiverr Logo Design

However, some sellers have turned this feature off. That’s a red flag. Don’t select a seller if you can’t see their Live Portfolio.

It’s obvious that they don’t consider their work good enough to be featured on the gig description page. Why would you select someone so dodgy for a freelance logo design?

Some sellers – that have turned the portfolio feature off – have mentioned their Flickr links on the gig page. Again, you can go through their Flickr profile and check if the logos are original or not. Remember: Google reverse image feature is your best ally.

While going through the Live Portfolio, ignore the first three images. These have been uploaded by the sellers themselves as Fiverr only allows you to upload three sample images. Instead, start judging from the fourth image as this is the seller’s recent work.

Go for High-Rated Freelancers

On Fiverr, you can filter the search results according to rating, locality, and other factors. Try to work with freelancers with a high rating, as it’s almost always a sign of reliability.

When you hire a freelance designer, you’re not merely paying for the logo but also for the punctuality and seller’s communication. Fiverr lets clients rate sellers for:

  • Service as described
  • Seller communication levels
  • Recommend to a friend

At a minimum, choose sellers with a rating of four or higher.

Read Buyers’ Reviews

Who better than the previous clients to tell you about a designer’s work quality? As you scroll down the gig description page on Fiverr, you’ll come to the Buyers’ Reviews.

Now, you have to be a little smart here. If you know how to read through the lines, you’ll quickly spot fabricated reviews. Most of them will be over the top and written in the same style. Avoid sellers with such reviews.

Also, read the negative reviews to find out things you need to be aware of. Does the seller miss deadlines? Do they respond unprofessionally when asked to make a revision?

If you know things like this beforehand, the Fiverr logo design process becomes smoother. Plus, you can avoid inconvenience after placing an order.

Unlimited Revisions and Money-Back Guarantee

Some sellers on Fiverr offer unlimited revisions for a gig that’s priced at $5 or $10. As absurd as it sounds, you’d often see the same sellers claiming to give a money-back guarantee.

It might sound like a good deal, but take a step back and ask yourself: Do I really need unlimited revisions?

A logo will only need unlimited revisions if it has been poorly-designed. In contrast, a well-designed logo will only require a few tweaks here and there.

Here’s a tip: If a deal on Fiverr seems too good to be true, go with your instinct. If you choose a seller who offers unlimited revisions for $5, you’ll spend a lot of time asking them to revise a poor logo.

Meanwhile, an experienced seller will satisfy you without taking up any of your time or effort.


Most people want to buy an affordable logo design and end up wasting their money on a logo that is too shabby to be used on their website. If you want cheap designs, you need to be smart. Moreover, it’s important to be realistic.

No one will design a Fortune 500-level logo for you for $5. Also, if you expect someone to do so, you’re abusing their art and skill.

However, you’ll notice that the pricing on Fiverr is more economical than Upwork or Freelancer

Fiverr logo design pricing differs across the seller level and rating. The typical pricing for a logo design ranges between $20 and $50. If you think about it, that’s not a lot to pay for a logo that you’ll be using for years on practically everything related to your business.

Think of it this way: a logo may be a one-time investment, but it’s going to last a lifetime.

For example, if you’re a realtor, search for the best real estate logo designers on Fiverr rather than cheap logo maker. It will make a significant difference in the quality of work you get.

Also, experienced designers take the hassle off your hands. They’re more likely to correctly execute your thoughts through design than someone who has recently finished a two-week graphic design course on Coursera.


Your company’s logo must be a tasteful blend of the brand’s mission statement, aesthetic, and personality. Therefore, you must know what to look for in a Fiverr gig to get the best logo design for your money.

From affordable logo design packages to high-end professionally-made logos, minimalistic to chic, vibrant to muted, you’ll find all options on Fiverr. Hopefully, this guide will help you find the best Fiverr logo designers.

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